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The administration department is laughable at times which explains why you never get the classes you need. The dorms have paper thin walls and are in need of maintenance constantly. Adding insult to injury off campus living isn't offered until you're a junior. They have off campus living through the school, but much like the dorms they are in need of maintenance. The gen eds are pretty terrible depending on the professor. I like the idea of a smaller school, but McPherson feels too much like a high school and makes me dread going to social events around the school. Everyone knows everyone, drama and popularity is important to many individuals. All of these combined has had a negative impact throuought my stay. If you have believe that McPherson is like any other normal college get that idea out of your head. It is not my goal to bash this college, but to inform others of the negative that this institution has before making a major life decision.
McPherson College is a great school if you are interested in going to a smaller school. The classrooms and professors are wonderful. I would say a class average is anywhere between 15 and 25. Now, if you are interested in a bigger school then this is not the school for you. This school is also big in athletics and most the students that attend McPherson play a sport.
The professors are attentive and are very invested in your education, the staff do their best to find you money and where you need to be. Overall amazing.
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McPherson college has been like a second home to me. The staff are incredibly welcoming and helpful since I have become apart of the community. The professors are always more than willing to offer extra help to student in need. Campus activities occur often, and are always fun, and most times they offer a prize.
The staff and current students make you feel welcome the moment you walk in the door, they are the only college that offers a 4 year degree in what i want to do.
I chose to come to McPherson College because of the flourishing band program, and I couldn't be any happier with my decision to come here. It has a homey atmosphere and the teachers actually care about you and get to know you.
McPherson college is a good place if you want to primarily focus on school, or if you want to continue your sport, but you aren't DI level. It is a pretty campus with nice students, and kind staff. If you come to McPherson you have to realize that you will be an open book. Everybody knows everybody. There are a few flaws, but that comes with all small schools!
It's a very accepting school. Good teachers. Great environment for learning. Lots of school spirit.
McPherson College has been a great school so far. I love the hometown feeling and the locals are very friendly. I am a student athlete playing baseball in my sophomore year. My team mates and coach are like my family. We bond day and night together. As far as living, the dorms are okay. They need to be updated because they are too old. They still are standing but a lot of things stop working throughout the year. As far as food, the cafeteria is much better than the year before.
I Love the student teacher ratio! The teachers, faculty and city want Mac Students to be successful.
My experience has been great thus far. From Admissions personnel, to my fellow students, to my professors and coaches, they have all made my coming to McPherson an awesome experience. Everyone is so friendly and family orientated.
This school makes you feel welcome and safe. The staff are helpful and very encouraging. The campus is well laid out and pleasant to be at. Students are very diverse; coming from all over the country and international. Their Automotive Restoration Program is world renown.
Helpful counselors and advisors. The entire staff is very welcoming and make you feel like you are part of the campus community, not just a number. Small classes allow for more time for professors to help each student.
I feel safe on campus not matter if I'm with a group or by myself. The people are kind and respectful so I don't have any worries of someone committing a crime on campus.
I love living in my dorm. Compared to the other dorms on campus, the "Morrison" dorm is the nicest all boys dorm, and there is another similar all girls dorm called "Bittinger." This dorm has the biggest floor plan of all the dorms and is the freshest smelling and nicest looking.
I think sports is a big part of campus and the students try and get others to come to the games, no matter what the sport is. Coming to sporting events shows campus participation, which is a really big deal.
Even though the school is small, it has a great atmosphere. The teachers as well as most of the students are friendly and willing to help.
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From what I have heard from past students and professors, it is pretty easy to get a job with a degree from my college. In my field one can get a job as little as 3 months out of college
All of the classes are pretty small. The professors are very interested in each student and their success in the class.
Every year there is a safety surgery for students to fill out and anything that needs fixed, the staff does what they can to adjust.
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