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The programs are very well designed and the faculty is eager to teach. I wish there had been more food options though.
The professors are very friendly and willingly to work to help you excel. The student life is always active and there are so many things to do. The facilities are great however could be updated. However an amazing school with great academics and student body.
Marymount University is a place I have always been connected to in high school, I took dual credit courses at marymount, and my parents ideally believed it was the best choice for me. I truly thought I could succeed at this school and be happy, but truthfully I was not. Despite this fact, I do not regret attending this school, it has taught me a lot about myself and the importance of priorities. Of course there are things that could be changed about Marymount University, but truthfully I know it's the right place for many other people, it just was not the right place for me.
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A mediocre school. The expense isn't worth the education received. It's bad. If you're looking to study communications or politics Marymount is not the right place for you. Only a few electives from each department are offered a semester. I took one class where I feel like I've learned something but the other com / pol classes will not prepare you at all. If you're actually interested in finding a career where you'll be able to use the knowledge you learned in college, the Marymount isn't for you.
Marymount University is a small school in Arlington, Va. It is a good place if you are looking for a decent government job and trying to focus on your studies.
Marymount University has many professors that care for the student's education. I enjoy that each class only has up to 20 students max so students have the oppurtunity to be one on one with students. It allows the professor to keep a closer eye on their students. The university offers many oppurtunities that most colleges don't offer like the connections they have in the work field, most students are offered internships. There are also many clubs for students to get involved on campus which gives them practice towards their work ethics.
A Great school, the professors are extremely helpful and can cater your college experience to your personal needs! Although the dorms are a bit outdated, Marymount is doing construction and should be improving soon! Athletics is a great way to stay connected with your community here.
Marymount university is a great school to go to if you want small teacher student ratios and help with your work. All of the professors are willing to go the extra mile and help you succeed. The location is great right by Washington DC. Great small school !!
I really like the professors. The class sizes are very small so you can easily get one on one help. You have to be accountable for classes as well which really help your gpa in the long run. Overall I really love this school #GoSaints
Marymount is a great school if you arent looking for an extremely large campus , yet you still have that university feel. In terms of resources for your education there is a lot available .
So far it has been a great academic experience. The professors are at every students disposal because the school is so small. They are extremely helpful in everything we need help with. The faculty and staff are very kind and joyful people to be around. If anything needs changing it would probably need to be the commuter parking situation. There is a mass overflow of commuters and not enough parking spots available
I enjoy the intimate feel of the small campus. I love the variety of clubs and the opportunity to mix and mingle with people from different backgrounds. However, the university is overpriced.
The teachers are wonderful and the surrounding area is fantastic. The food however is poor, and I feel guilty saying that because the cooks are very nice. There are little to no healthy options and I haven't had a solid bowel movement since going here. The social life is lacking as well. As it is a small campus and groups form really quickly. If you are not part of a group there really isn't anything to do. Again, the teachers are wonderful, but I don't know if that's enough to make me stay.
I'm currently a student and am so far loving my experience. The teachers are very friendly and help you to succeed. The diversity and over all size of the campus is great as well.
Marymount is a great small private University . The school is very diverse with many friendly individuals you can encounter with. However, the school lacks healthy and etiquette food. I do love the fact that the professors aren't so strict as I was expecting them to be. The professors are cool and you don't have to hesitate to ask questions in class or during their office hours where you can meet with them on your own time privately. We have free tutoring in any subject that you might need help in. I love the fact that we are only 15 minutes away from D.C. I love the fact that we have many clubs and sports that you can join such as: drama club, book club, movie club, fashion club, the International club, math club, science club, African American history club, etc. You can even form your own clubs. We have sports such as basketball, volleyball, soccer, etc. There is so many organization and fundraisers you can take part of.
I know many of students who have jobs on campus!
All of my professors are interesting and helpful, they never deny a helping hand.
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The safety is no joke here! They make you feel safe and secure no matter what!
Everyone is treated nicely and even if you do not agree with your roommate or you want to change your room the option is there for you, they make you feel as comfortable as possible.
We don't really have one though.
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