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It is a very good academic school. It does its job well; and I have been i the school society for around 8 or so years. It has further more only done right by me, and offers any assistance i need. I am very grateful to this school, and I hope it attains countless more success stories in the upcoming years, and only continues to grow positively.
I loved the college feel but they need better counselers to help you do you can feel you can do anything
its alot of work no slacking off
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teaching is fair learning is fast paced
they need to include books and discounts
fast paced and hands on
the adults need a library
the adults need their own computer lab
Content With Mcfatter – My school experience is pretty good. Academic wise it has the best programs to take, as it offers technical/ vocational courses to take while enrolled in high school. My nursing class has been great and the students that attend the school are very liberal and open-minded.
The Mcfatter Way – My school is one of the most unique high schools becasue we do things a little different at McFatter. Because our campus is so samll and only consist of about 800 Student in the whole school we do not have any sports teams, so we dont get to participate in any fun activities, like pep rallys, or homecoming games. To top it all of our school mascot is an atom.
I qualified for the Pell Grant. The fuancial aide workers ensured that I filed my info correctly and that I got my refund check as soon as possible.
An Oppurtunity – I was tired of waiting on BCC's RN program and their extensive waiting liat. I wanted to get into the nursing program.
McFtatter is giving me the oppurtunity to get into the nursing field and work as a nurse as I go about getting my RN at Miami Dade.
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