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The school is very small but very friendly and kind. Almost everyone who goes there is a student-athlete who work hard and strive for the same things. The graduation rate is very hard and the staff pushes the students to success.
Menlo is home. No one loves being at home every second of the day and of course you can get tired of it and want to leave sometimes, but it is ultimately your safe space. That is Menlo. Here, you can mold your college experience into whatever you want. There is no other place that you can have coffee with your professor, play in a sports game, go cheer on fellow athletes, go to class, eat in your buffet, print your 10 page paper (for free), and then go to SF for the night all in one day! It just doesn't happen. I know it is cheesy, but you are a name and not a number at Menlo. We all support each other and it you are literally living with 850 family members. You don't like them all and some are distant cousins, but at the end of the day we are all Oaks. If given the chance to do it again, I wouldn't change a thing.
Menlo is a great school aside from its flaws. It's the people you meet at Menlo that make it a truly amazing experience.
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Menlo College is a simple-minded organization with no structure. The administration is a disaster, critique and comments are not just welcomed-they are punished! I told a female student to watch her eating style, as she was just throwing in pizza and junk food, and the administration accused me of "verbal harassment", which included disciplinary hearings and multiple meetings. Students are friendly, but everything is immediately seen as "discrimination" and "harassment". WAY TO EXPENSIVE for its value, just completely overpriced. Food is a disaster, inexperienced students are preparing the meals (they do as best as they can do), so what could you possibly expect. I am a freshman and will transfer after my first semester, as Menlo College is an embarrassment for the American Education System.
This is my first time attending a school in another state and I'd say Menlo College definitely made me feel comfortable being away from home. One thing I like about Menlo is that they have new activities/events to attend or do every week, it is a family type of atmosphere where everyone comes together to enjoy each others company and experience the fun together. The academics is top notch as well, focusing mainly on business majors, I feel Menlo has great professors that focus on the class overall and also individuals who need extra help, they are very helpful and just want us to succeed.
Overall experience was disappointing, was there for about a year. The environment tries really hard to be "college-like" and "inviting" but it is such a small school that it is worse than high school. Administration only cares about keeping the menlo name clean and whatever problem arises with any student, they try to hide it either by scaring you to keep quiet and throw suspension in your face or by just dismissing the problem all together. Basically there's no justice to your voice even if they tell you there is. Actions speak louder than words. Also, no one knows what Menlo is. No real credibility. This school is more like a really small community college where people are truly hoping to transfer as soon as they can.
Menlo College provides an experience compiled of new and challenging experiences. Students are allowed to thrive through versatile learning approaches. Both faculty and professors alike, encourage all students to perform to fullest capabilities. Professors enhance critical thinking and strategic methods by incorporating group work and presentations to allow students access of speaking up. All students have opportunities to get involved with the school, local community, actively engage with athletics and arts, alongside pursuit in expanding business connections on a global level. Innovation at Menlo College expands on solving social and economic issues. Menlo College also provides the necessary tools toward achieving personalized success. The possibilities are endless!
Neighborhood kids come to play volleyball and basketball all the time. The one time a black kid comes along, a never before seen security officer (not in uniform) comes up to us and says, "If I ever see you people here again, I'll call the cops." Maybe the school shouldn't hire racists.
Menlo is a lovely school with a small student body. Despite some minor issues and some old facilities, the school takes pride in its strong academics and sports programs. Though Menlo cannot offer a "traditional college experience" it can offer life changing relationships and a strong community.
For the most part I have enjoyed attending Menlo College. Besides the few bad experiences with a few particular people, I have met more amazing people than bad. Menlo college allowed me the opportunity to do things I never had the opportunity to do before such as dancing. They have great clubs, and good student involvement. Also, and of course only speaking for the professors that I have had, the professors are amazing. Lastly, for the most part, it has a good atmosphere.
Menlo College is a campus that has a growing sense of place. Located in the heart of Atherton, Ca, Menlo has a growing focus on diversity and making students feel at home. I am currently enrolled here and I can say that I appreciate the family environment the school provides.
At Menlo you will get a very intimate business education. It is a small and friendly campus. Professors work hard to begin your career. I'm glad I went.
Overall, my first semester at Menlo College was exceptional. With the college located in the heart of Silicon Valley it is perfect spot for internships and the small schools allows you to have a good student-teacher relationship.
Menlo College is an okay college. Some professors are better than others at teaching a particular subject. The student life on campus is not as good as it used to be and the tavern has been shut down a lot lately due to the fact that no one wants to work the tavern at night so we've asked people around school if they'd like to fill the position
I feel very safe at school.
The admissions process was great! I had a reply in two weeks!
I don't live on campus but the dorms I have seen seem to be nice.
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I don't think we have greek life.
Sports is a big thing at my school. You can tell that the athletes are taken care of.
My college is the best because the professors really make the effort to ensure that each student is learning all the concepts in class. The college provides mock interviews with actual people from companies where you can practice and get ready for real interviews.
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