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McMaster University offers wonderful programs, great professors and an active community. McMaster provides rigorous academic teachings and many opportunities.
Professors are very willing to put their best efforts into adapting their classes to the online context. I found that they are willing to change their format or take suggestions to best help in the online environment.
- Lots of clubs and opportunities for involvement
- Great resources for academic help
- Large gym with fun classes and intramural sports
- Not a lot of vegan/vegetarian options for food
- Professors and teaching assistants are typically very helpful and willing to work with you
-High speed internet available across campus
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McMaster has been an incredible experience. Everything anyone could need help with is available and advertised, and the staff always direct students in the right direction. I am currently going through the BScNursing program, and they really aim to prepare nurses for the real world.
I enjoy the programs McMaster university offers. I strive to be a doctor and think this school will help me achieve my goals.
The community is very welcoming. The campus is small and offers a feelings of community while not being overwhelming in size. There is a lot of school spirit visible on the campus and feedback from students who are and have attended is consistently positive.
I love the inclusivity of McMaster. My program is extremely collaborative, our professors, my classmates and administrators are all working together to make this program effective and ensure the success of the students.
This university is really a great experience. The college staff is so supporting. The campus,hostel and canteen food is really good. You can connect with so many students of different cultural backgrounds.
McMaster is a great environment with friendly people and has some excellent professors. Students at McMaster, in general, tend to be friendly and helpful to incoming first years.
there is no life

just school
the sports are super sporty

i play quidditch
cost is high

lots of bugs
not the best, not the worst
Its easy to do, fill out the forms
Its not unlimited, so you have to watch spending
The rooms were large and the beds were comfortable. Bathrooms were communal and that was gross. Rules were not enforced well. It was very close to classes. Cost was moderate.
I heard stories of horrible landlords, but my place is super good so I'm happy with it.
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Edible, slightly cheaper than campus food so that's good.
Nothing done to really improve, but expect nothing illegal so everything's pretty safe.
All parties are the same regardless of school, so this doesn't matter
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