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I'm excited to be a nurse & help people!
Faculty Are Very Helpful – The faculty at Medical Professional institute are very helpful. The enrollment officer is very supportive and helpful with student questions and concerns. I am very excited about being enrolled at Medical Professional Instutute's Licensed Practical Nursing Program because I have found that the staff in all departments of the school have assisted me in every aspect of becoming a LPN student. I am enjoying the educational atmosphere that MPI has offered me so far.
The curriculum at MPI is much like any other eleven month LPN program I would guess, except for certain professors know nothing about what they are teaching (i,e: haven't worked in the nursing field in 10+ years), and gave us a Human Growth and Development course instead of Nutrition. (Mind you, we had to write a 3 page paper on nutrition to basically teach ourselves). Another pain the neck is they don't accept transfers from other schools lower than a grade of B. Isn't a C grade usually the standard? I already took HG&D at a real college and got a C+, yet I they denied my request to drop the class. It shouldn't matter to them, they aren't losing any money over it.
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Never Ending! Financial Aid appointments at Medical Professional Institute were never ending, confusing and annoying. I'm in an eleven-month program and probably had at least 5 financial aid appointments! Every time paperwork was presented to me it was just "Ok, sign here, sign there, put 0 there, 1 there and initial there" and when you asked "What is this?" the response would be "Oh, don't worry about it just sign it". I don't think they have an actual financial aid advisor! I think they used one of the office girls to do it. It was horrible!!!
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