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One of the best experiences of my life! I am glad I chose Meharry. It is a very close "family" environment. The professors were wonderful and committed to seeing every student succeed.
Go elsewhere if you can unless the Carribean but recently the big 4 Carribean schools are posting strong matches and even better than Meharry. Their pass rate fell to 67% and they started a useless attendance policy. This really don't help as students time is wasted and the lectures are not that great. I regret I came to this disorganised institution. The professors are out of touch with whats relevant to help pass your step 1 which decides if not your fate 90%+ of where u will match. Very expensive for the poor service they offer.Technology is poor. Internet so slow and always have problems. Their dorm heaters dont work and infested with roaches. Nashville general hospital is losing patients and funding and the future of the hospital is uncertain. If I were to do again will definitely pick SGU/AUA in Carribean since their match compares well and even better than the poor service meharry offers
I am living in the dorms (the cheapest housing this college provide) and I am quite satisfy with it. Dorm room came with the basics (bed, desk, chair, drawer, 1 bathroom, 2 sinks, A/C unit, 2 closets); room was cleaned and prepared to be moved in.
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In the short time I have been here, I got the sense family from Meharry Medical College.
It is a private school influenced by The United Methodist Church.
Lots of burger places, there are a couple subways. Jasons deli, etc
No one hangs out around campus
Greek life is only for black students and they are very uptight about it. They organize plenty of events.
Softball and basketball intramural sports are really great
Really expensive and you dont get what you paid for. High workload. Facilities are outdated.
We are a graduate school. There are 3 schools, medicine, dentistry and advanced studies.

For medicine and dentistry you need admission exams with application process and interview. Same as medical and dental programs everywhere
It is a historically black school so it serves its purpose.
Nashville is a great city with plenty of options to rent. It is a lot cheaper than most cities
It is definetly hard work, i will admit if i had to start over again, i would reconsider. But i have made it so far, and i enjoy it. If you love family and want to enjoy this 1 life that you get to live then really really don't consider medicine as a field to go into. The best part about medicine for me now, is that i get to interact with real people with real medical conditions. 2 years of class room lectures is behind me now, and just under 2 years of clinical experience is left.
There is nothing to do on campus as far as nightlife. The real night life is what nashville has to offer. And it has to offer a lot.
Meharry allows student to pursue doctorattes degree in medicine and dentistry, masters degree in public health, and research degrees
Well being a Medical student is not easy. It requires a lot of time commitment to studying 24/7 throughout the 4 years of education that includes a lot of holidays. I find myself having to teach myself a lot of the material, there are some great professors but at the same time we don't have all the best professors, so with topics that we have weak professor i have to supplement my knowledge with kaplan videos.
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The bus runs straight through campus and drops you at the local/busy areas or to a transfer stop that is convenient to catch. If you need a ride to you car from a part of campus that your car is far from, the security office is willingly and always able to respond.
There are many students from the east coast, and southern states, and even a lot from the west coast (mainly California). There is not anyone or anything ordinal, you will always find someone or something interesting to the eye or just to hang out. Everyone is very friendly and exceed the expectation of Southern hospitality.
The diversity is unbelievable. The background as well.
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