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The campus is beyond beautiful the professors aren’t like any other , things are so easy to understand and comprehend, mercy college makes me feel like I’m welcomed and like I’m home , I chose the right college for me
I am a transfer student who hasn't been to college since 2005. The last college I attended never informed me about the financial cap from FASA and other loans, however, since I am unable to get promotions without my degree and very limited with money, I decided to return to college, but specifically to Mercy College because the staff, professors, and others listened to my concerns and allowed me to set up affordable payments to earn my degree.
What I like about Mercy College is that they truly want to see you succeed. The PACT counselors are on top of everything. They want each student to make an appointment each month to review or update them on courses the student is taking. They also make sure you are registered on time and know what courses you have to take in order to graduate. They are always there as a helping hand.
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Mercy has many opportunities for those students that seek them. Guidance from PACT counselors can be incorrect at times therefore I took charge of signing myself up for classes. The campus is beautiful especially with the additions and renovations they have made on campus in the last few years.
The thing that I like about mercy collage is that they give you the help that you need and there class siz are small i also like the way the collage is small and the help that they give to there students
Only a freshman and so far it's okay. Some classes are harder than others, some professors more demanding. I commute and at the beginning of the year there were many day activities but there has been less so far. Waitng to see how the second sememester will go.
Visiting Mercy College for the first time blew me away. To think I could go to college at a really beautiful place sounded so surreal. I visited Mercy College because of their Women's Soccer program, but I never thought I would fall in love with the school as much as I did. The diversity there was amazing and I felt so welcomed at a place where I thought I was a stranger.
I love the MBA and MSOL program in Mercy. I attend the Manhattan Campus and it is very convenient. The professors are very accessible and helpful in finding your direction. The MBA program is year to 18 month program depending on the direction you take your career. I am only 4 months from a year i the program. I truly feel fortunate to be here.
Mercy has many flaws once you become a student that you find out when it’s too late. They have a graduation rate of 32% and a rententiom rate of 72%... The information is not clear and they are not very consistent with their requirements. I wouldn’t recommend this college until their graduation rate increases
It is a very diverse school, which is great. The main campus is really nice and the professors are very helpful. They have many resources which makes adjusting to college a lot easier.
My experience as a transfer student was amazing and stress-free. The Admission department staff guide me through applying to the college till class registration. I was well informed and directed to all the needed departments that required my attention. Overall, Mercy College is well-organized and students should be honored to be part of this school. I can't wait to experience the rest of Mercy College years.
I will be going to Mercy next fall. Mercy is one of only 5 colleges in New York State to offer Vet Tech and only one of two private schools. I love the location and the size of the school and they offer my chosen major.
While the main campus is exquisite in every way. The satellite are not as impressive. The lack student engagement makes for a terrible experience. They need to reevaluate the faculty that they hire and renovate the satellite sites. It is known that some faculty do the bare minimum leaving students in the same fashion they entered their class with no knowledge of the subject being taught.
I love the way all of the faculty staffs embrace you while you embark on your educational journey there, I actually didn't have any intention on applying to Mercy College until I attended one of their open house events, and the treatment given to me that day made me sign up immediately because I couldn't say No to everyone who was willing to help, and make sure that I succeeded in life especially after a previous traumatizing college experience.
Mercy College is an excellent place to attain your Bachelor’s/Associate’s and a well-rounded choice to pursue higher education. With a wide variety of majors to choose from, small class sizes and excellent professors to teach and guide you, there’s not much to look elsewhere for when you attend!
I planning to apply there. Mercy college caught my attention because it was close to my family and had international business, the major I want to puruse.
Mercy College is a great college to attend. During my first year I have met amazing people and had amazing professors. I would like to see more activities on campus to relax our minds after a long day of class.
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Mercy college offers the private college quality of education and experience at a very affordable cost. The college consists of a very good and aware administration, that will reach out to you and help you with what you need. The professors are professional and understanding, helps students as much as they can. There are different campus throughout New York which makes it convenient for anyone who doesn't dorm. If you do dorm, Mercy college offers different and great options in Dobbs Ferry, New York.
I love Mercy ! I commute to the Bronx Campus, and to be honest I love the space and the fact that t isn't all that big. However I have visited Dobbs Ferry and Manhattan and all campuses are very resourceful and engaging with students !
Mercy College is a great school for those who like small classes. The small class sizes allows there to be more communication between the students and professors. Mercy also has a great program called PACT which gives each student a mentor who helps you with college journey. The staff is always welcoming and willing to help.
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