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Mary Baldwin have great and engagaing professors. Small class sizes. And the university is set on a mountainous landscape, so you'll definitely get a leg workout.
note: it's an all women's college program
Mary Baldwin helps students develop leadership and critical thinking. The professors are top notch and easily accessible in terms of communication.
I like the professors at Mary Baldwin and the sisterhood I have created. There are many different clubs and organizations here to choose from and the classes are fairly easy. The traditions within the office of inclusive excellence always keep me busy and are a great experience. I enjoy the scenery and weather in the area, the campus is close to downtown Staunton and it is convenient to walk there. Mary Baldwin is a great school with a diverse campus and I am proud to be a flying squirrel.
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My current experience so far has been very enjoyable. Mary Baldwin College is now Mary Baldwin University so there has been a small name change o reflect the growth of the school. The thing that I like most about Mary Baldwin is that the school is very diverse and enjoys being that way. There is a mixture of people, sexuality, religion, and so much more that allows students to learn and grow together in ways unimaginable.
All of the professors here are very passionate about what they are teaching, as well as being knowledgeable in their fields of study. Many of the classes are small, so professors are willing to spend time with students to help them understand course materials.
The school is pretty expensive for no reason; I came to this school for the Virginia Women's Institute for Leadership program.
Overall, it's a decent school. It does cost a lot of money to go to this school and you don't receive the value of what you're paying for. The school is quiet and hilly. The professors are understanding and very helpful. The food and housing are definately not worth all the money that you pay for it. There are little to no fun social engagements. Nonetheless, the school is alright if you're willing to pay a lot of money to sacrifice a college experience for a chance to be well focused on your education.
The best thing about Mary Baldwin is how they make you feel like family. JMU is the place you'll have to go for a party and the Campus Cafe for a decent sandwich, but you'll always be coming home to a warm bed, nice people, good teachers and role models, and new friends.
It's an okay school if you don't want to go to graduate school and want to go to a school a step above community college.
I feel comfortable walking on campus at night time because I know how to defend myself but I do believe there should be more guards and more lights. I also think there should be more security phones.
The career center is a good resource to find interns and jobs.
I did not live on campus but I been in one of the dorms and it could use a few updates.
Do not know much about the Greek life because I'm an adult student.
I'm was not interested in varsity sports. I am an adult student so I was not involved with any sports, but I do support the teams.
The professors are very professional and very helpful if there is something in the class that you don't understand. My advisor helped me make a lot of good academic choices and is very helpful is stressful situations.
The rooms are pretty nice
It's good enough for the athletes and for people to work out
It has it's ups and downs
Review Mary Baldwin College
Hundreds of courses are offered each semester with amazing professors to teach them and with the classes being grouped small, students can focus better. the style which is usually a lectured type of teaching is both boring but interesting when learning about a topic you are interested in.
Internships are offered every spring to junior and senior students. the Alumni are involved in every process almost within the college including any remodeling done on campus. For the past couple years the recruitment number has been low due to quality and abilities of the recruiters to pull people in with interest.
I do not live on campus but I here it can be both bad and good. the buildings are old so some do not have air condition while others struggle with mold in the showers. the positive I hear is how friendly the dorms can be especially the RA's who are very focused on their job and help dorm residents as much as possible.
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