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Overall, Mercer is an average school that focuses a lot on academics. However, the cost is way too much for the average family and the financial aid office is not willing to work with students and parents. I am having to transfer from Mercer to another school because of their inability to cooperate with my needs, as well as the needs of other students.
I'm frankly upset and feel stupid for choosing this school. The facilities are outdated and falling apart aside from the UC, Legacy, and the football stadium. The professors are hit or miss. The advisors repeatedly lie, and it's nearly impossible to get any real help planning your future from anyone (including those advisors). Registration and housing assignments are both a living hell. Parking is also a nightmare.

On the bright side, the people here are really nice. That's what drew me to the school. The food options are pretty decent, and there are lots of fun things to get involved with. The campus looks beautiful from the outside. Unfortunately, these positives don't begin to counteract all the issues the school has. I would not recommend this school unless you can attend for free or for a very discounted price.
I thought going to a small school would be a bad idea, but I quickly realized how much I lover Mercer and how much it has to offer. Completely worth taking a look into it and visiting the campus.
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This college is great. Our student life is active and diverse with over 100 different clubs and organizations for students to get involved in. There is tutors, supplemental instructors and office hours offered to help students excel in academics. There is career fairs, career services and workshops to help students discover their major, career and life goals.
I came to Mercer University recently for a college tour and I absolutely fell in love with the university. Everyone there was amiable and helpful - including the students who were not involved in the tour. The campus is beautiful, very clean and well-maintained. I will certainly be applying to Mercer and I recommend the same to anyone who might be considering it.
The classes are small, which mean that teachers tend to focus and know their students better. The campus is growing throughout Macon. The athletic programs are average. The cons to Mercer are the teachers do not care about their students sometimes. The workload is a bit much especially for athletes. They could use some more modern classrooms, because everything is outdated. Living on-campus can be very expensive.
I loved its variety in majors as well as its campus. It was beautiful and not too busy. I would like more options in terms of scholarships.
Mercer University is a great school to attend. The quality of the education is worth the hefty investment. The school is in the process of increasing diversity and the social construct around it, but it has a way to go. The professors are great and love to help.
It's ok. Macon is a small town, with nothing to do. If you're looking for school's in the state of Georgia, you can do better
Mercer is a great school, especially if you are wanting to go into the Law, Medical, or Engineering fields. There are also plenty of organizations to join and extracurricular activities to do. Only negative I've found with Mercer is their food choices and availability. There are plenty of different food options, however some more healthy variations would be a nice addition. On the weekends it is almost in possible to find any food location open, especially at weird hours whenever you are getting the munchies.
The campus is absolutely beautiful, the students are nice, and the professors seems to want to help you succeed.
I loved how beautiful the campus was and how close knit it was. The price is a little high though, but the college takes care of you.
The campus is gorgeous. Food could be better. Love the friends and sisters I made here - seriously some friends for life.
I have only been at this college for 1 year now, but I really enjoy the small class sizes which really allow for a student to ask questions and get involved.
Mercer University is an excellent university. I have had nothing but a wonderful experience with this campus. You are met with nothing but smiling and welcoming faces at every turn. The professors and faculty on the grounds are wonderful and there is always someone who is willing to help you with whatever you need. Mercer is a big family and is connected is many ways. There are endless clubs to join and endless opportunities to take up to give back to the community around the university and the town. The city of Macon itself is very interesting and has a wonderful history. There are many things to go and do on the weekends or your free time, and the town is growing so there is going to be even more possibilities in the near future.
The people, the facilities, the academics, everything is amazing. I could not have made a better decision.
Convenient and helpful administration and instructors. This is my second session and any problems I have the administration and instructors have helped me solve all my issues.
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At first, it took some time to transition from being a high schooler to a college student. Everything is a different experience and I learned a lot from my first year. Overall, Mercer is a great fit for me because it's a small school. I was able to make many friends and be involved in a lot of things. Mercer has its ups and downs, but I learned to make most of my time here the best as possible. It's important to get involved with the school, so there is no feeling of not fitting in or not liking the school.
Don't waste your time or money going here. I could rant but I'm not wasting anymore time on Mercer than I have to to warn people. My freshman year at Mercer was by far the worst year of my life. The education, food, housing, literally everything but Greek life sucks. Stay away. It seems super nice until you go here. Also the campus looks so nice on the outside but everything (with the exception of a few) are crap on the inside. Campus is also very unsafe.
I lover Mercer University. They staff is there for the students. That makes me feel like I can succeed.
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