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If I could give MCHS zero stars I would. This school is a complete joke. Every nursing class is "self taught" in a "flipped classroom" setting. I'm so disgusted with the lack of caring from instructors, the lack of communication between staff members, the lack of professionalism both from staff and from students. The tour and admissions is a complete lie. Everything they tell you from day one is a lie. The BSN program gets little hands on education and the turn over rate from clinical instructors is scary. If I could take back the 50K+ that I've spent here I would start the whole thing over and ANY OTHER SCHOOL. literally, the biggest waste of time and money. I encourage anyone considering going here to consider another career or being jobless because that sounds better to me than one more day at the subpar embarrassment of a "school".
The online courses take at least 3 times more time than my nursing classes to study for.
The highest degree is a bachelors
Review Mercy College of Health Sciences
You do a lot of self teaching.
It is very fast paced.
I think this school is more worried about how the school looks that helping the students.
Some work to help you. Some don't care about you.
Access to labs and dissections
I love the school. A few teachers only read bullet points off of the board but I love the actual content and knowledge taught
Some things I love about the program I am in where other things I am not sure what the point of them is.
The class size is awesome you really get to know your teachers and other students.
They were very accepting of transferring in all of the credits I had. I really appreciated this because the college is very expensive. Because of how small the college is, flexibiliy is limited but my counselor worked with me so I only have class twice a week so I can work other days.
Job prospects are incredibly high because of networking done during clinicals.
The college is directly affiliated with several hospitals and placement is very high.
The class size is very small and the professors are actually nurses and nurse practitioners.
Definitely one of the most thorough nursing programs available in the Midwest.
An expensive school but definitely a much higher quality education than pursuing a nursing degree at a place like Kaplan or a community college.
Review Mercy College of Health Sciences
I have had no issues with scheduling classes or getting into a class that I needed at the time or day that I needed it. I have heard from other students that if you do have a conflict, you can speak with your academic advisor and they will do everything they can to make sure that you get into the class time or section that you need so that you can work around your work or home schedule and complete your degree in the amount of time expected.
The professors that teach online classes make themselves very available whether it is through e-mail, phone calls, texting, meeting in person, or video chatting. They are there to support you through the class and want to make it as user-friendly and easy to know what is going on so that you have an understanding and can learn the material to pass the class. They want you to pass and will talk you through anything that you do not understand.
The career center and job prospects through this school are great. They are very friendly, helpful, and come in and talk to us before we need to actually know what to use them for so we have a reference for the future. It is an important part of this school and it would be silly if someone did not utilize it's services.
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