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Not only are my peers supportive, but also my teachers. Class sizes are small enough for every student to get the attention they each need. I have never been happier at a school or ever felt so supported. Even in lecture halls I know I have the resources I need to excel.
MassArt has a really tight knit community but it is an underfunded public school so in certain areas it lacks; like for example in keeping the buildings up to date, housing, and security. But as for the artists, the major professors are talented artists themselves and you are constantly surrounded by creativity. It's a school that will teach you how to think out of the box and give you the tools to do so, but it falls behind when it comes to teaching you the technical skills you need.
Massart tries to prepare students to show their portfolio to the world. Students must create excellent art portfolios to help get a good job in the future. You must be self motivated to be at MassArt. Most professors don't care in reality about your success. That's on you. The culture at MassArt tries to act like its diverse and stuff but it's not really. I see cliques and kids hating other kids for their differences in who they are. Housing is too expensive, but it's on campus so it's local. The housing administration is awful as they do not do a good job with roommate matching or handling conflict situations.
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great facilities for 3D work. Ceramics, wood, metals, jewelry, and glass have phenomenal workshops. Fibers should have more space and not only be craft based, but more textiles and manufacturing driven.
Fantastic staff and facilities, classes are informative and enticing. I’ve learned so much about myself, my work ethic, and my artwork since starting at Mass Art.
International grad students. Stay far away. The program is outdated and stilted. There is NO exchange between disciplines and the meager resources they have are diverted to undergrads. And honestly, I have no idea why anyone would rate this diverse. Perhaps it is diverse in terms of class, gender, and sexuality but racially it is horrid. There have been plenty of classes where we've discussed race without a single black person in the classroom. As a PoC, I've also had plenty of racist encounters with faculty. There is little to no understanding of the rest of the world in this extremely isolated American college
The environment is really good for art students that want to pursuit their own path in the art world. I liked it.
It's very much what you make of it. The professors and resources there are of great help if you already know what you're curious about. It's small enough where professors will get to know you personally but you need to push for those interactions. It's a great school and it doesn't get enough credit, but it doesn't need more equity among majors.
Thus far, I would say that my experience has been relatively satisfying. I've had excellent professors that were very helpful and understanding of any set-backs I had during the year. Many classes are challenging, but not impossible. It requires a lot of dedication and hard work. Also, the people there are very friendly, making it easier to deal with the work load. However, I think there are too many students enrolled, too many for the college campus to handle. This makes applying for classes difficult as they fill up quickly and leads to a lot of frustration if a student is not aptly prepared. In addition, many students were left on waiting lists. The college bit off a little more than they could chew. Overall, I've enjoyed my Freshmen year and I am excited to continue in Sophomore year.
It is an amazing school! I would like to see more counseling programs however. The food is okay, but it is not recommended for anyone who cannot eat meat or gluten. The overall campus life is very wonderful and everyone is very kind.
Mass Art has the capability of being a great school. The professors are great and so many great classes are offered. However, even being a public school, it is far too expensive. So many students have to drop out because tuition costs too much. I probably won't be able to graduate because I won't be able to afford senior year.
Great college, really love the class i’m graduating with and the teachers i have taken, make sure to research the teachers before you take a class.
I'm a print major and I transferred from another college because I love their facilities. The professors are very knowledgeable, I was actually recommended to this college by a professor who had attended graduate school here
MassArt offers many student-run events and ways to get involved right off the bat. The atmosphere is very welcoming, and I've met many wonderful students and professors so far, and I have already learned a lot about art.
Being in an art school environment and meeting different kinds of artists was inspiring and helpful to my own progress as an artist. While foundation year is helpful, it would be better if the school allowed freshmen to take electives in their intended majors so they could realize sooner rather than later whether or not they are dedicated to it. Overall great experience.
I found about half of the teachers to be rather detached and unfriendly, which didn't lead to a very helpful teacher student relationship. The facilities are good and some of the teachers were excellent, but it was not the norm. I chose not to complete my education here.
I withdrew from MassART mid-junior year. The Animation program is a joke and the department as a whole does NOT want students to pursue digital artwork or working on animations as a commercial job. I spent most of my time making abstract animations that I didn't care about than actually animating. The professors applaud abstract 'indie' style animations, and will harshly grade digitally produced character based/narrative based work.

In my 2.5 years at MassART, I learned nothing to improve my artwork and ended up teaching myself everything. Not to mention that the school seems to care more on outward appearances based on their recent 40+ million dollar building that has little to no use for students, and yet some of the classrooms in the school have literal holes in the walls and mice infestations.

The school doesn't seem to care about students as much as they do about their appearance to people not enrolled in the school.

MassARtT was the biggest regret of my life.
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I had a very amazing experience during my four years at this fine institution. The faculty is top notch and comparable to almost any other top university in the world.

I had a very amazing experience during my four years at this fine institution. The faculty is top notch and comparable to almost any other top university in the world.

I had a very amazing experience during my four years at this fine institution. The faculty is top notch and comparable to almost any other top university in the world.
This school is overall decent if you want to improve on your art. I hate how everything you make has to have deep personal meaning into the art. It drains you out after a while and most of the stuff you make has to be forced. The facility is okay, some teachers are nice but others are rude. Dorms can be annoying but its better than searching for places to live. Dorms are local too so that's a plus.
It was very in organized designed to make you spend more money by making you spend an extra semester. Only public art school very affordable but you get what you pay for. Some good teachers and facilities but unorganized anarchy but good if you can take advantage. Not many dorms or much of a campus overpriced dorms and food considering quality live off campus. I studied painting and art history. Not too exspensive but Art School is a rough investment.