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WORST COLLEGE EVER!!!!! First they take your money which is not even worth the money of living on campus the crappy meals on the meal plan which is way overpriced they get people off the streets to cook our food ! The dorms are overpriced the RA'S who run them are childish and break into peoples rooms. Also the security guards are all over 45 and don't do anything but flirt and talk to students during their shift. The professors don't always try to help you when they know that you need help in class and with books. On top of that the BASKETBALL TEAMS SUCK, Actually all their sports team suck and lastly with my rant they barely give out scholarships and grants. This then makes financial aid force you to take out a loan, if you actually want to enjoy college , save money and make friends that aren't phony and enjoy a dorm life don't go to Marygrove:)
My courses are very responsible and time managing. The Professors are very hands on and understandable.
I still haven't attended work study but my college advisor highly recommend it.
Review Marygrove College
I haven't had any experience with sexual assault or complaints so i feel very safe on campus.
I don't live on campus so I don't know anything about campus housing.
I am not for sure if Mary grove do have Greek life, so I didn't know how to approach this topic.
The athletes that do attend Mary grove are very hard working and motivated
So far, the teachers are easy approachable and the students are very engaging
some professors are difficult to cope with. they come to work to teach and leave. they teach too fast and they grade very hard.
I have no experience with that yet.
since I have been there I have yet once seen or heard any bad report about the school.
it is a very clen school. no mess is tolerated there.
dorms are available. I have never heard of the greek life
they always have an event going on
they are pretty hard to comprehend with
To finish college, and graduate and to be employed, is huge to the Detroit Community.
I did not live on campus.
Review Marygrove College
The Greek life is quiet. Unless you search around, you will jot really find the Greeks on campus.
The dance program is Excellent. Its a breathe of fresh air. The entire world should know how great this ballet and dance program.
Marygrove is a great school. Its a private college and I have learned so much. This college definitely prepared me for the daily work force.
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