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A welcoming atmosphere. Teachers are willing to work with students. There are many clubs and organizations to join.
Food in dining hall needs improvement. Athletic teams and community atmosphere on campus is awesome.
McDaniels education grad programs are a cash cow at the expense of Maryland teachers. Teachers in most MD counties are obligated to earn a masters, and get a stipend to help reach that goal, but the stipend only pays upfront for McDaniel and Towson; since most teachers don't have the means to pay otherwise, that limits your options. So McDaniel hastily put together "distance" classes to take advantage of that stipend, where"Professors" are local teachers who do care, but are working with no support; some got nothing from the college except books for us to buy. And in this setting you have to contend with McDaniels terrible website. And when you're done? If you want to be a school admin, get ready to leave MD, since so many teachers in the state also have a master's from McDaniel or Towson and all of you will be passed over for people with degrees from UVA, UMD, etc. Private sector? Be ready to settle for the same entry level position you probably could have gotten with your bachelors.
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It is overall very good, but the food here really needs to change. they have us pay so much and yet we do not have hours that work very well and the food it not as well cooked as they make it out to be. The women in charge has been trying to do as little as possible.
I am a social work major, and I love the program. The professors in it are amazing. I definitely made the right choice by coming to Mcdaniel, but it isn't for everyone. The people here are generally very nice and helpful, and have a lot of hobbies. No one does just one thing. Despite the fact that the town of Westminster isn't that great, the school community will keep you busy. If you utilize your resources here, you will be very happy with all opportunities that come your way! The food was AWFUL the first semester this year, but after many many student complaints, they are now improving the overall food quality, so that's good. You definitely feel a sense of community at Mcdaniel, which is something I was really looking for in a school and have found here. It is really easy for you to find people you chick with! There is so much to be involved with. You will find organizations that match your views and hobbies, and classes that fit what you're looking for.
McDaniel College is a small but mighty liberal arts community of caring employees and a good student body. McDaniel soars in academia but its short comings are its amenities. McDaniel has plenty room for improvement when it comes to residence and dining halls but is relatively bearable when compared to other types of institutions.
If your not an athlete the school is very small and there is not much to do. It is small and sheltered from the real world.
McDaniel College has a very small campus. I like that we get to know each other because it is so small. I wasn't interested in a large campus where people are complete strangers. At McDaniel we come from all backgrounds, races, religions and it is very close knit.
I greatly enjoy my time at McDaniel College. This is an institution that is undeniably more focused on turning a profit than education, and yet, recognizes that the best way to make a profit is to teach well. Its corps of competent professors, experienced and skilled both in their subject areas AND in teaching, make this for-profit institution a college worth attending.
I am currently attending McDaniel College in my second semester of my sophomore year. I am majoring in Social Work, minoring in Spanish, and I am a collegiate softball player. While applying to McDaniel, they gave me the opportunity to tour the campus multiple times, sit in on a few classes, and meet advisors in my desired major. Those opportunities are what convinced me to attend McDaniel College. I was able to see how nice it would be for my family to be able to take a short drive to watch all of my softball games. I also saw how nice it was to have less than 20 people in every class because it allows me to have excellent relationships with the teachers and my fellow classmates. Lastly, my current advisors in the Social Work major have helped me map out my career path and have given me incredibly good advice. I now have a very clear idea of what my future looks like thanks to my awesome professors and advisors!
The social scene, great academics, and strong support for the athletics programs have made me really enjoy my experience at McDaniel so far.
I like that the staff has been very helpful. I am always able to go in and ask questions and feel comfortable. The school is 5 minutes from my home so I love to commute and stay with my family, friend and work.
McDaniel is absolutely incredible. The people are friendly and open, the professors are supportive and willing to help, the athletics are top notch. I've never been so happy in one place. It has everything I could have ever wished for and I know I picked the right place for me. I wouldn't want to be anywhere else.
The assistant Tennis coach is great and the one friend I made is probably the only positive thing I can say about this place.
I have been a student at McDaniel College for one semester. This is a small college in a small town, but close to Baltimore and Washington, D.C. The campus is wonderful and the teachers have been very good. I would highly recommend this college.
As a freshman I was so very scared to move on campus. I was scared of classes, my roommates (I have a triple), making new friends, and being away from home. All of my fears have been resolved. To begin, my professors are all really sweet. My first year seminar professor and peer mentor are very helpful with both academics and more personal problems. The classes aren't impossible (fingers crossed) and the content is enjoyable. Next, my roommates were both nice. One of them actually moved rooms but my other roommate has become my best friend. Im so glad we met. Last, there are plenty of resources for students who get homesick, stressed, or depressed. Everyone on campus, students and staff alike, are super sweet and want to help you. Everyone is nice. The hill is my new home and I love it here.
I love how welcoming everybody on campus is. All the professors are quick to help. I have never had any issues getting a problem resolved. I just love the sense of community and the size of the campus helps a lot with that.
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I have had a good experience with McDaniel College. The professors are generally nice and care about what they are teaching. The class sizes are really small, I've never had a class with more than 20 people in it. The campus is beautiful, especially in the fall. The support for learning differences is top notch, I would no doubt give that an A+. If you want a place with good support, look no further, McDaniel is as good as it gets.

On the other hand, the party scene is pretty awful, don't believe the B-, I would give it a D+. The food in the dining hall is really bad, get a place with a kitchen as soon as you can. I don't know where they are getting the numbers about payments but I am paying $45,000 for this coming school year, and full price is $56,000; nobody pays full price but keep that in mind if you're strapped for cash.

If you want a small school with good support, come here. If you want a party school, go somewhere else
I had a very positive experience at McDaniel College. I feel that the education I received was extensive enough to allow me to succeed in a variety of fields, even those outside of my major. The majority of professors I had were very knowledgeable, helpful, and interested in their students' individual needs. Classes were always small enough that you could get individual attention from instructors if needed. One thing I would have loved to see was a more diverse student body and more up-to-date housing for resident students.
I love how small McDaniel's classrooms are. The only recommended change is to have more security on campus at night.
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