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My experience at McLennan Community College has been like no other. I came in as a transfer students and the staff and falculty helped me every step of the way with not only just financial aid and classes but support and guidance. McLennan is a great start off school with plenty of opportunities into university, including their joint programs with Tarleton and Texas Tech. McLennan has more than enough great things to offer and not just academically. McLennan was the best college decision I’ve ever made.
Very wonderful staff and many opportunities to accomplish short-term and long-term goals. Many helpful resources on-campus for us students to use.
People there is really helpful, professors are great and they are really helpful. The instalations are good.
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McLennan Community College is a great starting place for your education. Whether you are starting, continuing, or coming back to your college education, this is an excellent, affordable, comfortable, and helpful college to attend. I have completed my associate's degree with a very high GPA because of the knowledgeable professors and multiple helpful resources, such as the bookstore, library, and the Center for Academic Success. MCC also has a University Center, which allows you to take classes from selected universities like Texas Tech and Tarleton State.
Mclennan Community College is a great college to attend. It is affordable and gives the same education as a 4 year college would. I went to Texas State University about two years ago and the education I got there did not even compare to MCC, mainly because the classes are way too big to get the attention you need, in my opinion. That is why I transferred back to MCC to get the education I deserve, at a better cost. There isn't anything I can think of that I would change because it is such a good college.
I love the professors and the way they communicate and makes the college life so much better. I just loves MCC as a whole!
I love all of the programs available to help single parents succeed and get their education! The campus is gorgeous and it’s all around a wonderful school.
The campus is beautiful and very green year round, and parking is always good. The professors here are amazing, and almost all genuinely care about you and how you’re doing. Overall, it’s a really nice campus with a real sense of community.
MCC provided me with a commodity that people cannot put a price on, and the commodity that I am speaking of is time. Thanks to the vast amount of online and evening classes, I can provide for my family as well as educate myself.
MCC has been a great fit for me. I was a student at another community college and decided to switch. I had no idea how close I was to an associates until an adviser at MCC told me. I was thrilled and grateful because she really helped me with my struggle to feel like I would ever even finish that much. I do mostly online classes but it has been a wonderful experience across the board.
MCC is a very broad but safe environment for a student to attend school! Nice sized campus, small class sizes and reliable professors.
Very friendly and all the advisers are great. Really patient with their students and always finding ways to help us do good.
McLennan Community College is a great college. Stuff are all very nice. I study a lot of English on here. And McLennan Community College is a very good college for international student. I think I can easy to transfer to another university college
Most of the teachers are nice! Some are uncaring but I guess that's normal. Good stepping stone college
I have loved my time at Mclennan Community College. Not only is it a beautiful campus but every professor I have had has been kind and has encouraged me to grow academically through their classes.
I really like MCC because it helped me get ahead of the curve on college because I am a high school student taking dual credit classes. The professors were very helpful and understanding to my situation of being in high school. Overall, the experience was great and well worth it.
I liked how close it was to my house. I also liked how small it was. The size of the school provides more one on one with the professors as a student. I would like to see more housing options for traveling students. All in all, a great college.
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I love MCC! The advisors are great and always make sure you take the right classes, and so far all of my professors have been great!
I like MCC because it's not too large a college; it's a community college. It's not too big where you can't walk from one building to another or one class to another. The teachers and counselors are very helpful also.
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