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I love how helpful Mercy College is. The staffs are really concerned about students.It could improve in offering more courses.
i spent 3 of my undergrad years at Mercy college. they have very intelligent professors who want to see you succeed but expectations are high (especially in the science courses). the only downside to this college is the pact mentors and workers in financial aid because of their high turn over rate and honestly, they are no help.
I enjoyed working with other students and most importantly the professor at Mercy. I found the professors to be very helpful, patient and easy to contact.
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Mercy college is a great place to study your career of interest, as well as build new relationships.
Socially, the college is great for close nit friendships that last forever. The academics are also great, professors are compassionate and fair. They teach with passion unlike those that teach for money elsewhere. Everyone will push you until you get to the top.
I have only been at Mercy College a very short time, but I have found it to be so much more convenient than WCC, which is where I obtained my Associates degree. I had plenty of bad experiences with that school and I am still trying to get a single copy of my diploma that it’s taking month to obtain from them. Mercy has a wonderful staff that makes it very easy for me especially with working a full time job!
the campus is beautiful and located in a wonderful area. overall the school is great. just wish to see better professors.
I would like to see more deaf and hard of hearing. I feel like I am the only student with this type of disability.
Mercy is amazing, they made me feel at home when arrived on campus. The classes are small and the professors are available 24/7. Student life which plans the events on campus to uplift students.
It is a school with a good reputation. They offer online education. It is very hard to communicate with any one there if you are an online student . You can email your advisor and it will take days for them to respond . Attending Mercy college is expensive and there is no guarantee that you will receive a job at the end of your college years there .
I have been attending this school for one semester and so far it has been delightful. I attend the campus located in the Bronx and I can't complain. The toughest part of New York is the commute. The nearest train is a bit distant to the campus but Mercy provides shuttle service to and from the nearest station. The campus has lots of space to study and computers are accessible even in the lunch area.
The Biology department seemed well, the professors seem to really care about the learning process of each student. The only down side is that students aren't retaining the information. The time span in which students are learning seems to be why students are having such a rough time.
I'm currently in my third year of obtaining my Bachelor's Degree in Mercy College. I am studying Speech Language Pathology. I want to help people around the world who have trouble speaking due to natural impediments or severe injuries that have caused them to have trouble speaking with ease and confidence. My experience so far at Mercy College is great. I have built great friendships with my peers. All of my professors have been amazing as well. They are all very understanding and helpful. My college campus overlooks the beautiful Hudson River which is very admiring to look at especially when you are mentally stressed with essays, midterms and finals year round. Overall, Mercy College has been such a great experience for me so far. I cannot wait to see what these last two years have in store for me.
I like Mercy College, because the classes are small and you gain more attention from the professors. The professors take their time and help you to understand each and every concept.
Mercy College is located in a great area, along with a very well maintained teaching staff. The student to teacher ratio is perfect as well. Mercy college is a melting pot of students from all over the tri-state area. College is whatever the student puts in, but there is no way you can't go far when attending Mercy College. Its impossible to not reach your goals with the resources available here at Mercy. The classes are groomed exactly for your major, and they don't waste your time.
Mercy is an excellent colledge the staff is very helpful, of coures there are a couple of professors i don't care much for but that is the nature of college and of life. i love mercy college and so do my friends.
I enjoy the professors and their desire to teach us at the best of their abilities. In the college, there are so many opportunities to enter into programs and be engaging. One thing I would want to be changed is the ability to consistently see my over all grade of classes I am taking rather than having to wait until the end of the semester
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I transferred to Mercy College for the end of my undergraduate career. My experience was great, but because it is a private institution, it was very expensive.
Mercy College is a great school for you to grow in as a student. They have many recourses to help students in their academic life.
THe academics are really good. The thing that should change is making sure things are correct in students accounts.
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