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I love Maryville College! Great environment both inside and outside. Intelligent and kind people. Can't wait to continue my studies here.
Maryville college has a really great community, and wonderful professors. The campus is beautiful. Kind of expensive but it's worth it for a great education.
A small college that feels like home! The professors and staff actually know students by name and care about their home life. The classes are hard but rewarding. It's not the easiest school to transition to if you are 23 and older. They could open up to older adults more instead of Students fresh out of High-school. The tuition is high since it is a private school but scholarships are available. The food is pretty good. The campus is beautiful and easy to walk. More parking would be nice.
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Maryville college is the best college to attend if you want to feel like you truly matter. You are not just another pay check for them; they truly want you to succeed. All the professors encourage you to think outside of the box. The campus itself is small and beautiful. You are not another face in the crowd because most students will know you by name or face. The only thing they could change is the high tuition rates and building on their online classes option.
Maryville College is an intimate and small college. The small class sizes allow for a student-faculty relationship that transcends the classroom. The faculty are supportive and provide excellent guidance. There are also a lot of ways to get involved in community and campus activities.
Since I have only been at this college for one year, I feel it necessary to only give it 4 stars since I haven't quite done all there is to do at this school. In my experience so far, this college is a wonderful place to be. The location is absolutely amazing, in my opinion. Right in the city, yet detached and half the campus is a trail filled wood that provides an escape from the struggles of college. I have only ever heard good things from this school.
This liberal arts college has taught me to be a free-thinker. Upon entering college, I was a very narrow-minded individual focused on my area of study. Following my graduation I reflect on a life-changing 4 year experience.
Maryville College is a wonderful college to be at. I absolutely love being in the choir program their. It's so fun and it makes me love singing even more. I also love the food at the Dining Hall. It's hard to get food there when you don't have a meal plan, but still great either way. The classes I'm taking right now are really cool and enjoy the majority of the teachers I have. The disabilities office there is amazing and the accommodations I have helped me so much. It really is a great college to go to. I highly recommend it.
I loved the diversity scene at Maryville and everyone's open minds and hearts. I also love the quantity of the school.
I loved how friendly everyone is makes you feel included. There to help when needed, easy to make friends, easy to find yourself, and also helps challenges you to be a better as well as you academic knowledge.
This college is a Christian college in Knoxville, Tennessee. It has a beautiful campus view and beautiful classrooms as well. The student population is low, but the school spirit is high. Maryville College has a range of options for majors and many different classes to choose from. I would recommend a look into this school.
Maryville College is a very good college that is small yet great at diversifying. The opportunities and events made available by Maryville College allows the student body to develop as the young adults they are. The college is also very academically successful in many areas.
Unlock Maraval college for several reasons. One is the location and the community involvement and support that we have students receive. Secondly the professors and all of the administrative personnel are friendly and always willing to help. It doesn’t hurt that you have a gorgeous views of the mountains as well.
I like the community that surround Maryville College, the student teacher ratio is awesome however diversity, the food and campus life isn’t what I had expected.
Overall it has been great!. The academics are fantastic, a lot of the teachers are professionals in there field allowing a great insight on ones future career. It is a very diverse campus with people from all sorts of backgrounds and ethnic groups, it is also a very liberal campus despite it being a christian college. Never once have I felt unsafe on the campus. The only thing is the food is awful in the cafeteria but there is lots of cheap and cheap local food just 5 mins from the campus.
Maryville College is a great college. Academics will be strenuous because it's a Liberal Arts College.
This school is great to be outdoors. You can go on adventures at any time in the mountains. There are tons of clubs that are so much fun including different choirs. These clubs let you take trips all over the place.
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Wonderful college! Prepared me for the work force even though I chose a major that was not the best for "preparing for the workforce" (aka, religion). Great professors and staff who really cared about my success in life. Great culture on campus!
I’m in my first year at Maryville College, and I have to say it’s my home away from home. The Professors have all been willing to help and answer questions. The advisors and office staff are also amazing. They have made my moving out on my own to campus an easy adjustment and making sure I stay on track with my classes. Maryville College is a great College.
What I liked about Maryville College is that working with them and contacting them is super easy. Also the staff and coaches are super personable. Plus the campus is amazing!
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