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i currently study in mac campus and lack of shuttle is bit of pain..
but atmosphere and people around are great! they are all fun and has very unique life style
There is no denying that you will work very hard to succeed at this school. It is highly competitive, and requires a very high level of motivation. That being said, you are surrounded by outspoken and intelligent peers, and forward-thinking, passionate, and world-class professors. I am very satisfied with my experience at McGill and Montreal in general.
One thing I would like to point out is that the administration at McGill is abominable. If you are trying to see and advisor, access health services, or Service Point, you will inevitably wait a long time. Everything is so bureaucratic that it is impossible to get a simple and concrete answer from anyone that is not a professor.
The best thing about McGill University is that despite being such a large college with a student body of nearly 40,000 individuals, it pays attention to you as an individual. It celebrates and promotes your personal growth whether that growth is academic, athletic or artistic. If anyone is looking for a great education with an inclusive and welcoming atmosphere, I would definitely recommend considering McGill.
Review McGill University
McGill was an interesting place to be. The education was invaluable, as were the relationships I made with professors. However, I had to really seek out professors to connect with. Classes are large, especially in first year, and you are generally on your own for the entire degree. I was not assigned an advisor or anyone to help me. I had to seek out the help if I wanted it.
McGill affiliated events are amazing and a lot of fun (Frosh, Carnival, Hype, etc.), and Montreal nightlife is just as great. Having both is what makes the school so special.
The party scene is pretty diverse and fun. You have Greek/frat parties at least every other week, as well as regular house parties. The main party though is carnival, which is a school sponsored week of drinking and insane events.
The workload is pretty serious at McGill, but most people that come here are serious about studying so it works out. There are a couple of different libraries on campus, but finding a spot in the biggest and most convenient one during exams should be an Olympic sport.
McGill is a massive hub for international students. There is a massive emphasis on safe space, both on campus and in residences. It can get a little overbearing with mandatory diversity seminars etc. in your first year, but mostly it's extremely positive and good for the students. Especially at orientation, diversity and inclusivity is widespread. We're all best friends, and any type of diversity regarding your background or ethnicity will not be the reason someone doesn't like you.
My favorite thing about McGill is that there is very little judgment surrounding drugs and alcohol. When people come from all over the world, everyone has a different background regarding drugs and alcohol. As a result everybody does their own thing. Still, everything drugs and alcohol related is extremely accessible so it's there if you want it.
Classes decrease in size the further you get in your degree. The professors are usually extremely qualified and celebrated in their field. I imagine that this is the case at most universities, but lectures do tend to get boring at times. This is mostly in your first year when you take general classes that contain 600 students. However, most courses in my program (Arts) have smaller discussion sessions in which you do presentations and talk about the class subject matter etc.. Overall I really enjoy classes in my field of study, and this is mostly because most of the degrees at McGill can be catered towards your specific interests.
I have not had any experience looking for employment yet. However many of my older friends have landed prestigious positions at great companies. Otherwise, McGill also boasts a great grad school record. A lot of kids get into Harvard etc.
I don't feel strongly either way. I can't recall a time when I did not feel safe to walk home alone, during the day or in the middle of the night. However this may be because McGillians are awesome and will always make sure you get home safe after a party or a night out.
I lived in New Residence Hall my freshman year, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It's not the traditional campus dorm because it's a renovated hotel, but the private bathrooms are definitely a perk. There were about 750 kids in the building which was great and made making friends easy. It also means there is always someone in the lobby at 5 am when you come home after a night out. The RAs are cool and relaxed, they go out just as much as the students do. The only reason they would get you in trouble was if there was visibly smoke coming out from under your door.
I am part of a sorority and I love it. In such a big school it's great to have a tight knit community that's extremely diverse and represents all aspects of the McGill student body. Most people are indifferent about the Greek life on campus, and some people don't even really know about it if they run in different circles. Still, the connections on campus are pretty great as a lot of Greeks hold leadership and administration positions around campus. Ultimately it's a lot of fun if it's your thing, and greek life itself is almost doubling in size each year.
McGill is not an extremely athletics focused school, and varsity events are usually not heavily attended. The gym facilities are great though, and McGill definitely shows school pride in other aspects of student life. I know the university also gives out plenty of varsity scholarships.
The work hard play hard culture at McGill makes it one of the most fun, ambitious, and incredibly unique college environments out there. The diversity is incredible and everybody has a completely different background. I am about halfway through my undergrad and I can easily say that McGill has given me the best time of my life.
The school is internationally recognized, but I can't comment much on the career network or services.
Review McGill University
The professors are top-notch, there are tons of classes, plenty of extracurricular activities, and sports if that's what your into. Administration is terrible, but it's not really any different than other large schools. Montreal really can't be beat as a college town.
There is a huge focus on mental health at McGill, which is hugely helpful. I also feel very safe, but I can't comment on how others feel
I really liked living in RVC! It's right on campus and the community is the right mix of partiers and people who take academics very seriously. The rooms are pretty average, but the location and people are worth it.
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