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I am having a good time attending the school, and the students and teachers I've met so far are wonderful, and my program is great. however, the financial aid office sucks.
The admissions staff are very helpful when it comes to your education, and the environment of the school is very uplifting. Most of the other schools I looked at were not as welcoming.
The campus is small, but nice. It's obvious that some of the teachers there are really passionate about what they are teaching and want to see their students succeed. A great starting point for you education.
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Everybody is so friendly, and there's so many opportunities. If I could change one thing, it's the amount of information they give you.
The faculty are very nice and are there for when students need extra help during and after class. There's online classes you can take as well as online viewing for your grades, schedule, announcements, and assignments. The technology on campus is a little behind date and not all the classrooms are heated or have air conditioning though.
Great school easy to get to and there is two campuses. They also have a great theater for plays and shows.
Mercer County Community College has an incredible art department for being a community college. The professors are all in their field working as well as being a professor and always do their best to help you make connections and find opportunities for students to start their real life experience as soon as possible with paid internships and charity projects there is always something going on. I cannot say much for the rest of the school however as an art student I know I made the right choice starting here. The number one thing I think needs to improve at this school is communication and how they treat their faculty. Much of the school is run by programs online and the different departments do not communicate enough to keep a smooth line of understanding when it comes to things like admissions and financial aid. My best suggestion is to always do your scheduling through a department advisor and not your appointed counselor.
Mercer County Community College is a great school with all different majors and you can transfer credits to any college or university. The teachers are very helpful in getting you to your goal, everyday tutors are available day and evening for your convenience. Security make sure you are safe st all time inside and outside of the college. Finanical aide assistant is great and advisor s are equip to help you.
Some community colleges may not be as bad but at MCCC, many professors I had there did not care about furthering their students in their career choice. I had one or two very good professors that sincerely cared about their students and answered any questions necessary; but most professors did not explain the 'why' and the 'how' with the complicated animating program and game engine we were using. A lot of the time we were just hit with "look it up on Google" ... seriously? Why am I paying to be here then? Also, most students there were very immature and practically silent. I would find almost everyone in most classes I had there would not participate in class or even respond to me. Very odd school.
It's an older school and they don't offer a ton of classes in the summer time or after work for working adults. I had to take numerous classes at much farther community colleges since MCCC did not offer those classes even though it is within my county. Also, be careful with the adult non-credit courses such as phlebotomy. It cost me over $1500 dollars plus the $200 for the actual certification and no luck of finding a job. They don't help you look for a job or have any plans/programs with hospitals. the dummies were all so old and used up too that it was pointless to practice as they were thoroughly utilized before. Save your money and invest elsewhere.
My experience at Mercer County Community College was great. One of my favorite aspects of Mercer is the extremely diverse student body that drives the creative side of the college. People from all walks of life--young, old, European, Asian, Middle Eastern, etc--attend this college. This melting pot of cultures builds cultural awareness among students, and discourages cultural relativism.

Moreover, I particularly appreciate the willingness, of all the professors I have had at Mercer, to meet with students to address concerns, pose questions, and provide guidance on a variety of matters. This aspect of Mercer is fantastic since students and faculty can build bonds and in turn promote mutual learning.

As well as, Mercer's administration encourages student participation in on- and off-campus activities. I myself took advantage of the many avenues students can take to become involved in campus activities--I founded a political action club.
There are a lot of programs for different interest. there are two campuses. Free wifi. Modern lab and up to date classrooms. Professors vary on weather they use all amenities but most teachers have something to recommend them - real life experience or superior teaching style. The phone system is antiquated and it is difficult to do any financial aid or enrollment business by phone or email. You must physically go down to the school. Also the advisement system is a crap shoot. You can be assigned or not assigned and more than likely you will get conflicting information. It pays to ask every question 3 times, just to be sure.
You will widen your knowledge
It's a good school just to start out.
The Radiology program teaches students alot
Its a good transition into college
The workload is more than I expected. Some of the professors are very rude and make things harder than they should be. I have friends who go to four year universities and they get less work and more help than I do. The amount of help you get depends on the professor. Some won't even return your emails.
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My experience at Mercer County Community College was okay. It is a typical community college meant for general electives that you need to take to transfer. However, there is not much help with advisement and the transfer counselors just sit there and google information that you could find on your own instead of helping you set up interviews and tours of schools and telling you where they think you have a good chance of going. It is a small school, most students want to just get in and out which means not alot of people are sociable, you have to really try to make friends while you're here. Overall, this school gets the job done and moves you onto better things.
The classes are mainly just the basics since I would have only done one year so far. But overall the workload was expected when going into programming, including english and math. Coding is unfortunately not for me so I decided to change majors and have a lot of catching up to do
The teachers are very helpful with making you pass the class. As well as the advisers for the major you are going through with, are helpful with what you need and do not need in your schedule. They guide you to what classes to take in the university you plan on transferring as well.
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