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This past semester was alot if ups and downs,but I had some amazing teachers that wouldn't let me give up.
I love and appreciate all my dedicated professors here. I will transfer to a four year college to get a Bachelor’s Degree in fall 2019 and my prsoffesors and counselor are very helpful. They talk to and direct me to help me know what I want to do later. I always have good experience here.
Massasoit has been a great school to begin my college career. It is a small campus which is a perfect when starting out as an undecided college student. Massasoit allows you to get all your core classes out of the way and try some new classes to decided what your interested in. I am so thankful for Massasoit.
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There isn’t much that i don’t like about this school. The classes are very diverse which is wonderful because you have people from all different backgrounds and ages to help you.
At Massasoit they provide a wonderful learning environment with excellent teachers. The courses are straight forward and provided me with material I’ll be able to take with me for years to come. With that being said, one thing I would change is the ability for all students to apply for scholarships within the school. I often found that there were a lot of restrictions that limited my capability of applying. Aside from that, it’s a terrific school.
Three campuses that are close to where I live and located near the middle of the country so everyone in state can have easy access to the campuses. They also have a LOT of student services to help everyone out even with the smallest problems a student may have.
Very diverse environment with great professors. Could improve on campus activity in case student will like to be more involved. Campus is located in a very convenient area where students have access to places to eat.
Massasoit is a great school with an incredible group of professors. The campus is always clean and patrolled by safety officers. There is a day care on site making life for a parent coming back to school that much easier. I anticipate great things for this college in the future. They continue to boast a growing radio program, and regular theatrical performances.
Massasoit is an excellent school for starting off your college career. If you are looking for an expensive option to figure out where you would like to go in life, Massasoit is the place to come. They have lots of programs that will fit your needs.
They have great programs to help you succeed. And they have a diverse range of international students.
Some of the professors are great and have actually worked in the fields that they are teaching. The school needs more advisers.
Massasoit Community College was an absolutely wonderful experience. The class sizes are smaller which gives you the ability to interact more intimately with the professor. Additionally, all of my professors have been extremely helpful and gone out of their way to teach to every possible learning style for purposes of clarity. In, I highly recommend Massasoit Community College.
Massasoit is a great starter school, especially for people who don't know the path they want to go down. Massasoit helped me figure out which direction I wanted to go. The TRIO program was very helpful
The professors at Massasoit are amazing! All of the staff seem as though they truly care about your education.
Good college to start out in until you know exactly what you want to do or to save money. You can get all of your pre-reqs done so you can transfer to a 4 year college.
They now offer a campus in Middleborough which is full of friendly staff that care about your future!
Overall Massasoit is a great school for students that are either just looking for an associate degree or that are looking to save some money before transferring to a four year school. There are plenty of opportunities that students can achieve there and they also offer a wide variety of classes.
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Wonderful professors, great academic resources. The small classroom sizes really helps the professors make connections with their students
Massasoit Community College is a great stepping stone. From the professors to the students, they are all great help. Please take advantage of resources, they help out a lot.
I love my classes. And the people there help me out when I need it. When I need something I can go to the Latch room and ask for what I need help on or what to do on something new.
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