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i have no online classes
i havent gotten to that part of the school yet
some of the professors are awsome. one or two of them do nothing but lecture the whole class and we do no hands on
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i havent gotten to that part of school yet
still being fast paced i feel you dont get the full benifit of the courses
classes are to short and i dont feel like we get the full expiernce of the lessons because its so fast paced
My school is mainly made up of military members, their families, parents, and people who work as well. It's very diverse. People from all walks of life go there and that's one thing I love about it.
I have not had experience with career services yet. But talking with other students it seems as though they are very helpful. We have career fairs , mock interviews, and they help build your resume.
The financial aid department is full of friendliness helpful people. They are very easy to deal with. My only complaint would be that I think there should be more help in finding extra scholarship money. I need extra assistance and had no idea where to begin trying to find aid. When I asked if there were any other places to find financial help I was told no. So I had to go out on my own. I do believe my degree is worth the money I'm paying. We learn so much in one mod and get to do so many skills in lab. I look forward to class everyday and can't wait until we start clinicals.
We have librarys available however they are not that good its kind of small and we need more computers in our school.
Many students work full time, and balance school. Many also have children as well but still make time to come to class and interact with other students.
Did Not Transfer – I decided to not transfercredits, wanted to start over.
Important Career – I'm a pharmacy technician major, and its very challenging but I am up for the challenge. My teacher is very good at what she does, and being that its a technical school we focus only on our major which is good.
Slightly Unorganized – Seems a little unorganized with whom our teachers will be each term.
MCI Computer Lab – MCI computer lab is very helpful. I created my resume there, Completed all of my essays there, and alsohelp me a lot with my typing skills because now I can type without looking at the keyboard.
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