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It is my freshman year and it is okay. Food isn't the best and I commute so I'm no their all the time to know how it is. The location is great because you are near DC.
I visited the campus for basketball, but I must say that I was very pleased with how the rest of the campus was laid out. They have a very nice athletics center also.
Campus is poorly made. It is too small and you can barely find a parking lot.It is way too expensive for it's education.The cafeteria is too small, barely any options too choose from.
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What i like about Marymount University is that they are very different, they're organized, the environment is just peaceful and nice. The school isn't crazy nor hectic.
I'm a rising sophomore and my experience at Marymount for my first year was a variety of emotions. It was definitely a stressful year balancing out school and just transitioning from high school to college. Its an amazing school and I wouldn't want to go to any other university. The professors are very caring and want you to succeed. The environment on campus is super friendly and everyone is so nice and welcoming. Its a great environment especially for those who like to be in a small classroom setting and a small campus
Marymount's student population is well diverse, but faculty and staff are not. Most professors are phenomenal are always there to help. To really know get out there and find leadership roles and opportunity you MUST get involved with clubs (that's the key). Just like any other school you must keep up with student accounts and financial aid or they may mess you over.

Overall , if you are here for the location (10 minutes from DC; approximately 4miles) and the academics, this is the university for you.
Marymount University is a very good college. The people treat like family, they well help you with anything you need. You will feel safe on campus don't have to worry about anything. The professors there really take there take and teaching you the lesson and not just go fast and move on. If you need to stay after to have a meeting with professors they will let you know when would be the best time for you and him/her both.
My overall experience with Marymount has been okay. Its a great place for job seeking since D.C. is not so far away. The party scene is usually at the many sports houses nearby where people their tend to go wild and ballistic. the food is okay for its taste but not if you are trying to eat healthy.
I will be attending Marymount University in Fall of 2017. I have visited the campus and have met some of the staff and faculty of Marymount. Marymount University also has a vast amount of departments for undergraduates and graduates. I had a wonderful experience hence the reason I applied and will be a student at Marymount University.
Marymount is amazing. Small classes with small numbers of students which helps you to know your classmates and professors more in depth and also it let's your professors know you individually. That is an advantage because the less students in the class the more the professors focus on and also have time for one on one studies. The only thing that should be improved is mean plan.
The programs are very well designed and the faculty is eager to teach. I wish there had been more food options though.
The professors are very friendly and willingly to work to help you excel. The student life is always active and there are so many things to do. The facilities are great however could be updated. However an amazing school with great academics and student body.
Marymount University is a place I have always been connected to in high school, I took dual credit courses at marymount, and my parents ideally believed it was the best choice for me. I truly thought I could succeed at this school and be happy, but truthfully I was not. Despite this fact, I do not regret attending this school, it has taught me a lot about myself and the importance of priorities. Of course there are things that could be changed about Marymount University, but truthfully I know it's the right place for many other people, it just was not the right place for me.
A mediocre school. The expense isn't worth the education received. It's bad. If you're looking to study communications or politics Marymount is not the right place for you. Only a few electives from each department are offered a semester. I took one class where I feel like I've learned something but the other com / pol classes will not prepare you at all. If you're actually interested in finding a career where you'll be able to use the knowledge you learned in college, the Marymount isn't for you.
Marymount University is a small school in Arlington, Va. It is a good place if you are looking for a decent government job and trying to focus on your studies.
Marymount University has many professors that care for the student's education. I enjoy that each class only has up to 20 students max so students have the oppurtunity to be one on one with students. It allows the professor to keep a closer eye on their students. The university offers many oppurtunities that most colleges don't offer like the connections they have in the work field, most students are offered internships. There are also many clubs for students to get involved on campus which gives them practice towards their work ethics.
A Great school, the professors are extremely helpful and can cater your college experience to your personal needs! Although the dorms are a bit outdated, Marymount is doing construction and should be improving soon! Athletics is a great way to stay connected with your community here.
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Marymount university is a great school to go to if you want small teacher student ratios and help with your work. All of the professors are willing to go the extra mile and help you succeed. The location is great right by Washington DC. Great small school !!
I really like the professors. The class sizes are very small so you can easily get one on one help. You have to be accountable for classes as well which really help your gpa in the long run. Overall I really love this school #GoSaints
Marymount is a great school if you arent looking for an extremely large campus , yet you still have that university feel. In terms of resources for your education there is a lot available .
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