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I have been attending to this college for about two semester now. The college provides a good source for students looking to get into higher education and onto a four year college. The college has excellent connections to other four year universities like Rutgers, Temple, Drexel U, Penn State among others. The college often holds college fares and career fares for those interested into going into the workforce asap.
Mercer County Community College it is one of the best optiopns to save money and make great things in your life you can start there and get your way to success remember anly you make a difference and only you can do it anything that you want.
Currently a nursing student a Mercer. It was a rigorous but great program for RNs. It offers both morning and night programs for individuals.
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It's a great school to start out with, get your footing in the door school wise and they go from there
Everybody automatically puts down MCCC because it's a community college rather 4 year but MCCC is a great school. From the staff to the professors to the events they have. They try to make our time there as educational and rewarding as possible even if we are not away at a 4 year university.
it was okay. everyone was nice. faculty is really nice. their library is great to study in. they have good professors and lecturers.
Community College is a school in which people come and go and do not try and be there when they do not have to be because everyone has jobs and things to do. I really enjoyed my classes because overall I had very good professors. I did find it hard at times to communicate and make friends just because there are not many ways that people try to get involved, but it was possible. Overall I think that my three years here have been a good stepping stone preparing me for my future school. I recommened it anyone who does not know what they want to major in, trying to save money, or just not ready to leave home yet.
Mercer County Community College is a great step into college for people who are not ready for college. I personally feel this college can be compared to a high school for the advanced. The professors are all diverse ranging from bad to amazing. The area overall is a great location which is right by Mercer County Park.
The main reason MCCC is a good college is because of the professors. They care about you and they want you to succeed. Also they talk to you on a personal level. They don't pretend to be someone they aren't when they walk into the school. It's really easy to relate to each other and to spark a conversation non school related.
great opportunities and great teachers. I like the James Kearney Campus and find it easy to access. The classes I have taken so far have taught me a lot and have made me think of future opportunities to look into.
I really enjoyed the beautiful environment but I had many issues figuring out where to go and in the beginning I had a problem with figuring out the layout of the map.
The college helped shaped my goal and which direction I wanted to choose. The campuses have a diversity of students, awesome professors and advisors. I chose this college to also further my education when I graduated as its partnered with 5 bachelor degree programs. So students who can't commute far can stay close by or even do online with the different schools of choice. Awesome school. I recommended it as well to my daughter who took college courses while in highschool. This experience helps kids and prepare and shape them for what to expect once they enter.
Overall classes and professors are great. Student communication is poor. I would like to see more students getting involved.
I am having a good time attending the school, and the students and teachers I've met so far are wonderful, and my program is great. however, the financial aid office sucks.
The admissions staff are very helpful when it comes to your education, and the environment of the school is very uplifting. Most of the other schools I looked at were not as welcoming.
The campus is small, but nice. It's obvious that some of the teachers there are really passionate about what they are teaching and want to see their students succeed. A great starting point for you education.
Everybody is so friendly, and there's so many opportunities. If I could change one thing, it's the amount of information they give you.
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The faculty are very nice and are there for when students need extra help during and after class. There's online classes you can take as well as online viewing for your grades, schedule, announcements, and assignments. The technology on campus is a little behind date and not all the classrooms are heated or have air conditioning though.
Great school easy to get to and there is two campuses. They also have a great theater for plays and shows.
Mercer County Community College has an incredible art department for being a community college. The professors are all in their field working as well as being a professor and always do their best to help you make connections and find opportunities for students to start their real life experience as soon as possible with paid internships and charity projects there is always something going on. I cannot say much for the rest of the school however as an art student I know I made the right choice starting here. The number one thing I think needs to improve at this school is communication and how they treat their faculty. Much of the school is run by programs online and the different departments do not communicate enough to keep a smooth line of understanding when it comes to things like admissions and financial aid. My best suggestion is to always do your scheduling through a department advisor and not your appointed counselor.
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