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Helpful counselors and advisors. The entire staff is very welcoming and make you feel like you are part of the campus community, not just a number. Small classes allow for more time for professors to help each student.
I feel safe on campus not matter if I'm with a group or by myself. The people are kind and respectful so I don't have any worries of someone committing a crime on campus.
I love living in my dorm. Compared to the other dorms on campus, the "Morrison" dorm is the nicest all boys dorm, and there is another similar all girls dorm called "Bittinger." This dorm has the biggest floor plan of all the dorms and is the freshest smelling and nicest looking.
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I think sports is a big part of campus and the students try and get others to come to the games, no matter what the sport is. Coming to sporting events shows campus participation, which is a really big deal.
Even though the school is small, it has a great atmosphere. The teachers as well as most of the students are friendly and willing to help.
From what I have heard from past students and professors, it is pretty easy to get a job with a degree from my college. In my field one can get a job as little as 3 months out of college
All of the classes are pretty small. The professors are very interested in each student and their success in the class.
Every year there is a safety surgery for students to fill out and anything that needs fixed, the staff does what they can to adjust.
The dorms are pretty great. There's plenty of room and places to be social. It is however difficult to get alone time when you have to share a bedroom
I'm not a sports person. I did however photograph shorts for a semester. The facilities are great. They are always clean and up to date. The whole campus supports the teams and everyone is encouraged to go to the games.
All of the teachers and staff are so nice and helpful. Everyone is interested in seeing each student succeed. The college also had plenty of activities and shorts to choose from to keep students active in the college experience. The schools biggest focus is Scholarship. Participation. Service. They want all students to be active in college life and in helping others as well as doing well in Class. Their goal is to create whole persons by the time everyone graduates.
Class sizes are usually 15 or less, the professors all really do care. I have no real complaints.
I have no further comments, to my knowledge not a single security problem got out of hand in my 2 years here.
I personally enjoy it, having that separation from home has been terrific and I've loved it. Meeting new people a lot more than just in class. Though the prices (as it is a private school) are a bit ridiculous.
We have a very small Greek life on campus, the only common one is Alpha Psi Omega, and common is a relative term. Next year we're going to have 6 students in the fraternity.
We do not have greek life
I have learned to love and enjoy college
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McPherson College is a small campus which is nice with a lot of diversity. I have had the opportunity to meet all sorts of people and learn about different cultures at the same time as my roommate is from London, England. I have made so many new friends and while there are times where I miss home, I wouldn't change my college decision because of the people I have got to know.
Just like every other campus or institution, if your winning you have a crowd but if your loosing you only have your team cheering you on. Campus life is pretty big, the town is at every game win or lose. The school can use a lot more spirit and involvement. Team performances are about average just depending on who is recruited and who is coach-able. The city also donates a bunch to the college, while many of the college teams do community service hours to help the town grow.

Every student on campur or off-campus is allowed to use facilities including the basketball gym and the weight room.
The city is mall so all off campus living is right around each corner. This makes transportation to school and parts of the city much more easier then those on bigger campuses.
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