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Maysville Community & Technical College Reviews

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I go to the Maysville College in Morehead. Don’t have dorms. But the professors are awesome. Ain’t a lot in class so you get more hands on attention...
Maysville Community and Technical College on the Rowan campus is a brand new facility that just opened its door in the fall of 2018. It is very modern and up to date with technology in the classroom with very small class sizes and the professors take extra time after class to help you with homework.
Since I have been here at Maysville Community Technical College at Rowan campus I have thrived more in life then ever before. I have a GPA of 3.8 and I am at the end of my 4th semester. When I started they had an orientation that was very informational. They have a variety of different programs to choose from. I chose Business Management and Accounting. These classes are not easy but I am provided with onsite tutoring and online tutoring. The advisers here always respond promptly to the students email.
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This is a great school to start your life back over at. It's inexpensive and relatively easy to enroll, and the coursework is really great, depending on your program.
The classes were small which was a great thing. There was tutoring if you needed it. The office was always out to help anyone who needed it. The professors were all clear and gave insight on anything you needed. Some teachers werent the bes and would make their work a little hard and would help us understand what we needed too in order to pass the class.
It is wonderful that there is a college available in this area. The faculty is helpful and nice. They are willing to work to help you and make your experience worth while.
I go to Rowan community Tech College. It’s aweso and the instructors are the best Everyone is so nice. When you need help someone is always there and not a harsh word.
Maysville Community and Technical College is an affordable college. I got my general education out of the way to be able to transfer to a university.
Maysville is a great college! Whether you're looking to just do your Gen Ed or go all the way for an Associates. The teachers are very good at their job, they make it easy to learn and don't bombard you with overwhelming amounts homework, just what is reasonable. They all will tell you when it comes time for midterm or finals, they don't set you up to fail they set you up to succeed. And they do. It's a relaxed atmosphere with knowledgable staff, everyone is friendly, and willing to help. And the added bonus is that since classes there are so affordable financial aid will cover it all including books!!!!
The professors are amazing here and do everything they can to help. The school isn't big it self so it's never really the crowed.
The school is more of a one on one learning experience and that's the main thing I love about it. The only thing I would change about the campus would be it to have some type of sports team on campus.
I thoroughly enjoyed my time at MCTC, and I would recommend this college to anyone who is interested in furthering their education.
The hands on area for the Nursing classes is awesome.
Except for the stress of working and attending classes, 17 hours this semester, it's been great.
The ones I've taken have been great.
Your professors are interested in each student, their track and their progress.
I will be attaining an ASN here, and then transferring to a larger school for my BSN.
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Hands on for my career specific classes.
Teachers will help you. The admissions office is very helpful and understanding.
This school is amazing. They've been helpful in every way. They schedule classes around my personal life, the curriculum is very easy to understand and complete, and I haven't had any problems.
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