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Massachusetts College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences Reviews

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It is an amazing school, almost everyone knows everyone. Just the Cafeteria needs to be a little bit cleaner, but overall it is a very good place to be at.
Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, is an accredited, private institution located in the Longwood Medical and Academic Area of Boston, Massachusetts.
Good dorms, close to classes, not cheap though, and it gives you a lot of opportunities to connect with other students and to be able to have good roommates, and they also provide many places for you to study other than your room
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I love the pharmacy program! it's incredibly flexible for working professionals and classes are helpful for skill development in order to pursue your career. In addition, the faculty is really helpful.
Their staff is knowledgeable and respond quickly to questions. The campus is easy to navigate and is located in a great area for future healthcare professionals.
MCPHS is a great health school. Financial aid is not great but the education is phenomenal. Its small and class sizes can range from 5-200.
Attending MCPHS University has definitely been a great experience thus far. I appreciate the level of attention the professors give their students. The campus itself is intimate and each of the 4 buildings has a completely different feeling. The laboratory classes are by far the most hands on and interesting.
The staff really cares about your success and there are a large number of study tools that can be used to further understand the material. However, students doesn't have the full college experience because it is such a small school and doesn't really have much extracurricular activities.
MCP is a college with a small community that all works together to become better healthcare providers and lead the future of medicine. The best aspect of MCP has to be it's community and the professors.There are people that come from all types of backgrounds who end up at MCP and it is ultimately this diversity and bonding between people of different backgrounds that make this university worthwhile to attend. The programs are relatively well founded and capable to preparing students for the real world and if education is really well valued in one's eyes, then this would be an acceptable choice. But if someone wants to be a part of a massive community or play in athletics, I wouldn't recommend MCPHS.
I like the location and that it is close to down town and the T stop. There are many good places to choose from and can find things to do around the area. It’s a little hard to do things in the winter of course because of the cold and many things are out doors and some buildings are a little ways away. But I wish there were more events held at the school that are fun.
As a new transfer student from a different state, this school has been very helpful with the transition. They are always willing to do as much as possible to help me achieve my dream/degree.
Compared to other colleges I've seen, MCPHS is very much in its' own realm. From the diverse student body, to being centered in the heart of Boston's premiere medical area, the school has already prepped me for life afterwards. Not only are we engaged in challenging classes every day, but we are exposed to such modern science just walking down the hall. You see every lab as you walk by the building on the outside, and are able to see the makeshift, student preparatory pharmacy on the inside. The school is very modern, and very ahead of other schools in terms of preparing its' students for the real world. That was definitely something I was looking for in a school, and I';m glad I found MCPHS University when I did in my college hunt.
I liked the diversity of culture and the good assistance of staff. Also professors are open to students ; the Dean as well. The lack of parking for student should be reviewed; also courses should be less strassful
School is all about the money. They charge a big tuition but no give backs in return. College life sucks. Teachers don't want to teach and campus is too small.
My experience at MCPHS university was not the best, I made a lot of friends but the education at MCPHS university was not the best. It seems like the professor didn't care about you. I honestly don't think it was worth the money the school is way too overpriced.
MCPHS is a good college match for you if you are not looking for a big campus life. The Boston location consists of two buildings. The main building includes 2 of the dorms MCPHS offers. It is a very small school, with not that much to do, but if you are just looking to study and graduate, then this might be a good match. The teachers are average when it comes to teaching, but fro PreMed students, you will have to work extra hard as the teachers are not the best fit for their job, especially when it comes to chemistry and biology.
When visiting this college, everything seemed very clean and high tech. It's a place very dedicated to it's education. The students seemed friendly and enjoyed meeting with those that were visiting.
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Overall, I wish I had taken a gap year or applied to more colleges. This was my last resort, and for a good reason. Teachers couldn’t care less, dorms are gross, food is unhealthy and greasy, there’s a large number of rude staff and students, and it’s way too expensive for what you get. I had to teach myself 90% of the material this year... I’m super glad to be transferring next fall. Also, don’t expect to join any sports or greek housing, because the student life here doesn’t exist.
I would like to see a dining hall and more study space added into MCPHS Worcester campus. As a student it is very expensive to pay for weekly groceries and would be much easier to have a meal plan. Additionally, more study space is needed for the amount of students attending the campus. It is always hard to find study space in the school so I end up having to study in my room or off campus.
MCPHS has councilors who are very helpful to incoming freshmen. They are extremely informative and take you step by step through every process of attending this school. The university itself has many events for accepted students, in order for the ones considering the school to have unique experiences with events like shadowing students, touring the campus and its area, attending a class to see what its like, etc. There are many opportunities for internships and connections for jobs after you graduate. I would like to see this college expand more to a school that is larger, and maybe include more programs for those researching this school. Other than this, I found this school to be amazing for me and many others.
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