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I think MIT is the best school in terms of academic. Just wow! The teacher are knowledgeable, the subject are so damn hard but worth it, I like everything about MIT.
From my first year here, I can safely say it is an amazing school overall. MIT has a variety of STEM based degrees to offer, though MIT is well known for its Engineering/Sciences it also provides and excellent courses in Humanities and Business. In my first year here my only viable complaint is the food, everything else is fantastic. If given the opportunity MIT will be a fantastic school to spend you next four years.
MIT is an outstanding university with numerous and diverse opportunities in research and academics. Classes at MIT are indeed difficult, with homework and associated studying consuming a large chunk of time. The beauty of this is that it pushes students to go above and beyond their previous understanding of what they believed themselves to be capable of. Additionally, the explorative and creative atmosphere which springs from the vibrancy of the student body and the faculty is second to none. There are so many chances to do great things at MIT, even as an undergrad!
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MIT is a challenging but supportive environment. Everyone here agrees that the best thing about it is the people - you're all struggling together, but at least you're together. The professors, especially those for freshmen, are really concerned for students and care that they are learning the material. There are a lot of opportunities for social activities such as dance, acapella, and sports.
I have found my home at this school. While it is challenging, it has pushed me to understand the hard work that is required for success. There are plenty of extracurricular activities I can participate in to supplement my learning, and the location of the campus relative to Boston is perfect for exploration of the city. I know that my experience here will only have a positive impact on what I am capable of doing in the future.
You should learn about it for yourself; everyone's experience is different thus it's impossible to quantify it on this website.
I really enjoy it here. There is always something fun to do, be it a club or one-time activity, and the people are great.
the Massachusetts Institute of Technology is the worse school that i have ever been to they make it seem like its good but it is not
Massachusetts Institute of Technology is a fantastic school that offers students an opportunity to explore anything. The staff is second to none and always encourage students to challenge themselves in whatever it is they are passionate about. Walking down the halls, you feel the energy and passion from students. The students at Massachusetts Institute of Technology live and breathe Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Everyone on campus is there to make the world a better place and that is what makes MIT so special. Everyone is highly intelligent and capable, but it’s the common desire to give back that makes the campus.
This college is the best in the world. It sets you up for any job of your choosing. It not only provides opportunities for growth academically but socially as well.
It used to be the best school for Engineering. It keeps getting worse because the administration is ignoring the students. The culture at MIT is a big part of what makes it and the people that live here the best, but the administration is doing its best to rid MIT of a culture that it says is hurting MIT based on surveys whose results have been twisted to the preferences of the administration.

My overall rating of this school would be 5 stars if the administration actually listened to the students.

The tech and the MIT student blogs are the best ways (except actually visiting and talking to current students) to find out if MIT is still the school for you.
simply the best school in the world.
best academics, best faculty , best division 3 athletic department, best labs, best student culture, best party scenes, best school for entrepreneurs.
Massachusetts institute of technology is like Hogwarts for technical wizards.
MIT has been a great experience for me! Yes, it's difficult and stressful at times, but it's also the first place I've really been challenged, and I've met so many amazing people who have added more to my life than any amount of stress has taken away.
Massachusetts Institute of Technology is a fantastic institution in all applicable fields. The prestige of the school itself will take you very far after you have graduated, and the professors you will be working with are Nobel prize recipients and masters of their disciplines. Besides academics, the campus life and college experience is unlike any other. By combining some of the brightest young minds in the country, MIT crafts a unique atmosphere that is both constructive and judgement free. A variety of different student-led activities keeps daily life dynamic, and you really cannot go wrong with the Cambridge and Boston area.
I loved the people that I met at MIT and the vibrant student life. I believe that campus spaces could be adapted to allow for more collaboration, productivity, and relaxation.
M.I.T is a great school overall their computer systems division is spectacular I recommend it to everybody
MIT has a wonderful, academic atmosphere which supports diverse teams in finding creative new approaches to existing problems in the world. From coursework, to classmates, to the resources, to the facilities, it is unparalleled!
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Had a great freshman year. Great dorms, decent food, amazing professors. First semester was on a Pass/No Record grading system which was a huge help to me as I had come from a small public school with very few AP classes. Very good student community at this college as well. Everyone is willing to help one another.
Best part is the abundant research opportunities available through UROPing. Highly accomplished professors and wide variety of advanced and interesting classes. Has distinct dorm cultures and tight knit communities. Prepares you well for any future career. Everything is great but not a fan of the food.
The opportunities and resources provided by MIT are amazing. What I love the most is the range of choice students have when it comes to classes, student organizations, study abroad opportunities, research, etc. The dorms are also unique and have their own diverse cultures, so students can find a living community where they feel like they belong.
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