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I am indebted to this college. The teachers are committed, interested in the success of their students, and expect them to work hard. The staff is wonderfully approachable and empathetic, seeing you as an individual, and the students are respectful and friendly. I feel I have received a rigorous undergraduate education at this two-year college. At McDowell Tech, I have not only discovered who I am as a student, but also who I am as a human being. This school has challenged me, but it has also given me the rewards of persistence and hard work. I feel fabulously prepared for the University of North Carolina at Asheville.
McDowell Tech is a great school. The professors and faculty always try to help you do your best and be the best. When struggling with courses they never hesitate to help. They will do whatever it takes to help you pass. This college does a great job of making sure you learn everything you need to know about a course and doing it in a fun and exciting way!
I have had a pretty good experience at McDowell Tech, they have always been willing to help. The only thing I would change was the availability for students that work the schedule like I do and I would really like it if they offered more classes online also.
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I love this little community college. I've not had a teacher I didn't like, and they are always willing to meet after class to discuss just anything. We have activities around campus such as the fall and spring flings, where students are invited for a free meal and activities. The cafe usually has decent food, though I don't spend a great deal of time there. There is a subway just a minute away, along with a few other places. That being said, some buildings could be updated but for the price and education you receive, it doesn't even matter. I love this little school and I'm happy to say that I will get my transfer in Associate in Arts here.
I've really enjoyed my experiences that I've had at mcdowell tech. All the teachers are very kind and help with anything you need even on their own time. They're very reasonable with their expectations and I really love the fact that you have many different options on what's you want to take classes. The only downside is there isn't a lot of interaction between students and eh Dr aren't a whole lot of things for the community to come together to do.
McDowell is an awesome community college. I wish that student loan system was better. I feel like the credit hour cost should be lowered, to help with students who do not receive financial aid.
I was a first time student, so my credits weren't an issue. Some frustrations did take place, but I was able to overcome them.
Many of the courses I took are hybrid courses, so there hasn't been much of a complication on online courses
As said before, most of the jobs for industry are open to graduates of this college but there aren't very many jobs available for artistic interests.
Most instructors are very helpful are are willing to explain assignments or topics if you don't understand.
There are some opportunities for jobs in the school but really only for jobs nearby like industry. Since our county is relatively poor, it's difficult to find jobs around where I live that pertain to what my passion is. However, in my department of Graphic design at the school, the head goes out of their way to find opportunities for their students.
Classes will are helpful to you if you are willing to learn. Teachers are willing to help if you don't understand a topic. Flexibility is varied with each one, sometimes depending on the course.
Most teachers lend a helping hand when I didn't understand a subject. There is even a tutoring lab where students and teachers volunteer some of their time to helping others. I believe that in school, you're there to learn and if you stick to that, you'll be fine. Workers in the office are helpful in finding what you need and are patient most of the time but some expect you to do things on your own. While the payments may contain complications, the classes are overall helpful and work with you if you're willing to learn.
I have had great luck with my flexible schedule at MTCC. There aren't many frustrations I have had with my school. My credits have transferred well so far.
I prefer the online courses for most of my courses. There are a few classes that I would rather be seated in than online, but for the most part I enjoy having the option to have online classes. The classes are available anytime and you can submit work anytime. The workload seems a little stressful at first, but once you get the hang of organizing your time you have it all under control.
I believe the courses that are available have a great quality. The teachers and professors seem to really enjoy their subject and take the time to explain things clearly so that the students can fully understand. Most of the teachers are understanding and caring, wanting the best education for their students. The courses are challenging but only enough to make you push a little.
Since McDowell Tech is just a community college, I am mainly just getting my basic requirements out of the way. There is not really a program for my major, however I am taking classes that are required, but will help in the psychology field as well.
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So far I have thoroughly enjoyed McDowell Tech. I have enjoyed all of my teachers, and I feel like they all have a passion for teaching their subject. I generally do not get excited about math but my math teacher makes it fun and simple. I will continue through McDowell Tech if I cannot choose a university to transfer to.
Online courses allow for more flexibility. I enjoyed the ones I took. Three of my 5 classes I'm taking this upcoming semester are online, and I'm looking forward to that, because I get to spend more time at home. The only downside of it all is that you have to wait on an email response, whereas in a seated class, you get answers to your questions right away.
The reason I gave this one an "okay" rating is because some classes aren't offered when I needed them. I wanted to take both Biology and Spanish this semester, but the instructor I wanted for Biology had class the same time as the Spanish class, and I'd rather take Biology at a 2-year school than a 4-year school. They only had one Spanish class for this semester, and it meets the same time as my Biology class.
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