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I am taking classes online through Kansas State it is a very complicated process and lengthy. The class is very good and the teacher is very helpful.
I have had a wonderful experience with Mayville State! The instructors for Early Childhood classes are very resourceful and helpful!
The safety and security of the campus is amazing.
Review Mayville State University
Courses were challenging, but not too hard. Professors made sure they helped you as much as possible to succeed.
Students career prospects are high.
We don't have a Greek life.
This school is wonderful. Nice teachers, friendly students, and everyone is willing to help you succeed.
I have a great dorm with a great RA
we have a great education program and great English teacher
you only fill out one form and they match you to scholarships that match you and your needs.
some of our athletes are very nice and great people. our coaches are great and push every one to be the best they can be.
It's pretty active during the Fall Semester, but gets pretty quite during the Spring semester
I didn't really mind last year because my entire hall was football players
I have to black roommates from all over the country who came here to further their football careers
Subway at the local Cenex is probably your best bet
The caf is disgusting, besides their breakfast, and the snackbar is alright, but they only have two fryers and a small grill, so it takes a while
Review Mayville State University
If you want to be a teacher, this is the place to be
I haven't applied to get in yet, but I am pretty confident I'll get in my first try
It's a town under 1500 people, but at about the half way point between both Fargo and Grand Forks, so we frequently go to either for some fun.
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