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Massachusetts Institute of Technology is a fantastic institution in all applicable fields. The prestige of the school itself will take you very far after you have graduated, and the professors you will be working with are Nobel prize recipients and masters of their disciplines. Besides academics, the campus life and college experience is unlike any other. By combining some of the brightest young minds in the country, MIT crafts a unique atmosphere that is both constructive and judgement free. A variety of different student-led activities keeps daily life dynamic, and you really cannot go wrong with the Cambridge and Boston area.
I loved the people that I met at MIT and the vibrant student life. I believe that campus spaces could be adapted to allow for more collaboration, productivity, and relaxation.
M.I.T is a great school overall their computer systems division is spectacular I recommend it to everybody
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MIT has a wonderful, academic atmosphere which supports diverse teams in finding creative new approaches to existing problems in the world. From coursework, to classmates, to the resources, to the facilities, it is unparalleled!
Had a great freshman year. Great dorms, decent food, amazing professors. First semester was on a Pass/No Record grading system which was a huge help to me as I had come from a small public school with very few AP classes. Very good student community at this college as well. Everyone is willing to help one another.
Best part is the abundant research opportunities available through UROPing. Highly accomplished professors and wide variety of advanced and interesting classes. Has distinct dorm cultures and tight knit communities. Prepares you well for any future career. Everything is great but not a fan of the food.
The opportunities and resources provided by MIT are amazing. What I love the most is the range of choice students have when it comes to classes, student organizations, study abroad opportunities, research, etc. The dorms are also unique and have their own diverse cultures, so students can find a living community where they feel like they belong.
The academic rigor is challenging and the opportunities for clubs and research internships are unparalleled.
This is literally the perfect college, and there is nothing I would do to change it. There are unlimited connections and opportunities in this community.
It's been the best thing for me in the past four years. I have learned more than I could have imagined in the classroom and, even moreso, outside of it.
It is a environment that creates a feeling of accomplishment and encouragement to bring out your full potential.
Stellar faculty, resources, housing, activities, location, etc.
I suppose our campus isn't as breathtaking as the others, but we do have a nice river.
MIT is amazing. The best part is the incredibly intelligent, hard working and diverse students you meet, and the extraordinary professors you learn from.
Food is very good and cheap at around 12 dollars a meal for amazing quality food. Parking is a breeze and cheap. You will always be welcomed and professors are very lenient about homework and assignments. Punishments are minimal. GREAT SCHOOL
I think MIT is a great school! The professors really care, and the environment is full of learning. Many describe MIT as "drinking from a firehose," but I think that in my case the firehose was shooting out awesomeness and knowledge.
This is a brilliant school. It is rigorous, and it might push some students too hard, but for those who can take it is absolutely worth it.
I’ve only been at MIT for one semester but I really have been enjoying my time here. The courses are top notch, the resources are endless, there are lots of opportunities to do anything you want really (great research, student organizations, we even have a nice gym).
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More than you can expect! Never hesitate to apply to the school because the chances are for all people.
There were some crucial facts about MIT which made me to apply to it. Here are they:
1. My first choice is chemical engineering and I always adored to conduct researches in laboratories. Therefore, when I applied to colleges first of all I looked if they have a good undergraduate research opportunities. In MIT with the help UROP I could start researching even from freshman class.
2. Its pass no record style of educating freshmen. There is no grading in the first semester. Instead, one gets "Pass" or "Fail" in his or her transcript. It allows students not to stress too much on grades, but explore the university and majors.
3. Of course it is the best university in the field of chemical engineering. Top notch professors, smart peers and the best laboratories makes MIT unique.
4. It's financially available for all international students. MIT's need blind policy makes it affordable for all who want to attend it.

I hope it helps!
My experiment at MIT was one that Will never forget. I learned things that I carry with me to this day.
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