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Mayville State University Reviews

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I have had a great experience at Mayville State University. It is a small town with a lot to offer. I have had all amazing instructors that seems to really care about my education. Anyone I have contacted at Mayville State has been helpful and caring. I would recommend this school to anyone looking for a more intimate learning experience. At Mayville, they make you feel as if you're important and they want you to succeed!
I have only toured there, but I loved it! I had a great tour guide. It was specialized to me because I got to meet with someone who was in the education department which was what I am interested in as a career. I also got a free shirt, waterbottle and drawstring bag. I got to tour everywhere! Nothing I would of changed.
Mayville State is in a nice little city. It has big cities around it, but it has a nice campus in the middle of the city. I'm a freshman here, and I like it here. The people are nice, academics are good and the athletics are wonderful.
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There is nothing to do here in Mayville besides go to class after that all you do is sit around. On weekends everyone goes home. Parties are sparse and cops tend to bust them. Food here is the same basically every other week, and sports are okay most students attend them because there isn't anything else to do during the week if they are playing at home. I don't think I would recommend this school to anyone
Mayville State University really is the school of personal service. Every employee on campus is involved in each student's education as well as ensuring they are happy and comfortable outside of the classroom. It is in a remote area, but is close to both Grand Forks and Fargo when you're in need of a bigger scene.
Mayville State University is a great school to attend to achieve the whole college experience. Sure it is a very small school, but you aren't just a number, you are a person. The school does a great job at making sure every student's voice is being heard.
I am taking classes online through Kansas State it is a very complicated process and lengthy. The class is very good and the teacher is very helpful.
I have had a wonderful experience with Mayville State! The instructors for Early Childhood classes are very resourceful and helpful!
The safety and security of the campus is amazing.
Students career prospects are high.
Courses were challenging, but not too hard. Professors made sure they helped you as much as possible to succeed.
We don't have a Greek life.
This school is wonderful. Nice teachers, friendly students, and everyone is willing to help you succeed.
I have a great dorm with a great RA
we have a great education program and great English teacher
you only fill out one form and they match you to scholarships that match you and your needs.
some of our athletes are very nice and great people. our coaches are great and push every one to be the best they can be.
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It's pretty active during the Fall Semester, but gets pretty quite during the Spring semester
I didn't really mind last year because my entire hall was football players
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