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I've had a somewhat unique experience at MIT because unlike the majority of students, I'm not an engineering major. (GASP!) I majored in Brain & Cognitive Sciences (essentially neuroscience) and minored in Anthropology. I adored both of those departments - the classes, the teachers, the admins, the research opportunities. I know some other majors like chemical engineering are more difficult and aren't quite as adored by their students.

If you ask a student what there favorite part about MIT is, 90% of the time they will say the people. Being a specialized and somewhat quirky school, students at MIT have so much in common. Usually, that commonality is a passion to make a difference, openmindedness/acceptance, and a desire to play hard when not studying. Our student groups are varied and vibrant and our party scene is known as the best in Boston, but ultimately, we thrive on our close-knit community and appreciation for one another.
Very good college for the learning point of view. Diversified culture, campus is cool and professors here are highly talented.
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The student body is so passionate and self driven. They push me to be a better student. The opportunities gained from attending MIT are immense. I have also found a great community of people here, and feel that the classes, though rigorous, are truly preparing me to do great things in the world.
MIT was a great school. I enjoyed an immersive educational experience, designed to fit my needs. While the cafeteria was overpriced I thought I'd write a beautiful poem to communicate the passion I feel.

Oh MIT, MIT, oh how did you find me for I was alonging the perfect educationaning. Oh MIT, MIT, Oh how i breathe for thee for 4 years of my lonely life, oh MIT, MIT.

I just didn't go there to study but I would like to apply for a scholarship to go there. Why else would someone like to have a scholarship?
How close you are with the cutting edge of technology on a constant basis is an exhilarating feeling that you get when you arrive there.
Very difficult to be admitted here, but I’ve heard it’s really nice. I’ve also heard that it’s the best when it comes to STEM. The community is very nice too, and there are a lot of international students too.
There are many great opportunities to pursue your interests and achieve personal growth. Between the clubs, classes, research opportunities, and other resources, everyone is sure to find an area that fits their interest.

Some potential areas for improvement might be financial aid packages and fostering social connections. The first point is fairly straightforward, but the latter is a bit more nuanced. Though their are many clubs and groups, I wish there were even more opportunities for students to connect with one another and meet new people to find their community.
MIT provides a wonderful place to call home. There is nothing I would even dream of changing. Attending was the best choice I have ever made.
Because the noble prize winners becomes professors and influence or instructors within it's own university. Also, the academic equipment was so very fascinating and amazing on being advanced and technical to using in the modern ages.
MIT is full of great opportunities. They really let their students experience education hands-on. Within months of studying here, I was able to pick up new skills and have access to various tools in the many makerspaces. The first-year experience has also been designed to ease the transition from high school to university.

The campus and food might not be the best, but that's not what university is for anyway. I think MIT remains the top science/engineering school in the world.
MIT was the most difficult four years of my life. At times, I was not sure that I would survive the academic rigor, but I did, and I even excelled. MIT pushes you hard so that you learn to harness your intellect and push back. It is also humbling to know your limits and work to push your own boundaries. It is not for the fain of heart. My experience was mildly traumatizing, but I would repeat those four years in a heartbeat.
I think MIT is the best school in terms of academic. Just wow! The teacher are knowledgeable, the subject are so damn hard but worth it, I like everything about MIT.
From my first year here, I can safely say it is an amazing school overall. MIT has a variety of STEM based degrees to offer, though MIT is well known for its Engineering/Sciences it also provides and excellent courses in Humanities and Business. In my first year here my only viable complaint is the food, everything else is fantastic. If given the opportunity MIT will be a fantastic school to spend you next four years.
MIT is an outstanding university with numerous and diverse opportunities in research and academics. Classes at MIT are indeed difficult, with homework and associated studying consuming a large chunk of time. The beauty of this is that it pushes students to go above and beyond their previous understanding of what they believed themselves to be capable of. Additionally, the explorative and creative atmosphere which springs from the vibrancy of the student body and the faculty is second to none. There are so many chances to do great things at MIT, even as an undergrad!
MIT is a challenging but supportive environment. Everyone here agrees that the best thing about it is the people - you're all struggling together, but at least you're together. The professors, especially those for freshmen, are really concerned for students and care that they are learning the material. There are a lot of opportunities for social activities such as dance, acapella, and sports.
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I have found my home at this school. While it is challenging, it has pushed me to understand the hard work that is required for success. There are plenty of extracurricular activities I can participate in to supplement my learning, and the location of the campus relative to Boston is perfect for exploration of the city. I know that my experience here will only have a positive impact on what I am capable of doing in the future.
You should learn about it for yourself; everyone's experience is different thus it's impossible to quantify it on this website.
I really enjoy it here. There is always something fun to do, be it a club or one-time activity, and the people are great.
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