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Canadian Interuniversity Sport (CIS)
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McGill University Reviews

408 reviews
The best thing about McGill University is that despite being such a large college with a student body of nearly 40,000 individuals, it pays attention to you as an individual. It celebrates and promotes your personal growth whether that growth is academic, athletic or artistic. If anyone is looking for a great education with an inclusive and welcoming atmosphere, I would definitely recommend considering McGill.
Classes decrease in size the further you get in your degree. The professors are usually extremely qualified and celebrated in their field. I imagine that this is the case at most universities, but lectures do tend to get boring at times. This is mostly in your first year when you take general classes that contain 600 students. However, most courses in my program (Arts) have smaller discussion sessions in which you do presentations and talk about the class subject matter etc.. Overall I really enjoy classes in my field of study, and this is mostly because most of the degrees at McGill can be catered towards your specific interests.
I really liked living in RVC! It's right on campus and the community is the right mix of partiers and people who take academics very seriously. The rooms are pretty average, but the location and people are worth it.
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