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I start in Jan so from what I have seen it is good
So far it is great.
So far the school is great! I start my studies in Jan.
Review MediaTech Institute - Austin
MediaTech is the perfect school for someone who wants to not only be knowledgable about the Audio Industry, but someone who is proficient in all aspects of audio; e.g. Studio Techniques, Post Production, Live Sound Reinforcement, and even Production Skills (Mixing and Mastering.)

It is a 1-year Recording Arts Program that allows you to leave confident in yourself and the career path you have chosen. You will be able to represent yourself as an Audio Engineer that knows, not just about audio, but about the Audio Industry as a whole. With classes like BOM (Business of Music) and BCM (Business Communication) you will leave the school with a full working resume and portfolio of recorded school work and personal projects.

This is a very hyper-competitive industry and MediaTech Institute is able to give you the knowledge that you need to be a player in the Audio world. These days, you need to be able to address all forms of the industry, not just one side of it. MT will provide you with these skills.
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