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Its good im okay with it! Me encanta la idea de volver a comenzar en Mech tech es una universidad maravillosa.
Es asombrosa me encanta la hospitalidad y todo lo que brindan junto con las oportunidades. Definitivamente me siento en casa. Los empleados son súper atentos y buenos en si trabajo. Son muy atentos, considerados y definitivamente es maravilloso.
I like everything about mech-tech has a lot of programs and opportunities. The program has a lot of organization and good professors.
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It was very stressful at first because the material isnt organized.
The professors are all very nice. The courses are good but they are not very organized. The classes are smaller making it easier to learn.
There many different types of people at this school. The majority are women and between the ages of 21-35.
The school doesn't offer much in aids. They do provide you with resources to get finaclial aid.
Medtech has many progams in various medical feilds. the varriety is good and your credits cna generally be applied to other degrees.
The cirriculum for medical assisting is very simple to follow. However it is slightly overwhelming when doing accelerated classes. The school has good student lounges and a small library other than that its pretty basic and plain. There is surprisingly no kind of gym or anything.
THere is no gym aand the libraraies are small.
It is what I expected very challenging...
Thre is no financial aid for non-traditional students
Good Facilities but they must improve
I am thankful for their consideration upon my enrollment.
financial office is very informative and willing to help you find ways to allow you to study
personnel are very willing to help and guide you to the best outcome
everyone is focused on what is
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various opportunities open to everyone
all personnel is willing to help to get through obstacles of everyday life
will help you find a job
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