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MCPHS unversty is my Dream college for a long time . The quality of education and quality of programs is very amaizing. The staffs and then admmistikn office are very friendly. They have many scholarship opportunities and financial aid to support the students. The accelerated programs give the opportunity to be employed in the market faster than any other colleges.
MCPHS is a great school where students around the world come to finish their studies. it teaches us how to be an excellent health care professional and how to interact with patients. they offer SI sessions, recorded lectures and also free tutoring. it takes place in a very convenient in the city. the professors are very helpful.
Not currently enrolled accepted as a senior in HS & lucky enough to been able to hold a great relationship with this school. First of all, the school is so nurturing. You can first witness that through meeting admissions counselors. They're SO SWEET, actually care about you, & show that the COLLEGE cares about you. I met the counselor at a college fair & from there, we instantly clicked! She followed up w/ emails, letters, interviews and super friendly greetings when I went to the open house. GREAT financial aid, always looking to improve. I heard the best parts about MCPHS are the massages, puppy visits during finals, etc. Also, this is a college where it's great to make friends quick being very diverse. There's people from all over the world, people you can actually connect for once in your life because they're interested in the same things as you: medicine. Still waiting on other acceptance letters, but my experience with MCP so far has been unforgettable!
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I enjoy my school because it allows you to focus strictly on your passion without all of the distractions. When you get too engulfed in your work and you need a break the Boston has a lot of opportunity for you to get out of the dorm or library and explore what the city has to offer.
My experience with MCPHS is not bad so far. It is located in the heart of Boston and so it is very easy for commuters to travel to school. The classes are okay for a freshman, but it could be improved.
I've had a good experience at MCPHS. There is not much room for improvement as I always get the help and resources I need for the most part.
I liked the fact that it was a smaller college. It made it easier to get used to college life as a first-time college student.
Studying at MCPHS University allowed me to experience the total college experience. I was able to make life long friends along the way. Going to school in Boston allowed me to not only study in on the best cities in the country, but it also allowed me to learn more about Boston and be actively involved with my community. The school prepared me to take the next step in my life as I will be starting medical school next fall. Overall, going to MCPHS was a decision I am happy that I made.
So far my experience at the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences has be very good. I feel as though I am being adequately prepared to enter the profession of pharmacy.
I thought MCPHS was okay. I went for my B.S. in Radiologic Sciences (Radiography). The school is on the pricey side. When I first went there they did not have enough housing for all their freshman, so a lot of students stayed in the Wentworth Institute of Technology dorms, myself included. The lecture hall classes I had were very crowded, but the classes for my major were very small. A big benefit of this school for me was the intern affiliations. I was able to intern at Boston Children's Hospital, Beth Israel, and Brigham & Womens.
MCPHS is a great school. However a lot of improvement is needed- faculty wise and education wise. Overall, if you are good at learning on your own, this is a perfect school for you. Since it is a science based school, there are no sports to part take in. The school spirit needs improvement, it is very costly for no reason, and more care to the students is necessary.
I like how the school is very based on academics because it is important. I would hope to see more care from the professors, yes it's not their job to baby us but at least have them show that they care about us and treat us like we aren't just a paycheck.
I chose MCPHS because of the focus on the sciences. I am a pharmacy major and I think that as someone interested in the community field, MCPHS is a great school for me. Schedules are hard to change and we are block registered. I would have liked it more if we were able to make our schedules instead of going through a struggle every time we need a change. Most professors I have had are great and care about the students and their progress.
Admissions is run terribly and the academic support offered could be improved upon. Pharmacy program tends to over accept to make more money and then fails students out. Physician Assistant program is great!
Great professors that prepare you for your future pharmacy career. The courses are challenging during the 4th year but professors are willing to offer review sessions and additional supplemental instructions as needed.
During my time here at mcphs I have learned that time management is the key to your success here. The University as a whole is extremely small, making it easy to connect with your peers and professors. The curriculum is extremely fast pace and can make it easy to feel overwhelmed. One thing I would change is knowing all the different majors that the university offers prior to coming here. The Pharm D is the most advertised program here. Smaller programs like sonography, radiology, and pharm toxicology are branded often.
I went to orientation for this school a couple of months ago and I truly enjoyed the atmosphere of the campus. The security campus were very helpful with me finding where I needed to go. Even passerby around the campus were friendly and said hello to me as they walked by. It made me feel welcomed. I am excited about starting the school year this upcoming Fall!
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Offers Great Courses and an excellent learning environment. The college is populated by diverse and great minds all pushing to a further goal.
I love my college, Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences. I knew from the moment I walked inside for Accepted Students Day that MCPHS was the place for me! It's in the heart of Boston, Massachusetts and is surrounded by many amazing opportunities and hospitals. This college is very focused on medical professions and really set up their students for success by having great professors and opportunities to find nearby internships/volunteer opportunities. I am very happy with my choice to attend MCPHS because the courses I am taking are interesting and important for my future. The location of the school is ideal for me, as I plan on volunteering at Boston Children's Hospital which is right across the street. MCPHS also has excellent graduate programs including the Master of Physician Assistant program that I plan on applying for in a few years. MCPHS is a small, safe, diverse college worth looking into if you're interested in the medical field.
Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences is a really great fit for students who are driven. In this school you are surrounded by people of similar interests regardless of what major you are in, you are surround by people who want to go into one heath related profession or another and who's ultimate goal is to help others. The campus is incredibly diverse and accepting of others differences and is built on a platform of respect. MCPHS has a lot of beneficial aspects such as its various types of academic assistance that it provides for all of its students, but if I were to change something I would try and build more of a community. There are students from all over the world, and from many different backgrounds, it would be nice to become more familiar with those around us.
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