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Food is very good and cheap at around 12 dollars a meal for amazing quality food. Parking is a breeze and cheap. You will always be welcomed and professors are very lenient about homework and assignments. Punishments are minimal. GREAT SCHOOL
I think MIT is a great school! The professors really care, and the environment is full of learning. Many describe MIT as "drinking from a firehose," but I think that in my case the firehose was shooting out awesomeness and knowledge.
This is a brilliant school. It is rigorous, and it might push some students too hard, but for those who can take it is absolutely worth it.
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I’ve only been at MIT for one semester but I really have been enjoying my time here. The courses are top notch, the resources are endless, there are lots of opportunities to do anything you want really (great research, student organizations, we even have a nice gym).
More than you can expect! Never hesitate to apply to the school because the chances are for all people.
There were some crucial facts about MIT which made me to apply to it. Here are they:
1. My first choice is chemical engineering and I always adored to conduct researches in laboratories. Therefore, when I applied to colleges first of all I looked if they have a good undergraduate research opportunities. In MIT with the help UROP I could start researching even from freshman class.
2. Its pass no record style of educating freshmen. There is no grading in the first semester. Instead, one gets "Pass" or "Fail" in his or her transcript. It allows students not to stress too much on grades, but explore the university and majors.
3. Of course it is the best university in the field of chemical engineering. Top notch professors, smart peers and the best laboratories makes MIT unique.
4. It's financially available for all international students. MIT's need blind policy makes it affordable for all who want to attend it.

I hope it helps!
My experiment at MIT was one that Will never forget. I learned things that I carry with me to this day.
I have never studied in MIT, however I plan on applying for it this spring. I have researched about it and found out that it is one of the best institutes of technology with best student life.
I have seen and took a tour in MIT. The dorms there seem to be nice and very comfy. I even got to talk to some of the people there and it was great . The teachers were great and their classes were so fun. Even the people on the road were entertaining to me and made me laugh. The school also seemed very diverse, there was a bunch of black, white, and Asians in a group together. The Asian club also had some black people i know so surprising
The campus is great, the staff/professors are excellent. Amazing place to gain STEM skills and research. Only con is the area is quite crowded.
What I love about MIT is how it is a microcosm of the world where everyone is judged primarily by merit. For students who come from a relatively poor background like me, it's great to see a school where you can't easily pay your way in.
MIT is a great place to be. Its environment fosters innovation, creativity, and curiosity. Not only is the faculty and education world-class, but being with the best peers pushes one to be better. The quirky culture is also nice; one will certainly find his place in this great community.
Visited the Campus briefly. The people are friendly & kind at the Campus & in the area. Watch out for predatory Harvard Students if you are a Geeky Diva!! If you are prone to Depression get a good therapist in advance. All I could think of while touring in Winter was "OMG I'd have killed myself if I'd gone here alone!"
It has alot of facilities and there's all the required tools to make an idea come true And it's simply the best college in it's field that any hard working student want to Study in it .
MIT will challenge you in ways that you have never been challenged before, in its effort to mold you into the future leaders of tomorrow and helping you discover your true potentials. It may be a difficult journey, but it'll be worth it at the end.
Great school. Great people. Great city.
I wouldn't want to be anywhere else. Boston is one of the greatest cities to live in and MIT is the school to go to for top education where you will be challenged.
26 fraternities, so there's one for everyone. Being in a fraternity isn't hard, but the top fraternities are as good as they come. Very nice houses in great locations in Boston and Cambridge. Chi Phi, Sigma Chi, and Delta Kappa Epsilon throw some of the best parties in Boston, each with their own unique vibe.
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I am a member of a varsity athletic team here, and while attendance isn't great for our events that doesn't mean we don't win games and have an awesome team. My best friends are on my team.
I have never been to a place that I have simultaneously loved and hated as much as MIT. I have been challenged in every way, and it has made a stronger person coming out of the other side. I have made some of the best friends here and met some of the smartest and most interesting people as well. Coming out of sophomore year I had never felt more inadequate, I was a B-C student for the first time in my life, failed a class, and got rejected from a dozen companies. When I finally landed an internship I went in expecting to be woefully unprepared based on my class performance. That's when I realized that struggling at MIT was flying anywhere else. The real workforce felt so easy and I barely felt challenged even as I got assigned to more and more projects. MIT's the first place that made me feel stupid, but it also made me realize that comparing myself to others is a terrible way to measure success and that I needed to be the best I could be (which compared to the rest of the world was pretty good.) In short. IHTFP (both meanings).
MIT administration and the MIT police department work hard to ensure its students feel safe.
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