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Convenient and helpful administration and instructors. This is my second session and any problems I have the administration and instructors have helped me solve all my issues.
At first, it took some time to transition from being a high schooler to a college student. Everything is a different experience and I learned a lot from my first year. Overall, Mercer is a great fit for me because it's a small school. I was able to make many friends and be involved in a lot of things. Mercer has its ups and downs, but I learned to make most of my time here the best as possible. It's important to get involved with the school, so there is no feeling of not fitting in or not liking the school.
Don't waste your time or money going here. I could rant but I'm not wasting anymore time on Mercer than I have to to warn people. My freshman year at Mercer was by far the worst year of my life. The education, food, housing, literally everything but Greek life sucks. Stay away. It seems super nice until you go here. Also the campus looks so nice on the outside but everything (with the exception of a few) are crap on the inside. Campus is also very unsafe.
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I lover Mercer University. They staff is there for the students. That makes me feel like I can succeed.
As a sophomore. my experience has been pretty good. Although the price keeps increasing, so that is becoming worrisome.
Mercer University is a small school, smaller than you might expect. On average day, walking between your dorm and any of the dining options on campus, you might only see several people on the way. You will always see familiar faces everywhere you go as you learn to know most people on campus. The professors are mostly fantastic, and they are all very accessible. Even in the larger classes, which only consist of maybe 70 people for some of the freshman level classes, the professors are more than happy to talk to you personally at almost any time. The dining options on campus are solid. There's Chick-Fil-A, Panda Express, Which Wich, Einstein Bros Bagels, and of course the cafeteria. I personally have no problem eating at any of them. The dorms are also solid. The new freshman dorm on campus, Legacy Hall, is very nice. The rest are good too, but Plunkett Hall is quite old. Sports are fun, but our only real notable achievement is beating Duke in the NCAA tournament several years ago.
In my first year on campus, Mercer has showed me a great deal in the areas of intimacy with professors, the importance of networking, and especially the importance of a close circle of support.
Mercer University is a fantastic community environment for undergraduate students. Professors truly care about the individuals in their classrooms and want to see them grow not only academically, but emotionally. Students are able to create a home for themselves. There are tons of organizations students can get involved in and plenty of leadership opportunities. Mercer is also a research institution. Students are able to get in on research projects starting their freshman year. This gives students the opportunity to get experience in their respective fields and prepare themselves for the workforce. The Mercer experience is like no other.
The school is very organized and "user friendly". No complaints! The parking for students is free and the recreation center is awesome. The school is wholesome and very professional. I am so glad to was led to choose Mercer! The School of Theology is extensive but you will definitely learn. A great institution that I highly recommend.
My experience was a pleasant one. The teachers were challenging and really cared about their students success. The office staff was always available and willing to answer questions or offer assistance when requested.
Overall, Mercer is alright. The classes are a bit challenging and the food is sometimes not the best, but it isn't terrible.
The professors truly show they care and want to share their wealth of knowledge with us. They also present lessons that allow us to receive hands-on instruction that we can actually take into our classrooms to grow students to optimum levels.
I love that Mercer is a small campus but is constantly growing, and adding new buildings. All of the classes are within walking distance and on average about 30 students. They have also added a lot more dining options for students as well as expanded the hours to account for students who study late at night or only have free time to eat late at nigh as well.
Wonderful college to attend, has a really great campus. You can become involved in many different organizations at Mercer, and also study abroad.
If you are a liberal minded student, there will be days where you will be frustrated with the campus environment. If you are a person of color, don't expect the school to address it. There are organizations that are for minorities, which is great. The campus safety is pretty iffy. MerPo has a record of racially profiling students at night and asking them for their bear card. They also don't do well with escorting students, sometimes they arrive like 20 mins late. However, the professors in the College of Liberal Arts are pretty amazing and really care about activism. More clubs are appearing that advocate and take action over social issues, like feminism and democracy.
While visiting, I found that Mercer was an overall well rounded school. I recommend that hardworking students apply.
My classes have been interactive and interesting (although certainly not easy). All of my professors have been very willing to help if needed. I love how this school is focused on giving back to the community of Macon (lovingly referred to as the "armpit" of Georgia). I've been told that downtown has improved vastly over the past few years. Campus food options are good. I've never felt unsafe while on campus. One problem with campus is the amount of roaches that like to scurry about at night... gross.
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I am currently a freshman at Mercer and so far I am enjoying myself. All my classes are going pretty good and all my professors are great with making sure we understand the material and if we need any help to meet with them during their office hours. Mercer has a great campus that isn't to big to get lost on. Everyone is very friendly and the facilities are nice. I got the privilege to stay in the new dorms and they have been a nice home away from home. The only critique I would have is that the cafeteria isn't the best. There are other restaurants on campus that you can choose from, but I think they need to change some of their options in the cafeteria. Overall a very nice campus with opportunities after school.
The academics at Mercer University are challenging, and individualized. It is very easy to find your passion here and get involved. Mercer is a school focused on service and research that changes the world, thus it is a very active school. Professors are caring and understanding, and class sizes are usually quite small and inviting. Mercer is an excellent university!
This is a nice college with beautiful campus and diversified student population.Each department has awesome,knowledgeable and intelligent PhD professor who makes courses easy and interesting to individual student.The college is highly secured with campus police every where.Apart from these qualities,the housing and food are fantastic with all you can eat.
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