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The instructors are very good. Medical Assisting course is super easy and also fun, totally recommend.
Its a honest and persistent school. They will help you all The way, but you also have to do your part and get up everyday wanting, I feel lucky for the instructor I have. I pick her brains and well pretty much ask anything that goes for the staff there as well I don't have family to be a great tough loving back bone to just supportingly say " heay you can do this! " I'm not a school smart person but I def. Don't feel dumb attending as challenging college is. Especially with my constant change of living situation. Here I feel family I feel the energy the wisdom, the hope that even though I never had a great start I'm going to have one massive ending where my daughter can see her mom achieve and succeed. I pray that any future students have nothing less of the same impact they give me as I attend.
GREAT GREAT SCHOOL. They make sure you have what you need by the time you finish. If there is a problem with anything, you will have at least 3 staff make sure that you are taken care of. Front desk girls in the morning are super nice. Career services and instructors are all great people. Overall, a great school and experience for me. I had some doubts in the beginning, but I have NO doubts anymore and I feel lucky that I chose Mayfield.
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Best school ever! They really care about the students and want you to succeed. I'm currently taking the medical assistant program and its great. I love it! Best decision I ever made.
The most unprofessional unorganized school i have attended, the professors do not take class seriously. The students who attend are unprofessional & late, class gets held up because if them. I would hate to have obtained a certificate through them so thankful i left when i did.
My sister graduated from Mayfield and has been working as a medical assistant for years and she told me that I needed to enroll as soon as I graduated high school, and I'm glad I took her advice :) It really is a great school. I work during the day but they have evening classes. I love the people who work here (so friendly!) and my classmates are good people. Another other thing I liked is that I got 1on1 time with my instructor (I wasn't always comfortable asking questions in front of the class)
Mayfield was great! Everyone cared and was so helpful. My instructor was the best (I definitely couldn't have made it without her). I love Mayfield!
Great instructors and very helpful education and career services departments. Everyone seems to be genuinely nice.
This was the best school I could ask for, I went in not knowing a single thing about the medical field and now 3 months into it Im able to take someones vitals and give TB shots as well as injections. I strongly feel as if every decision I made and things not working out with other schools led me to come here and Im truly blessed.
My instructor was the best thing about mayfield. Steve really cared a lot about me and my education. I'm now an HVAC tech and career services was awesome and really helpful!
So long as you communicate with the staff and or instructor, there is always a solution.
I feel like I'm a contributing part of society and feel confident I will succeed.
Since my particular program is continually growing and changing, it has its overwhelming effect, but the staff is always there to help guide you through it.
The career advisor and staff work hard to make sure you are read to start the career of your choice.
Everyone is friendly and seem to be hungry for knowledge. Go-getters.
I don't completely understand how it all works, but I've been able to get the answers to any questions I have when asking the staff.
They are always on top of any new information about your particular program.
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The staff is great when it comes to being involved and looking out for our best interest. They will not let you slack off or lose focus. Which is awesome.
One of the best decisions I have made in my life. Thank you Mayfield!
My classmates were very friendly and I made a lot of life long friends.
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