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I am really loving the education I am currently receiving from McNally Smith. The school has a great welcoming atmosphere, great staff, and great food at the Sound Bite Cafe
McNally Smith is great if you know that you want to be in music for the rest of your life. Although there are some slight problems, personally I think that they could do a better job at making sure all the students have access to the school/practice rooms all day long. I work mostly at nights and after I get back from work I usually would like to practice, which means that I would have to try and practice without be loud and distrupt my roommate
It was great that McNally Smith College of Music gave me an opportunity to study there for a semester through a college program during my senior year in high school. I had really enjoyed my time there and learning through all the great professors that I had classes with. I especially enjoyed my Audio recording class. Learning to make live music through consoles.
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I really like the music vibe and how teachers are polite. Everything is great. I love my classes and I met friends from all over the world.
I've had trouble making a proper work schedules and it's been stressful every semester
I haven't taken many because I prefer not to but when I did the workload was fair and easy to access
They have a lot of resources and connections available
They work hard to have all of these services but I myself have not fully used them.
Most classes and the teachers that teach them have been pretty great. There's real world experience behind some and it's a pretty good learning environment. Class sizes are always small.
I like my major a lot. We have some of the best in our business program. The curriculum is overall satisfying and hands on industry experience. I haven't pursued an internship through the school, I actually found mine on my own.
There's a lot of really great things at my school. The teachers are knowledgeable and approachable, the students are well connected and there's a lot of good opportunities that can come from the school. There's some miscommunication in the programs and where they transfer that have been stressful.
It's quite lovely. We don't have athletic centers, because we are a college of music, but I don't think that's the most important part. Though if we did have an athletic center I would use it. But I think the recording equipment and the stuff provided for us for our music studies is very good, and that meets my expectations.
The resources that apply to the music world are absolutely great. There is not much for sports and recreation besides that of which St. Paul offers.
As a student one has access to everything one needs and so much more.
Career services is helpful and the scene in the twin cities makes for good job prospects.
The wifi gets slow but its good to have.
The library and cafe are very welcoming.
Review McNally Smith College of Music
Vocal Performance. Everything is manageable.
Classes are easy and easy to keep up with.
They offer help in finding jobs right away.
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