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Maryville College is a great college. Academics will be strenuous because it's a Liberal Arts College.
This school is great to be outdoors. You can go on adventures at any time in the mountains. There are tons of clubs that are so much fun including different choirs. These clubs let you take trips all over the place.
Wonderful college! Prepared me for the work force even though I chose a major that was not the best for "preparing for the workforce" (aka, religion). Great professors and staff who really cared about my success in life. Great culture on campus!
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I’m in my first year at Maryville College, and I have to say it’s my home away from home. The Professors have all been willing to help and answer questions. The advisors and office staff are also amazing. They have made my moving out on my own to campus an easy adjustment and making sure I stay on track with my classes. Maryville College is a great College.
What I liked about Maryville College is that working with them and contacting them is super easy. Also the staff and coaches are super personable. Plus the campus is amazing!
The professors really care about the students and are willing to go the extra mile for them as long as the students are willing to meet them halfway. The administration seems, at times, to be less student friendly. Some of the housing policies and practices are out-dated or more complicated than necessary. I would love to see the option of living off campus be available for all students.
Very safe campus, lots of good teachers. Financial aid is a bit frustrating to deal with, but it's worth the headache to be here. It's a small campus with a good community.
Maryville College has amazing academics and professors. My experience their has been wonderful, but one thing I would like to see be changed would be newer technology.
While at times, the small size (1,100 students or so ) can feel like you're still in high school. I realized that it allowed for genuine relationships that I would not find at a large university. This goes for relationships with my peers and also the professors.
Maryville College strives to create a indelible experience for students, faculty, and visitors alike. The campus is very safe, and students are encouraged to be active in various activities Maryville College has to offer. Students, professors, and staff all experience challenges that inspire growth in education, character, and self.
For me Maryville College is a wonderful smaller college with a beautiful campus. I've greatly enjoyed all my time at Maryville and have had amazing instructors/professors. Maryville was my first choice college and it did not disappoint.
This school is amazing. You'll never meet staff and faculty members that care as much about the students as Maryville College's employees do. The campus is GORGEOUS and they are so outdoor and environmentally active. The students care about each other and love one another. The only way to describe this school is to call it my adopted family. Go Scots!
I love Maryville College. It is a small, liberal arts college in Maryville, Tennessee right next to the Appalachian Mountains. There are multiple organizations on campus that are actively involved in the surrounding communities. The class sizes are small, which has allowed for me to build meaningful relationships with my professors. I also love how much Maryville College advocates for studying abroad. The school offers multiple scholarships One thing that I would change about Maryville would be the foreign languages that are offered. I would love to learn Italian, but that language is not currently offered.
When i went to Maryville for a college visit I fell in love with this school. Everything about it was beyond my expectations. The cafeteria food was outstanding and the employees there are super friendly. The campus it self is gorgeous. My favorite thing about this college is that its a small town college and everyone is super friendly to everyone.
It's been pretty good so far. It's kinda expensive, and the food's not as good as it could be. It's also not a closed in campus, so even though I feel pretty safe, I still wish it was gated or something. The campus is also small, so you can wake up 15 minutes before class and still get there on time. Also, since it's a small college, you actually get to know your teachers, and you're not just another face in the crowd. Overall, it's a really good school.
Maryville College has small classroom sizes for those that like more individualized education. It's a beautiful campus and feels like a community. No matter if you are into sports or the arts, Maryville can provide opportunities to get involved. I would highly recommend you coming to campus!
Maryville College has great professors and academically challenging classes. However, if you are an out of state resident on campus I recommend bringing a car because campus is dead on the weekends.
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Maryville College is the perfect location if you're looking for a school with a community feel. All the professors are friendly and want to help in any way they can. The school also has student tutors for some classes if you need additional help. While the academics are great, the social events are also really fun. My favorite is the "Finals Breakfast" they have every semester before finals. A lot of the professors help out and they have a late-night breakfast to fuel the all-night studying. It definitely isn't a party school, but that's not what I wanted out of college anyway.
I love MC. It is a school where classes are small enough that the professor has time to work with each student. Strong academics, love this school, however, it is very cultural despite the affiliation with the Presbyterian Church. Also, I am a commuter, so I can tell very little about life on campus.
Maryville College is a great campus filled with amazing people. The professors there really take the time to get to know you and to help you succeed.
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