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The online experience has been a roller coaster but the teachers have always been there if I have any questions or need help on an assignment.
Very nice campus where everyone is welcomed. There is a very nice patio to hang out while you wait for you classes. the teachers for the most part have been wonderful!!
This school has always helped me through hard times. They always have kind helpful people who are ready to help you at every corner. Meeting your educational goals is easy with the help of your counselor.
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With COVID-19 everything has been a learning experience for both students and teachers. Things will improve.
All of my classes were online due to my busy schedule. I absolutely loved how welcoming the students and staff were. Even though I never actually met my professors in person, I felt as though we had a great connection.
I love how teachers made an effort to get to know you personally so they could benefit you to the best of our abilities! The campus is super diverse, and very inviting.
Fantastic College! Beautiful campus organized and easy access for all. I had a great experience meeting this kind and lovely community.
It was actually excellent. We had the college's full support, and the challenging experience became a great one with a lot of help from college.
I'm really liked my online experience so far. I do have some troubles but my teachers and classmates always helps me out
I love everything about mendocino college and I would love to continue my education here. Mendocino college gives a lot of facilities to students
Overall I've had a very good experience at Mendocino College. It is a very small campus, and there are limited resources, but they make up for that with the quality of professors and education. Classes tend to be smaller (20-30 students max) which allows students to get to know the professors and easily seek help. We have a very nice chemistry department that is equipped with state of the art spectroscopy equipment which I find very surprising for being a small rural community college. Mendocino College may be small, but the staff ensures that the quality of education meets university standards.
My first 3 semester in this college was overall a very great experience. The teachers and students are very nice. The teachers and staff do assist when help is needed. The school is great as the way it is and I hope it continues being like this in the future.
Mendocino college has helped me become a better student. They have prepared me to be ready for Humboldt State. All of my professors have been very caring and great teachers.
Mendocino College's main campus is located in Ukiah, CA. Mendocino has a sister college located in Lakeport, Ca., approximately forty minutes away. This college has enabled me to work while going to school by offering many online courses which helps me tremendously. The instructors are very prompt at answering questions and very helpful when needed. The campus in clean and well organized. Staff are friendly and very helpful as well.
I was so happy when I was told I could complete some of my courses online. I'm a full time nurse and have to work, so this helped me tremendously
I loved that the school had such a welcoming atmosphere. The professors really do try their best to help you when you are having trouble with the material.
The campus is beautiful, and the teachers are committed to the student's success! It is very affordable and there are ample opportunities for work-study programs. The Library has the most incredible view, with plenty of private study areas. The only place to eat on campus is a local bakery that offers soup and sandwiches, as well as coffee drinks. The campus is in town and very easy to navigate.
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Overall I have enjoyed my experience at Mendocino College. The campus is lovely, the library and student hang out areas are updated, there is a daycare on campus, and it has a few great programs. The big programs are nursing, agriculture, culinary arts, and transfer degrees. This is definitely a small community college, and some of the teachers are horrible, but overall definitely a college worth checking out.
Nothing but good things. I have been taking classes soley online but have been to the campus a few times for various things and it’s quiet beautiful especially the views! Their online courses are phenomenal and the professors are awesome.
I have had a very good experience so far, and I am half way through my degree program. I have only had one teacher that I had trouble learning from. The campus is beautiful and everyone is very helpful.
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