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MCC was not where I thought I would be for two years. However, after joining the Honors College, it was perfect. The classes are usually easy and fun, and small enough to interact with peers. The campus is nice, especially in the spring. Overall, MCC is a good place to start out financially.
I’ve really enjoyed going to MCC. The professors are all very kind and helpful, always willing to give you what you need. The staff also makes the experience of enrolling very simple and easy to understand. Overall my time at MCC has been wonderful and I would stay if I could.
I was only a visitor, but it was an alright college considering that it's in Waco where, usually, Baylor gets most of the attention.
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Professors are nice and helpful toward your degree. The food is amazing. The library is very organized and has a variety of products to buy.
I like the location of the college and that it isn’t too big, so I don’t get lost. I also love how they give you the opportunity to transfer to other colleges without changing your location.
I made some very good friends here. I had excellent professors. Only complaint would be I would like more theatre info for non majors. Please
MCC is a great school to attend after high school. MCC is a great school to help for your preparation for a four year university.
McLennan Community College is a great college for the students who want to get an associate degree. The professors are great understanding people who help with whatever they can.
Good place to start your college education if planning on attending a 4 year college. Enrollment process is simple and staff is very helpful.
I like the scenic beauty you get with this campus. When a class stresses you out, you can walk out to overlook nature. The teachers are friendly. There seems to be ample parking, but I could be wrong...
The staff are amazing and willing to work with you in many ways. The campus is a very beautiful and vibrant place to be. The students and staff are a very diverse group of people. The MCC dance team is an amazing group and are a very fun team to watch!
McLennan College is a wonderful campus. I have met with multiple academic advisors and each and every one showed such care in helping me plan my degree. I have contacted the advisors sometimes multiple times with numerous questions. Each and every time I received a prompt response with the most helpful answers. And if they don't have the answers it is guaranteed they will get back to you once they do find the right answer. I am still in my first set of classes, but each professor I have, in these classes have been so helpful and caring. They truly go above and beyond to ensure we as students understand everything that is to be expected of us.
The college is full of nice students as well as faculty and staff. Great college to study at and graduate!
McLennan community college is a great school to attend. The teachers are great very patient with students. The campus is clean, classrooms are nice good environment. The labs have newer equipment or up to date which made it way easier to learn and to prepare us for the real hospital setting and equipment they used. This college offers a lot of different programs and it also works with other universities to make it easy for students to transfer and be able to bridge to other programs. A couple of things that I did not like was that some teachers made it difficult to get a hold of them while taking online classes. Also I was dropped from my classes before the deadline of the payment was due and was not able to get the professor's I originally had. Overall its a great school I would highly recommend to any one.
I took classes over the summer which is supposed to be very steep learning curve. Yet i felt the quality of lesson was not rushed . It was a very good experience for an inexperienced highschooler.
McLennan Community College is one of the top junior colleges in the nation, however, the atmosphere felt more like a 4-year institution rather than a local community college. The classes are well-taught, the environment is extremely inviting, and the area around MCC is the perfect place with the perfect people to pursue your college career.
McLennan is a true community! All your professors make you feel welcomed and will do everything in there power to help you understand and advance.
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McLennan Community College is in the perfect spot. It is surrounded by a ton of nature and the campus is beautiful. I like how you can get around easily yet there is someone always driving around in golf carts asking if you need a ride. The buildings are updated and there is always something happening wether it be a food drive, or celebrating a certain holiday. You feel like you're at home and it's a really calm feeling.
I liked how the school constantly has someone available for advising and the online courses were very informational.
I came into Mclennan Community College as a transfer student from about 8 hours away. I found it very difficult to make friends and the professors seemed somewhat disconnected from the students. However, the campus is absolutely beautiful, and the school offers alot of different programs and is definitely worth the investment.
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