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I just began to study here as a freshman. It has been great, I wouldn't change anything. It's a great school and has a great environment. Love it!
Martmount Manhattan College is great as far as academics and professors. It is also diverse and promotes all types of students to pursue their course of study with openness to their identity.
MMC is an amazing community filled with passionate, driven students. The professors truly want you to succeed. This school allows for endless opportunities and real world exposure. Would highly recommend.
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The theatre program is excellent. If you like small schools, this is for you - there are only two buildings and a small student body. There isn’t really a campus, so if you want a traditional college experience it may not be the best choice.
My experience with Marymount has been great so far, i'm an incoming freshman to the school and every contact i've had with the school and staff has been amazing, everyone is amazing, I recommend Marymount for those who want a hands on experience as well as a campus filled with adventure.
Overall, this school is nice. I only attended one semester due to financial circumstances because it was too expensive. The classes were small and if you’re a person that’s serious about learning you can receive a lot more feedback and communicate well with your professors. Life as a student outside the classroom was okay for me. There aren’t any sports which was a downfall for me but they had a lot of activities that were worthwhile. Dorm life was nice and making friends was natural. If you’re thinking of attending this school I would suggest applying for scholarships/grants ahead of time and apply for work study - it’ll really help the cost of tuition if not given extensive financial aid. All in all, just being in New York City was a plus and Marymount served me well as a student even for just the short amount of time I was there.
The school is very small, the professors are good. Marymount is lacking in the diversity of student life aspect. The food isn’t that great, but the classes are interesting, professors care for their students, and being in nyc, everything is within walking distance.
Fall 2017 was my first semester at Marymount Manhattan College as a transfer student. I love this school from all the diversity and groups of people i have met in my first four months. My professors were all very nice and dedicated to their students and their passion for teaching. I study communication arts and i love the program that Marymount has to offer here! My first 3 communication classes here has taught me a lot about the depths of interpersonal relationships and how to communicate effectively according to the dynamic of the relationship. I have made a best friend already and will hope to strive with good grades for my following semesters!
This college really just does not care about its students.... Seriously. We have a shortage of classes, not enough support/resources, and a faculty full of by the book, uninterested, and lazy professors. The students here are shallow, rude, and frankly untalented. Ever since day one, I knew that I hated it here. Don't worry though, once you drop out and do anything notable, they'll make sure to take full and exclusive credit for your accomplishments.
I can't imagine being anywhere other than Marymount, but many dislike it because it isn't for them. Personally I LOVE small class sizes. I'm a communications major with a minor is business management and law and ethics. I get minimal homework and have straight As on the deans list just for participating. I came to Marymount a 2.8 GPA student and now have a 3.6. I love all my professors and really made strong relationships with them. Being in New York has endless possibilities. Comm classes are easy and class options are great. If you want to be a comm major, COME TO MARYMOUNT! Corey Liberman is the gem of the school and the best professor a student could ask for. It's not right for everyone because it's a small school and it's a city campus. The school is very cliquey but If you're outgoing you'll have no problems making friends. last thing is if you want party life you need a fake ID but can still have fun without one just not as much. Any time I can gas up my school I do 100%
Marymount Manhattan is such an amazing school. Not only is it in the heart of NYC but it's the heart of NYC. This campus is so involved in the city life and the environment is amazing. Not only the faculty and staff rock but so do the students. I can't wait to attend this fall.
awful school, was tempted to write N/A for academics, as every class I took was one I had taken in middle school. An absolute waste of money, I learnt nothing, paid 30,000 dollars to relive middle school, fron the social scene to the classes. 0/10, would not recommend
Wonderful campus and location. The School is located in the heart of the UES in Manhattan.
Incredible environment and community, especially extremely diverse. No athletics/ sports, but numerous other clubs, activities and opportunities to get involved .
Yes, diversity is very strong but only surface level. EVERYONE accept one person i met out of the 2 semesters is a hard core democrat that will witch hunt you if you have different views. It's a very strong "safe space" place which makes me feel like I'm in high school and I have to watch out for everyone's feelings even though we are all adults. Very cliquey, very superficial, very high school.
I liked the walk to my classes. I liked all the places I could get food in town. I did not like the dorm. I had horrible roommates, which were messy and sloppy. The survey to find a roommate was horrible because they matched me up with horrible people, who ended up getting kicked out for doing marijuana and drinking.
I am currently a second semester freshman majoring in marketing. First semester was great for me as I was in classes that related to my major and I took a class that was related to my theatre minor. I had a great social life and partied like a normal college kid. However, second semester has been miserable. I still have a great social life and I still party, but my classes are awful. Only one is related to my major. I am in a random elective that I am probably going to fail because I literally have no idea what is going on in the class and I am trying hard. This "elective" is actually a class for another major which is why it is so difficult. I am miserable walking into this school because I know this semester is essentially a waste of my time. I am not learning anything that will benefit my major. To be fair last semester was great. I adored all my professors and my classes benefited my major. Socially, I love this school. I have a lot of friends and party a lot.
While i have learned a lot from Marymount, and have taken as much knowledge and information I can, if I had to go back and do the college process again, I would not have chose Marymount. Other than the arts departments, MArymount does not have much to offer, and even though it is a small school, sometimes it feels like the faculty do not notice you.
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If you are a wealthy, white female or a white gay guy who is a performer and loves belittling people then this is the school for you. I could not keep up with disgraceful pace of hate and ignorance to real world problems. The lack of community and shared space seemed to damper the mood at any lame school event. When withdrawing, I went through five people working at the school who all gave me different answers on how to withdraw. When I finally got home, I had to call three times, not including the times I called with no answer, for someone to explain to me how to request transcripts. Also for such high tuition the library computers are always full, the wifi does not work well and there is limited lounge area at the school. You would think that because the school has such a high rate of students transferring out that the credits would be easy to transfer but unfortunately they aren't. Now I have to pick up extra classes at my new college just to catch up on such a waste of time.
School very small. There is not gym or place to exercise, There ate not that many diverse clubs and extracurricular activities.
The professors were unreliable, and hard to communicate with. Four out of my five professors in my first year at MMC did not follow with their grading policies, were incredibly vague about assignments, and gave tests that included information we had not yet learned. Most professors are very strict about attendence, and openly play favorites. I had a professor who spoke harshly behind the backs of every student who had missed class that day, and was openly rude to them when they came back. I appreciate that the school has a strong theater and dance department, but if you are not associated with either theater or dance, you are belittled by other students, even some faculty and not taken seriously. The classes are not too difficult, most professors tend to lecture and get off topic quickly, but exams, essays and projects tend to be detailed and require a lot of preparation that you most likely will not have recieved from the class itself.
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