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Overall McKendree has given me friendships that will last a lifetime! I love the small campus atmosphere which makes everything so much easier to take in.
Mckendree University is a small private liberal arts school in Lebanon, IL. Focuses heavily on academics and majority of the student body are athletes.
The professors at McKendree University are dedicated to teaching the students life skills on top of their respected subjects of study. They are genuinely concerned when a student is not in class and will reach out to the student to determine how to catch her/him back up. McKendree is interested in allowing students to make their marks on the university, in the community, and on each other.
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I chose McKendree because they were willing to work with me in finding a degree program that would easily transfer into the graduate program I am looking at applying to after gradation. It is a very military friendly school and as a veteran that was very important to me. I enjoy the smaller class sizes and most of the professors are dedicated to their students and classes and do everything in their power to help the students succeed.
I really love the overall atmosphere of McKendree. It is a wonderful institution and I'm glad I chose to attend such a unique University.
McKendree university is a great university to accell in academia and athletics. If you like a small campus scene, this is about as small as it gets. Party scene is very minimal
I love McKendree because of the professors, campus experiences, and the location. I could not imagine getting my degree anywhere else.
It has a nice, open feel - that classic, honest, Midwestern personability. Classes are relatively small, perhaps 25 maximum for a general education course or something else that's popular, but it's not unusual to have only 6 or seven in more major-specific elective-type courses. This allows you to be very friendly with fellow classmates and faculty, and really be able to understand what needs to be done and exactly how to do it, or at least have the option of quickly approaching your professors. It's located in a charming little town, but also close enough to both Scott Air Force Base and St. Louis to fulfill most needs. My only qualm is the old science building, because it needs some better desks (and it's only that particular building). Also may-or-may not be haunted.

Good for people who want a relatively quiet place where you can still interact with plenty of people but can actually get your work done and learn something worthwhile.
The best part about McKendree University is that while you are gaining an amazing education, you are also gaining an amazing network of friends and colleges that will be there for you when ever you need them. Every staff and faculty member, whether you are in their major or not, wants to see you improve and succeed in whatever you are doing. Everyone supports each other on this campus. Whether it is the concert band going to a basketball game or the volleyball team going to the show choir finale show, the support from everyone is amazing. It is a very small campus but in a way it is a blessing. You really get to know everyone and it is very hard to not find a someone to be friends with. With that being said, since it is such a small campus in the middle of a very small town, there is not a lot of parking and there really isn't any attractions near by the campus. That being said, the atmosphere of the surrounding community gives the campus a very calm and safe feel.
McKendree is a very clean, friendly campus; however, the buildings could use a little work. It is expensive, but I enjoy it here and I have made some great lifelong friends.
McKendree is a very small school. They are a tight knit community, all the students know each other, and after a year all the students know all the teachers. All the teachers seem to really care about their students and work hard to be available if a student needs help. The staff and students make you feel like you’re part of a family that does care about you, your wellbeing, and your academics. McKendree is a highly competitive school, they take pride in their sports teams as well as their clubs. McKendree is also very diverse, students come from all parts of the world to study there.
If you're wanting to continue with sports and get an education then that's really the only thing that Mckendree offers. It's a small overly priced university with not much diversity nor edge to it. It's a dry campus for starters (meaning barely any time to party and have a good time with peers or friends) diversity is oriented upon the sport you're in (if you're a softball player you typically stick with softball players, football, wrestling, etc) if you're not in a sport you're practically considered an outcast and tend to have friends who aren't doing a sport. Not many people attend student events unless it involves homecoming or football games. The education is good and there are teachers that help you and care, however they should have more majors and minors. Unless you have almost a full ride? The school basically cheats you out of your money and puts you in depth. They have good programs but it's not worth the amount of money that's being paid.
Everything about the college is perfect. The staff are welcoming and warming. The students are also a shoulder to lean on in times of need.
Mckendree offers and wide variety of interships, in all iys majrs even though we reside in a small community. While career services a the school are always on the look out to help students in any way they can from picking a career to working on your resume. Making getting a degree from McKendree like getting a degree from an ivey league school like harverd.
Even thoigh McKendree is a small university, they offer a large variety of courses to take on a regular basis. With kind hearted and passionate proffesors that not only challenege thier studnets but will always mae time to help them wben needed.
For the most part I definatly feel 100% safe on campus. But I have heard of cases on campis of assalt, sexual assalt, robbery, and etc at McKendree.
I personally enjoyed the housing at McKendree, while most of the housing is definatly not perfect. The living arrangments still come though and meet my housing needs including spaciosness, cleanliness, independence, driendliness, and utilities. Over all I cannot complain.
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From my perspective, the McKendree greek scene is not a huge part of campus living unless your in a soriety or fraternity. Due to regulations by the city of soriety and fraternity housing, even though McKendree offers a wide variety of traditional and unisex fraternitys and sorietys to join, they virtually go unnoticed, except for thier more popular event, in the community.
From my perspective, even though McKendree is not division one ranked, athletics are still a part of the school. Half the studnets at McKendre are on an athletic scholarship for one sport or another. The events, esspecially americas two pass times are always fairly attended. The work out rooms and gyms are always clean, organized, and up to date with the latest work out equipment, and the Campus activities board are always planning an event for one sporting event or the other.
While McKendree University is a small university in an even smaller town, deciding to go to McKendree was one of the best decisions I ever made. Unlike other universitys I visited my senior year which were large, overwhelming, and stressful. I find that McKendree was totally diffrent, its mid sized campus allows me to have the full college expieience with out feeling over or under whelmed. The passion the proffesors have combined with the small class sizes makes me feel extremly more comfotable in class because it makes it easier to have ask questions and have free discussions on the topics in class amonst the proffesor and fellow classmates. Also I never feel neevous about asking my proffesors questions about the topics and assignmenys before and after class, I know they will always make time for thier students. Lastly unlike other campus, the people I meet at McKendree are some of the kindest, honest, and most loyalest I have ever met. Have the time when I leave my door I can often leave it unlocked because I know no one will steal from me. In conclusion from my perspective, what McKendree lacks in size it definatly makes up for in edjucation and a sense of community, which I think it simply the bee's knee's.
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