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It was an over all a great experience. I graduate in December. I am looking forward to get my next degree attending Medaille College, and furthering my education.
Medaille is a great college. It is very small and personal. Everyone is very helpful and I can't wait to be a part of this college
I have almost completed my freshman year and I love everything about Medaille. The class sizes are small and the environment makes me feel very safe and at home.
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I’ve recently graduated from Medaille College my experience overall went went well I had small classes felt as if the students really got to get the professor very well my other experience was getting to school was ugh at times but overall enjoy the school
Accelerated learning program is a great program for adult learners. Classes are small and the professors are great at understanding your life and what goes on besides school.
I loved the fact that the class sizes were small. In my 4 years there, I never was in a class that had more than 20 students. I believe that having a smaller learning environment helped me stay focus and I was able to connect with my professors better. It was also nice that there were only two buildings where classes were held so I never had to worry about getting lost when I was a freshman.
What I like about Medaille college is that it as wide variety of courses and its well known.
It is located on a good environment which is more safer for the students, teachers and the working stuff.
If offers good education to the students in the schools and as I said it's well known for it's excellence in producing top students.
the College classes are smaller to tailor to your needs. There are always professors eager to help students with their subjects. The dining area is clean and always available for students. I play Sports for the College, and my experience with the coaching staff has been excellent. I will always remember the great years at Medaille. I haven't lived on Campus for every Semester, but during my sports season, I was able to Dorm at Medaille . That was a great experience, we felt safe walking the Campus at night, and the availability of Study areas was good. Our rooms were roomy enough and well kept. I have had great experiences here, and would highly recommend to high School students looking for a School that is smaller, more personal, and has caring professors.
I love the teachers in my Vet Tech program, they make it all worth while. It's a great college all around!
I went to Medaille as a freshman, I loved the school for the most part but I lost focus because I couldn't afford the program and the loans started to add up. Without help from my parents I really couldn't achieve the greatness I was destined to meet. I had to drop out and go to the military to pay for the 20,000 worth of loans i owed the school.
Very nice teachers and staff. The Admissions office was very kind and helpful through the whole process. Campus is small and very friendly, easy to find your way around.
Medaille College is a really good school. Especially if you are a Vet-Tech which is the most the most popular major there. The school is very small so if you like a small environment then this is the school. The professors is really nice and very caring not all of them are maybe a small percentage. Other then that Medaille is a good school to attend.
It was too small. I applied for the "pre-med" program. It turned out NOT to be a pre-med program, but a waste of time and money.
The school itself is a small university with great division 3 sports teams. The teachers are a bit of a mixed bag with some being great and others being just barely passable. Its an overall decent university for students looking for a career in veterinary science or criminal justice.
I absolutely love this school. Class sizes are small and the professors really want you to succeed. As a transfer student they took a great amount of credits from my previous school which helped me better on track to graduate sooner.
What I like about Medaille College is the atmosphere. The faculty work with everyone as much as they need to. Medaille is in a good place of Buffalo. Medaille offers a wide variety of jobs on campus and education opportunities.
The campus is generally clean and secured
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If there has been a lot of party action, I am not on the scene
This really does not apply to me since I do not stay on campus. Medaille to me is NOT a "party" school.
Generally speaking the faculty administration have all seem to be friendly and helpful
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