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I would like to see more classes offered online. I did like the Sage learning center because it helped a lot with academics but if you do not have time during the day you are gonna have a tougher time fitting it in your schedule.
Very friendly college to attend. Very welcoming and offers a decent education at an affordable price.
The teachers at MCC are great and take the time to work with their students. I've enjoyed MCC so far
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Courses are fairly easy aside from some stem classes. Community feels very diversified but stand-offish, most students don't seem to want to be there in the slightest. Offers great resources to help you in your classes. For those in county it is a smart choice for financial reasons
I liked how, being a student athlete, everyone was very warm and welcoming. The classes were moderately difficult, the class size is small, and the professors are personable.
The the environment of MCC is welcoming and friendly. All of the teachers that I have had have worked really hard inside of class and outside of class to see me succeed.
McHenry County College is a college that has a friendly ambiance. All the staff and students are polite and are willing to help you get to your desired destination. This college makes sure that you leave feeling more educated, respected, and that you're going on the right path towards you goals and career advancements. Furthermore, I highly recommend going to MCC to get your education.
Mchenry county college is almost high school again but totally worth saving the money rather than going straight to university piled in debt.
McHenry County College is a great community college. It is close to home. Offers a wide variety of associate degrees and certificates. Also, it is easy to navigate through the halls. I would recommend any senior in high school to begin their journey at MCC. You're getting a great education while saving a buck!
MCC is a quiet but friendly college. The small number of students per classroom allows for the students and professors to develop close relationships.
The staff are very helpful and friendly. The professors are passionate about teaching and genuinely care about their student's education. I value this because it is important to me to achieve a higher level of education. This scholarship would help me with that because it would allow me to continue my education.
I just started MCC last week so I don't really have much to say from a former student standpoint. But, as a new student I would say MCC has tons of classes for anything you could imagine. MCC has a very clean facility. I really feel safe on campus too. There is basically a mini police department at the school. It just gives the students and staff the piece of mind we deserve. I just hope this college experience will be what I hope it is, and from what I have seen so far it probably will be.
Teachers are great, food isn't terrible, class size is usually small. Only bad thing was the guidance counselors. They don't know about any other schools other than MCC so it's hard to know where you want to go afterwards and how to formulate your next steps.
I find this school to be very accommodating to all aspects of a college students life. The teachers are always helpful and excited to help out in any way the can! The building is well kept and easy to find your way around. The cost of courses aren't as high comparing to other colleges.
McHenry County college was a nice place to attend, it was not to big so I did not have to worry about running to my next class. The teachers there were all full of knowledge and really knew their stuff. They made learning fun and educational.
they treat u very nice. I like them a lot. I like them a lot. I like them a lot. I like them a lot and they r really cool coooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool
I went to MCC on a full ride. The education I got there was excellent, it was a great stepping stone to a four year college and saved me a TON of money. The library has great resources and the Anatomy classes were fantastic. The advising center was not helpful at all, but that is my only complaint. Do your research about what schools you want to go to after MCC and try to figure that out before you graduate. great mix of young students and older students.
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I am starting class on June 12. But I have already taken a student orientation. I was so scared of the orientation. I was scared that people were going to judge me, or if I asked questions people will look at me funny. That wasn't the case. I felt so comfortable. I was able to talk and ask questions without feeling judge.
I loved the class sizes at McHenry County College. If you went away to a university out of high school, more than likely your general education classes were jam packed with students. Here at MCC you get a more personal connection and one on one help from the professors. My favorite thing about this school is the free tutoring facility, Sage. Not only was I able to achieve amazing grades with their help, but I did it for such a small amount of money compared to a university. I would recommend to anyone looking for an associates degree or as a stepping stone to a 4 year degree.
I had a great experience at McHenry County college! After my high school completion, I had no idea what I wanted to study. Since I did not have the financial means to go to a 4-year university after graduation, I decided to attend my community college. McHenry County College(MCC) was able to help my personal and educational growth. The majority of the faculty wants the students to strive in their educational goals. I was presented with many opportunities at MCC. I worked on campus and did a lot of volunteer work through the school. Additionally, the school helped me create a vision of who I wanted to become. I saved money taking general requirements before deciding where I wanted to transfer to complete my Bachelor's degree. I'm happy with the decision I made. :)
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