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The school is a criminal enterprise. They give certain students the actual tests for the upcoming exams. Many of the professors use different grading schemes. I mentioned this to the school officials that it was not fair. If you report cheating or unfair treatment, the faculty will give you Fs in all of your subjecting grading classes and have a vote to dismiss you for exhibiting characteristics which seem inappropriate. They did this to me, but I still finished the semester with a B average. They deny students of their constitutional rights of due process of law. The local judges in South Carolina are corrupt! The school likes pretty white women and children of doctors, using different grading scheme and allowing them to cheat.
I'm a long distance student so I really love the professors. The professors are always willing to help, they are easily accessible, and they respond to questions/concerns right away.
Location is beautiful in downtown Charleston. Might high crime rate and parking is painful. Lack of parking and flooding when it rains.
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When I was a student there, the school allowed some of the students to have the actual test exams without making them available to the class as a whole. Some of the teachers had a funny grading curve. The would take students who made Fs and give them a better grade than mine. When I went to the assistant dean and dean and voiced my concern about what was going on, even having finished the semester with a gpa of a 2.87 I got voted out of school for having characteristics which seem inappropriate, violating my free speech and due process rights. The school informed me this is their protocol.
Hang out with the teacher assistants and you can get the actual text exams. Do not study. Make Fs in all of your major science courses and they will give you great passing grades. Also become good friends with someone whose parents have graduated from the college because there is a chance he knows the system and he will be making Fs.
Safety is fine on campus.
The quality of education is impeccable at MUSC.
There are not any dorms on campus.
Encouraging and accepting diversity is a major emphasis at MUSC.
As a major working hospital, MUSC takes security on campus seriously. Most of law enforcement in SC has ties to MUSC somehow, and so any security threats will be taken seriously and dealt with seriously.
I'm a fairly new student to this school, so there's limits to what I can say definitely. However, my experience so far has been very positive. The academics are definitely tough, but I can already see how what they're teaching is preparing me to work as a licensed medical professional in the future.
here and there, but not everywhere.
As a student coming from Johns Hopkins, I feel this institution is comparable on several different levels. There are a lot of fellowship opportunities after graduation as well as direct job placement in many, many different fields of healthcare.
The professors are knowledgeable and enthuastic about what they teach, the class sizes are appropriate as are the actual courses needed.
As a medical university, MUSC has the concern for their students and faculty at the top of their priority list.
I have not officially began classes yet, but so far I have had excellent interactions with the professors, academic advisers, current students in my program, and everybody in between. I would choose MUSC over again 100 times if I could. I thought the application process was fair beginning with the standard application, to the in person interview and receiving acceptance.
My institution does not have official sport teams (such as D1, D2 and D3), however there are many sporting events scheduled for students to take part off. We have a state of the art athletic facility as well.
I'm too busy studying to notice any sports
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Its a fantastic school, I was offered a personal tour and everyone seemed happy to answer any questions I had
I feel as if every class that I have had thus far is preparing me for my future as an Occupational Therapist. I have heard similar testimonies from other programs and colleges. I believe the academics at MUSC to be top notch.
Past classes have been very successful in securing jobs after graduation, with many of them having job offers even before graduation.
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