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First thing I would like to say is that I am a graduate of the class of 2008 & while attending MSL I was informed by a professor outside that all of my paperwork including my ss # was inside a podium upstairs where at that time; there were no faculty offices only classrooms. This was a direct invasion of my privacy. Although I never became a lawyer due to the fact I did not pass the bar nor care to be a lawyer anymore. I thought having a JD would at least get me a job. I did not have one job offer. This school likes to take people's $ then fail them right before it is time to graduate. It is a scam to make $. Some professors also enjoy mocking students & if they thought you said something they deemed "funny" when final exam time time came the subject that "I" was made fun of for was a question on the final exam. This school is doomed.
In my personal opinion, Dean Michael Coyne, is untruthful, a liar, a manipulator, a reverse racist (helps the black male students more than any other type), and not respected by his faculty (he's referred to as the 'benevolent dictator.')
In my personal opinion, Dean Michael Coyne subjectively 'weeds' out those he 'doesn't like' without the input of his faculty.
In my personal opinion, Diane Sullivan should have been appointed Dean following the departure of Dean Lawrence Velvel, another (in my personal opinion) 'nut job.'
In my personal opinion, Velvel's departure was long overdue.
But good luck.
i got the best experience ever in my high school. Good friends, fun, scripture union, debates, drama, prose, sports, thanksgiving, price giving to name but few.

i enjoyed the interactive secession on our literature and English class.

my school is the top and best Girls school in my country. the school is very selective, only pupils who scores 350 marks and above at the Basic Entrance Certificate Examination (BECE) are allow to enter the school.

it is a Grade A school, most pupils are afraid to enter the school afraid of the academic competition.

only average parents are afford to send their children in this school. the principle is known nation wide for her discipline and strictness so every body is trying to be the most tidiest person.

the competition is very high.

till my last day in this competitive school i always took the 3rd, 4th but never above that.

so precisely i am a good student that is why my parents loves me and they have no doubt in me.

our school send the highest number of students every year at the Forah Bay Collage University of sierra Leone.

am interested in my college but i want abroad experience so i can get the academic stuff and desiring.

i love my field of studies and i want the most out of it. and with your college i can become whom i want to be come.

thank you and i may stop here as i look forward for a better studies in any of the western university.

God bless you as i end with this saying " Isaac Newton once said; if i have seen any further, it's by standing on the shoulder of those who have gone before me"

with regards,

Sarah Jeminatu Dawodu
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This campus only has one place to eat and when you go off campus their is a chain restaurant and a Dunkin Donuts. You have to drive about 10 minutes to get a different variety of foods.
There is a strict policy against theft of materials and ideas. However, I know of a significant larceny that was never fully explained to the student body, and I wished it had been.
There are a lot of spots next to the main building, and a seperate parking lot only a few hundred feet away. The first lot fills up pretty quickly.
As a law school, any conduct associated with drugs could prevent a person from graduating or becoming a lawyer, so it is very quiet or non existent.
Even though the Chateau is one of my favorite places, the only other option is chile's.
Law school is full of new oppotunities, and Massachusetts School of Law had some areas of law that I had never thought about, that seemed interesting. Maratime Law and Employment Law were ones that I had never heard of or thought that sounded interesting when I did.
On campus options are limited, and there seems to be plenty of open space for future dining spots that go unfilled. Nearby there are some decent options.
There are pleanty of posting all over the student center, and the support staff is located right there, and are easily accessible.
Parking is ample in near the school, so its not an issue when there is bad weather. Also, its right off a major highway, so even in bad weather its easy to get there.
Commuter Student – I am not into the campus life, I am a commuter student.
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