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It great and the teachers are great. They help you a lot and give you advice if you are struggling. I’m have a great experience attending McNeese.
Mcneese is a very good school. It has many options for not only degrees but for students to get involved and make Mcneese more like a home than a school.
Pretry good experience.. schools advisors are very kind , good counselling...They really helped me o get my visa... as soon as i sent the request they replied quickly...
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I love the size of the school and sense of community that I feel each and every day here! My knowledge is expanding in a very enriching and encouraging environment!
McNeese has a good campus and a lot of different organization to join. The professors care about the students. Overall the college is average.
Great atmosphere, Great people, Great education. What more could someone ask for. Everyone is friendly and very helpful. Its not hard to learn exactly what you are wanting to. I just had an overall great experience visiting this school. I will use the money won to help pay for this school.
Don't really know a whole lot about McNeese State University yet. Application has been accepted to attend next year after high school graduation.
Really chose it for three reasons:
major field of study - Mechanical Engineering
location - proximity to home
size - small enough to be personal.
Mcneese is an awesome campus with lots of resources to help students succeed. The classes are relatively small and allow students to spend more time with their professors.
The campus is small but nice. The people are amazing, however the professors are hit or miss. Depending on your major it will either feel like they are there to help you or there to make things more difficult. Engineering professors are not the nicest, however most of them are very intelligent just not the best at teaching.
My experience at McNeese State University is great and has been a fantastic and an interesting journey for obtaining my degree! The benefits of this college includes campus safety, caring and friendly professors who are willing to help you, unlimited access for academic resources, cultural events, and many clubs to join. There is much diversity in this college which makes the campus a plus to learn about people with different cultures and backgrounds.
McNeese has improved with renovations of their campus since 10 years ago. McNeese is steady expanding and support local businesses, industries and organizations. I will be taking classes there for my senior high school year 2018-19; entering into the dual program in which I am so exited.
I've learn that my grandfather attended McNeese years ago, but that was when the campus had only a few buildings and less parking lots. I wasn't yet born at that time, never-the- less created. Researching and attending McNeese campus has shown me alot about their strive for excellence support, education and expansion into the future.
It's a good school. It's smaller than most, so you get a more personal experience. The tuition is also not as high as some other schools, so you don't have to worry as much about going into debt.
The people here are very willing to assist and help students on their future education, here at McNeese. It feels like home and yet I could still work on my independence, since I’m from Lake Charles, Louisiana. For the betterment of McNeese and students, one thing I would like to see a change in is a focus on teaching students the style of studying they should pursue. For example, I’m mostly a visual learner with a hint of hands-on and audio. Thus, I would focus on diagrams, hands-on experiences, models, videos, PowerPoints, etc. Some students still struggle to understand how to use their fullest potential on learning and retaining the knowledge that’s been given to them.
Overall a great university for any degree program. The university provides great information and knowledge for individual that needs the help. Mcneese State University culture is great for all diverse individuals. The university is improving year by year to be named the number one school in the south-land conference. The events, activities, organizations, and sports program are very good. The university provide great one-on-one learning to all sized class room. The staff, teachers, members, and employees are very nice and respectful. The housing and dining areas are very good at different locations. The university will improve on more organizations and assistance programs later in the upcoming future.
McNeese is a great college/university! The teachers are very understanding and will work with each student to get them in the direction for success. The campus is beautiful and not very large, so walking to class doesn't take to long. The food they offer in the cafeteria is delicious and has a verity of options.
It’s an okay school, not super great but it’s cheap. Finical aid department sucks though. Anytime I try to talk to them I am directed to the wrong place and not once have I been directed towards the right one. Even if I only sign in for the finical aid department.
I liked the overall feeling of a tight-knit student community which can be felt throughout each section of the manicured campus. This university offers impeccable choices for classes for any major imaginable, and the small-town essence in the city reiterates the closeness in both student and educational life.
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McNeese really gives you that close to home feel. Everyone is super connected and it's never a boring time. The classes could use some work but it's the smart choice when choosing an affordable university.
Since it’s a smaller school, you are able to make more connections and have better support from the professors.
Mcneese is an amazing school to go to especially if you are going into the agricultural field. They offer a bunch of experience for future careers. The professors are very hands on and are willing to work with you. They also have there own farmer and slaughter house! It’s really a great choice!
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