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I am studying Communications here currently, about to go into my fourth semester, and I have attended mainly the Wellesley Hills campus. The campus is very safe, and there are a ton of resources. The faculty are extremely helpful and really want you to succeed. Because there aren't many students, getting one on one tutoring or help in a subject is very easy. While there isn't a ton of student involvement, there are still ways to get involved and make the most out of your 2 or 3 years here. There's Student Government, as well as clubs. The reason for three stars is some of the professors. While most of mine have been good, a lot of the math professors are seriously lacking. Also, the class selection isn't great when you get into your later semesters. I would definitely recommend Massbay to anyone looking to save money on education. Overall, it's been a great experience.
I would like to see more diversity and more understanding professors, and more safety around the school and a more helpful staff and in the offices of the school
The flexibility one has as a student to reach out to a professor is very reliable. If you're lucky you can even catch your professor after class to discuss a paper or to simply ask a question instead of having to undergo the process of office hours.
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Professors are very helpful and want the student to succeed. Very friendly atmosphere. All age groups are welcome.
Massbay has a very active and inclusive community. There is always someone to talk to about what you need. There are great resources at the school and it's a great slow start for those unsure about college. Massbay is also a great place to return for education and there are many students that range over multiple age groups and backgrounds. There are many opportunities available at the school, you just need to reach out and take them.
Very average school. If you just need to get some credits out of the way on the cheap, this is a great place to do it. Otherwise, you won't get much out of the education sadly.
I love Massbay, it’s inexpensive and the academics are excellent. I also love the fact that most courses are offered In the evening so it allows me to spend time with my children.
Affordable classes, and very helpful staff. Professors are very dedicated and always available. Library scene and technology not the highest in comparison to other schools, but average. Very diverse in ages and ethnicity, welcoming campuses.
Im currently taking online classes after leaving in 08. Im trying to finish my degree by transferring to UMass Lowell. Honestly, i couldn't ask for a better school. Everything is done with ease and counselors are their to help me figure out my path every step of the way. The financial aid office is amazing and responds quite quickly. I do believe going to community college before a 4 year is the best way to go as it helps prepare one for the studious journey ahead.
I liked the opportunities that I was given as a student at MassBay Community College. They have many hidden gems that students are unaware of, such as support in finding a job or internship, childcare reimbursement program, as well as mentoring programs for students in different majors. The campus is very diverse, with a friendly, open atmosphere. It is very easy to make lasting connections with the students, faculty and staff here at MassBay.
Great Community. Great Professors. Great Course offerings. Campus could be better. It could definitely use some updating. However, overall it is a great school.
Everything is so limited, classes are too easy, students don't want to learn, and professors think less of us because we're at a community college.
My experience at Massachusetts Bay Community College was life changing. The was no excuse for falling behind because the amazing staff that was always there to help me. This school taught me not only academic skills but social skills as well. Why it's so important to be aware of different cultures and ethnicities.
Overall I had a great experience. The teachers and faculty are great. I'd enhance more student activities.
Some of the required classes for your specific major may not be available as online classes or night classes, which is a real bummer. Or a certain class will be available only on the Framingham campus, which can be inconvenient.
Some professors just do not know how to use Blackboard. You will get teachers who think discussion board posts should be formatted like essays, or teachers who think it's reasonable to expect you to submit five assignments per week. With online classes just make sure you read the syllabus in advance to know when things are due, and force your professors to clarify expectations if they are vague.
Alumni network isn't really much of a thing, being a community college. Career center is okay but really Mass Bay is a means to an end. You're not going to get employed with just an AA, you're here to get your AA and then transfer somewhere else to get your bachelors before you will get a real job.
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The class sizes are smaller than I expected, which I was impressed by and something I really enjoy with the class discussions. Your style of class definitely depends on the professor, some prefer to just read powerpoint slides while others really engage you with discussions and activities. Look up professors names on ratemyprofessor or other similar sites before you enroll in classes each semester.
Mass Bay is a true community college, not a for-profit university. It cares more about you and your future than making money. You can advance your career here, but of course it's up to you to select the right major and do your research about which fields are ideal for employment.
I do wish there was a major in Human Services which could be transferred to UMass Boston as part of the Mass Transfer program, because that's what I want to do with my life and hopefully get a Masters in Social Work eventually. The closest thing I can do is get an AA in Psychology, transfer to UMass Boston for a BA in Social Psychology, and then apply to grad school for my MSW.
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