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The music therapy program at Marylhurst is excellent and has staff who are extremely supportive and knowledgeable in their teaching method and in fieldwork. The courses that are required in the program ensure that students gain a lot of hands-on experience out in the field under the supervision of professional music therapists.
This school is very strong in certain programs like music therapy and art therapy, and from what I hear it has good online business classes and grad programs. It's small (under 1,000 students) and diverse in age range, with a lot of 2nd-degree working students in their 30s and up. However, being a small private school it can sometimes be expensive, and resources in the last few years have been cut due to budget constraints.

Academically, you get what you put in - you can skate by with Bs quite easily and pass through, if you want to waste your money.... but that doesn't mean you'll succeed out in your field. But if you put in the time, you can excel and the professors will go to bat for you and help meet your needs when you communicate with them. (Food on campus is great! But only served during very limited hours, hence the 3-star rating.)
MU is a private liberal arts university very suitable for adult students. It will carefully consider all previous credits and transfer all possible. Ideal for those with two years of community college looking for a 4-year degree with a flexible, respected institution that offers convenient class hours plus online and hybrid options. Not much on-campus housing but the location is quiet, pretty and full of character.
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My school is unique because it offers uncommon programs and offers different types of enrollment to satisfy the needs of working students
There are a lot of very knowledgeable professors on campus
It was difficult at first to figure out what I needed to do, but someone is generally around to help.
I have had no safety concerns on campus
We don't have greek life at my school
This is my first experience with higher education so I do not have anything to compare it to. However, I have not had any trouble finding what I need.
Marylhurst is a beautiful campus, not at all crowded and the people are very nice.
I won't begin until September. So far, it has been an overwhelmingly positive experience.
Off-campus housing is expensive and getting more so everyday. It is really hard to find a good roommate and a reasonable price for a room. There is a message board on the students homepage for the college that lets you know if there is a person looking for a roommate. Other than that your on your own.
This school is 20 minutes form downtown Portland. The scene is amazing. There is so much to do and see. There are a lot of outdoor things to do from hiking, snowboarding, fishing, boating, swimming, sight seeing, bar hopping, shopping and I could go on for a while. Students are well received by everyone. There is a local NBA team as well as a roller derby team and a soccer team. All sports are covered here. I feel pretty safe in and around Portland. I mean there are pockets of crappy neighborhoods but who doesn't have that.
There is absolutely no party scene here.
This school is located 20 minutes south of Portland Oregon where the logo is "keep Portland weird". So keep that in mind. Portland is one diverse place with people form all over the U.S. as well as the world. Here at this school there is no real typical look. There is just people. White, black, Indians from India, Indians from America, Canadians, Islamic, gays, lesbians, Christians, and other faiths and even non faiths. If you could think of someone they probably go to school here.
I don't know what Greek life is so there for I don't think its a bit deal at this school.
This is a private school with not much focus on athletics or sports. There is a strong sense of school spirit because it is an old school with a long history.
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Off campus is a drive to anywhere good and its expensive. On campus it is great expensive coffee, sandwiches and finger foods. Think of Starbucks and just as expensive.
This school is geared toward adults returning to school. So the average student is in their 30's. That being said, everyone, students and teachers, expect you to act like an adult. Which the expect you to do so by following the rules, showing up on time and being respectful towards other students and faculty. Partying is not an issue because there are no dorms and really no local bars that you can get to without a drive. The only person affecting the students academic or social life is the student. If they choose not to study when leaving the campus then there is a lot steps the school takes to get that student back on track and motivated. If a students suffers from some other issue I am sure the school would do everything in their power to help the student.
Coming to a university after a community college was a big change especially in when it came to financial aid. Marylhurst took care of me. I was able to converse via email which was so much better than waiting on the phone for hours at a time. Also there was only one person that I worked with instead of trying to find the right time to come in and wait to get help from someone I have never seen. Which was the case at a community college. I loved this experience. Financial aid at Marylhurst was on top of it and even signed me up for scholarships and helped me attain them.
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