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They good as online can be. Many professors don’t respond to emails fast enough. Understandably, they have a lot students but should have been responded to at least within a few days or week.
Most students are very invested in medicine. Don’t get discouraged by those who complain all the time. Academics do not seem that challenging as they should at times depending on the course
I decided to be fully online. I can defiantly say it was a struggles. Most professors understand the circumstances but, you'll always have the one of the bunch that is hard headed and doesn't care for excuses, even during a pandemic. I came face to face with many obstacles and for the most part you're on your own with them. Depending on the professors you receive will be the standing of your own experience.
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Massachusetts College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences has always been my dream college. This dream was made true this fall, when I was given the opportunity to attend. The online aspect has been tough on many people due to the pandemic. My first semester was horrible. I had many issues with being online. The school is helpful when it comes to certain tasks, although with big issues, you just get tossed around in circles. I love the diversity and the many different backgrounds. I just hope next semester is better.
Despite being online for my fall and spring semester, MCPHS handled classes well and kept safety as a priority for its students. Covid testing was a constant and instructors kept a secure system for online learning.
Online learning is tough for anyone doing it for the first time. Each instructor had their own system and kept constant with the syllabus, so it was very well planned.
The school is small and my program is very disorganized So we made the learning environment very difficult
I took classes online after the pandemic hit. I believe this is a hard experience for everyone they tried their best especially for my program, but it was just not the same as in person learning experiences.
I would not change anything but MCPHS. I love the location, in the middle of all the hospitals in Boston so lots of opportunities for clincials. Learning is amazing when you do something you love.
The online class where good but not a lot of face to face like on zoom. The classes were harder because the zoom, if we had any, would freeze. The school has great professors that help you learn so much.
I took several online classes and am currently pursuing an online MBA. The courses were well structured and educational.
Great experience overall, enjoyed my time as a student at MCPHS. It is great for individuals interested in healthcare.
MCPHS is a very quiet school, no stereotypical college feel to it at all. I found it hard to make friends as everyone sticks to themselves. Residential life was below average; expensive, no kitchen in Fennell, alternating bathrooms on floors, laundry constantly full/broken, elevators constantly out of order, and the food/dining hall staff is terrible. A lot of RAs don't care about their residents. Safety is questionable... The campus is way too small for its own good, they have too many students and not enough space. There is a large international student population. The professors are okay, hit or miss, but I liked most of mine as they were well versed and weren't afraid to tell us the hard truth about this school. Class sizes are a little bigger than typical high school classes, with a few large (100-200 students) lectures. Its pretty much impossible to get in touch with your counselor if you ever need them. I'm taking a gap right now and transferring next year.
I took online classes beginning in March, when we got sent home, through July since my program required summer semesters. At first there was little to no order to the classes since the professors didn't have much time at all to prepare, which was understandable. They were pretty comparable to the in person classes/lectures since you don't do much in class except listen unless its a math class or lab. The labs were so much easier online since a lot of the work was cut in half. When the summer semester came is when my online experience started to really deteriorate. One of my classes had no teaching whatsoever, the professor didn't interact with us in any possible way, just assigned work and lectures (which were not her own) online. The other two had non-required zoom meetings. The hardest part of my online experience was a group project that we weren't given much direction for, but once everyone connected it was quite simple.
It is unavoidable for students to have online classes. However, the teaching quality will not be as good as physical classes. Some professors do not even upload any lecture video or instructions to guide students in the class.
Everything about the school is acceptable. The campus location is perfect for students in the school. The professors are really nice and professional. The downside of this is the registrar department works very slow and the tuition is very high.
I would not fairly and justly say I took classes online considering the pandemic. Stay-at-home orders were issued only 1 month before the close of the semester, so there's no judging there. This is because we were forced to go online for a period of 1 month which was last minute and so no one was prepared. However, I can say this, given the short period of time that the faculty and staff had to transition over to fully online and ensure that all students were able to finish the semester strong and successfully, kudos are in order!
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A wonderful institution with equally wonderful staff. They offer a very wide range of medical programs and have a plethora of programs in place to help every student succeed. They are one of the leading healthcare universities in the country and this is evident in the quality training that is delivered there. If you choose MCPHS you would've made the best choice.
I liked the hands on experience this university has to offer. One thing I would like to see change is smaller class sizes as well as more professor and student interaction.
I took some electives online and it was super straight forward and easy to follow. We communicated with the professors and classmates on threads about the weekly readings.