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My experience at MCPHS university was not the best, I made a lot of friends but the education at MCPHS university was not the best. It seems like the professor didn't care about you. I honestly don't think it was worth the money the school is way too overpriced.
MCPHS is a good college match for you if you are not looking for a big campus life. The Boston location consists of two buildings. The main building includes 2 of the dorms MCPHS offers. It is a very small school, with not that much to do, but if you are just looking to study and graduate, then this might be a good match. The teachers are average when it comes to teaching, but fro PreMed students, you will have to work extra hard as the teachers are not the best fit for their job, especially when it comes to chemistry and biology.
When visiting this college, everything seemed very clean and high tech. It's a place very dedicated to it's education. The students seemed friendly and enjoyed meeting with those that were visiting.
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Overall, I wish I had taken a gap year or applied to more colleges. This was my last resort, and for a good reason. Teachers couldn’t care less, dorms are gross, food is unhealthy and greasy, there’s a large number of rude staff and students, and it’s way too expensive for what you get. I had to teach myself 90% of the material this year... I’m super glad to be transferring next fall. Also, don’t expect to join any sports or greek housing, because the student life here doesn’t exist.
I would like to see a dining hall and more study space added into MCPHS Worcester campus. As a student it is very expensive to pay for weekly groceries and would be much easier to have a meal plan. Additionally, more study space is needed for the amount of students attending the campus. It is always hard to find study space in the school so I end up having to study in my room or off campus.
MCPHS has councilors who are very helpful to incoming freshmen. They are extremely informative and take you step by step through every process of attending this school. The university itself has many events for accepted students, in order for the ones considering the school to have unique experiences with events like shadowing students, touring the campus and its area, attending a class to see what its like, etc. There are many opportunities for internships and connections for jobs after you graduate. I would like to see this college expand more to a school that is larger, and maybe include more programs for those researching this school. Other than this, I found this school to be amazing for me and many others.
MCPHS is a very good school, with lots of majors and great diversity. The school has a lot of clubs and events to get involved with, but lacks athletics, as there are no sports. Classes are tough, but you learn what you need to know. Most professors will go out of their way to make sure you succeed. The school has great connections with internships and leading you a career after graduation. Overall, MCPHS University is a great choice for those wanting to pursue a career in the healthcare field.
MCPHS is a great school. The faculty and staff are there to help their students succeed. They care about their students and help them achieve their goals. It is a school where diversity is welcomed. everyone that is accepted here has something different to offer and i am very happy to be a part of this great institution.
Great college for professional degree. Pharmacy, Nursing
need dedication and hours of studying.
Tuition fees are high, and living in Boston is expensive.
So many great opportunities to make friends, clubs and lots of places to find help with your academics. I almost gave it 4 stars, but that's only because there's a lot of work that you need to put in.
Here in MCPHS I believe there could be a lot of changes done in the future. But one thing I am very happy to experience here in MCPHS is the support from the teachers. They are always willing to help you but it depends if you want the help. It is very hard with all of the material that you have to memorize and all the work you have to do but you are always able to go to a teacher for any assistance.
MCPHS unversty is my Dream college for a long time . The quality of education and quality of programs is very amaizing. The staffs and then admmistikn office are very friendly. They have many scholarship opportunities and financial aid to support the students. The accelerated programs give the opportunity to be employed in the market faster than any other colleges.
MCPHS is a great school where students around the world come to finish their studies. it teaches us how to be an excellent health care professional and how to interact with patients. they offer SI sessions, recorded lectures and also free tutoring. it takes place in a very convenient in the city. the professors are very helpful.
Not currently enrolled accepted as a senior in HS & lucky enough to been able to hold a great relationship with this school. First of all, the school is so nurturing. You can first witness that through meeting admissions counselors. They're SO SWEET, actually care about you, & show that the COLLEGE cares about you. I met the counselor at a college fair & from there, we instantly clicked! She followed up w/ emails, letters, interviews and super friendly greetings when I went to the open house. GREAT financial aid, always looking to improve. I heard the best parts about MCPHS are the massages, puppy visits during finals, etc. Also, this is a college where it's great to make friends quick being very diverse. There's people from all over the world, people you can actually connect for once in your life because they're interested in the same things as you: medicine. Still waiting on other acceptance letters, but my experience with MCP so far has been unforgettable!
I enjoy my school because it allows you to focus strictly on your passion without all of the distractions. When you get too engulfed in your work and you need a break the Boston has a lot of opportunity for you to get out of the dorm or library and explore what the city has to offer.
My experience with MCPHS is not bad so far. It is located in the heart of Boston and so it is very easy for commuters to travel to school. The classes are okay for a freshman, but it could be improved.
I've had a good experience at MCPHS. There is not much room for improvement as I always get the help and resources I need for the most part.
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I liked the fact that it was a smaller college. It made it easier to get used to college life as a first-time college student.
Studying at MCPHS University allowed me to experience the total college experience. I was able to make life long friends along the way. Going to school in Boston allowed me to not only study in on the best cities in the country, but it also allowed me to learn more about Boston and be actively involved with my community. The school prepared me to take the next step in my life as I will be starting medical school next fall. Overall, going to MCPHS was a decision I am happy that I made.
So far my experience at the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences has be very good. I feel as though I am being adequately prepared to enter the profession of pharmacy.
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