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McMaster University Reviews

84 reviews
there is no life

just school
the sports are super sporty

i play quidditch
cost is high

lots of bugs
Review McMaster University
not the best, not the worst
Its easy to do, fill out the forms
Its not unlimited, so you have to watch spending
The rooms were large and the beds were comfortable. Bathrooms were communal and that was gross. Rules were not enforced well. It was very close to classes. Cost was moderate.
I heard stories of horrible landlords, but my place is super good so I'm happy with it.
Edible, slightly cheaper than campus food so that's good.
Nothing done to really improve, but expect nothing illegal so everything's pretty safe.
All parties are the same regardless of school, so this doesn't matter
Expensive, no much different in taste from outside food. So always get off campus food.
i love every minute of it
it is as strict as necessary not overbearing
lots of options depending on how much you want to spend
there isn't much local interaction
very convenient and close to classes for the most part
Review McMaster University
it has been a complete nightmere
there are a wide variety of programs and co-op opportunities as well as employment services
the facilities are top notch and accessible for all
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