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I loved the environment and how small the campus was. I enjoyed the ease of traveling around campus and meeting new people. I’d recommend McNeese to anyone who is looking for a small college that will make you feel right at home.
I had a very good experience at McNeese for preview day. Everyone was so nice and willing to help us find what we needed. I met some of the professor that will be teaching in my field of study. I think I will really enjoy McNeeses it seems to offer a lot. They are also rated one of the top schools for nursing. The one thing I would like to see change would be the price of dorms. they are really expensive for a teenager to afford especially when the student does not qualify for financial aid. Thanks for this opportunity.
McNease State University is an amazing school for all individuals of numoerus majors . The atmosphere , employees , professors and overall the environment is a great place to receive any degree. Each professor is dedicated to helping you reach your dreams and goals . They are all understanding indicualds who are patient to make sure we get the knowledge that we need to be successful . The campus it self is not that large and there isn’t many people that attend . Although , it is the perfect school for anyone who is dedicated and want to stay and remain focused on studies .
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Although I do enjoy learning here, sometimes it seems like the professors are chosen based on their degree level instead of how well they teach students. I'm a senior majoring in biology and I must say that half of the professors I've had in the biology department did not know how to teach or did not care about their students.
McNeese State University is overall a great school. I enjoy being on campus and for the most part enjoy the professors.
Calculus and Engineering classes were excellent however many chemistry instructers were poorly prepared for classes (Didn't even explained concepts only read slides). I hated it. Very few On campus jobs for international students.
McNeese state University is a great school. The professors there are very helpful and very easy to get along with. They try to help you to the best of their abilities and McNeese is just a fun environment to be in but McNeese could use more space in parking for the student body
I loved the at-home atmosphere, the activities/events, and the organization and pleasing aesthetics of the college. Not to mention, the low priced amenities, tuition,and fees.
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One of my favorite things about McNeese State is that the student life is absolutely amazing. I find that making connections in college is one of the key aspects to enjoying your studies, and McNeese makes it incredibly easy to do so. The campus is also very inviting and diverse which makes for a great time even when you are stressed beyond measure!
McNeese State University is a great school! Some faculty is okay, but the higher up faculty is great! The students have a lot of pride and mesh very well.
There is not much to do around here but everyone is friendly. The classes are smaller which allows people to learn better. The professors are good as well.
McNeese held high expectations for me. As a student who truly wants to learn and strive for more, I feel McNeese babies us. Cops are everywhere and I worry if I run across the 12 inch crossing I will get a penalty for jaywalking and a late attendance. I can never find a crosswalk. My parents pay a large sum of money yet I have to pay 200$ for books and am told if I get online versions for 20$ then "I will struggle". I chose McNeese because I needed a cheap school but I might transfer due to the high cost. I pay for all the facilities but I doubt I will even use half. I wish most of the money invested would go towards buying students reusable books and such. However, both teachers and students seem kind and helpful as a someone who is out of state I truly appreciate it.
Greatest things were the teachers- each one was friendly and ready to help their students, from my math professor to my drawing teacher. All class materials were presented in a clear, easy to understand way. The campus is beautiful and has a friendly atmosphere.
I love everything about McNeese except how open it is, because you get hot and sweaty going from class to class; however, everyone is friendly and helpful.
I adore McNeese! The faculty and staff are always more than helpful and willing to work around a student's schedule. I could not have chosen a better university and look forward to my remaining years at McNeese State University!
Overall, my experience with McNeese State University has been mostly positive. I like that, in my particular program, the professors are understanding and willing to do all that they can to ensure that you will succeed. My school also alerts students when it comes to employment opportunities, although they are usually in the area of the school location, which is still advantageous for those who may attend school in-person or live in close proximity. My school is great when it comes to helping us with opportunities for learning too. I also like that we get assistance with internships required for our program instead of being on our on when looking for them too. What I would change about my school would be the increase awareness of tuition so students have a better understanding and know what to expect with tuition. Sometimes fee info isn't available timely, and results in less time to accrue money for school expenses, and payment arrangements aren't too flexible.
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As a parent of a student their get your child an apartment off campus. They will charge them a full months rent for student housing although they are graduating that same month. Mind you the room will not be occupied during the summer. $595 can be spent on an off campus apartment. Also if your child lives off campus they will charge them a hefty fee for campus dining. Why charge for campus dining when they have an apartment. And the apartments are not all that great. The school is in your wallet as well as your child's pocket. Rip off. Of all the professors my child has had he only liked two.
McNeese State University is a small state school of approximately 9,000 enrollment. It is a pleasure to attend this university. The classes are small and you have complete access to your professors. It is common to visit a professors office for help with class material. I am enrolled in the engineering program, and it is an excellent program. I strongly recommend McNeese State University.
McNeese State University is a local college. This university has enabled me to pursue a degree while working full-time and being a mother by enrolling in their online courses. Their online programs help individuals like myself still pursue a degree to better themselves, despite life challenges.
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