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It was too small. I applied for the "pre-med" program. It turned out NOT to be a pre-med program, but a waste of time and money.
The school itself is a small university with great division 3 sports teams. The teachers are a bit of a mixed bag with some being great and others being just barely passable. Its an overall decent university for students looking for a career in veterinary science or criminal justice.
I absolutely love this school. Class sizes are small and the professors really want you to succeed. As a transfer student they took a great amount of credits from my previous school which helped me better on track to graduate sooner.
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What I like about Medaille College is the atmosphere. The faculty work with everyone as much as they need to. Medaille is in a good place of Buffalo. Medaille offers a wide variety of jobs on campus and education opportunities.
The campus is generally clean and secured
If there has been a lot of party action, I am not on the scene
This really does not apply to me since I do not stay on campus. Medaille to me is NOT a "party" school.
Generally speaking the faculty administration have all seem to be friendly and helpful
I have not experienced any problems in this area at this time.
Just a reminder , I do not live on campus, but the times I have been on campus, I've not seen drug abuse, or the use of any drug open in public on the campus premises. There are disciplinary actions taken for the use of illegal substances.
I love the class sizes, instructors are decent, and well versed in their fields of study. Remember I started my classes in January 2016, and there was one instructor I had problems with dealing with my assignments and classroom presentations , and overall classroom experience. I really thought it was because I was the only female in class, which was led by a male instructor.
The school recently had a mandatory online training class dealing with the matter of sexual assaults, dating, drinking of alcohol, what to do in emergencies on campus, & who to contact in case of emergencies.
I found my academic counselor to accessible when needed
I am a mature adult and DO NOT spend time on campus, nor do I know what "Greek Life" means.......This I will have to look up on the internet. I am in the school's Adult Accelerated Program, this is a program geared toward the mature adult continuing their education with previous credits from other accredited schools. The classes meet once a week, because many of the adult students work, have family, or other obligations. This program is great for people like me.
I do not live on campus, and I am not involved in on campus sports.
I just started this year January 2016
Medaille is a great and quite campus. You are able to be focus in your work and have a great college experience. They have the best programs to get you where you need to be in life and have amazing professor that will help you with anything. I love this school and so glad that I am attending Medaille a second year.
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The school is ok good school to go to if you are employed full time and have a family.
The vet tech program and is ran and taught by professionals in the field currently. I love how much I learn and get to experience.
I know nothing about politics so I really have no answer for this.
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