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I love Martin Methodist. The atmosphere is great. I love their athletics department their sportsmanship is amazing. They offer many different scholarships. Everyone at Martin Methodist College is like family. The staff really do care about you as an individual. The campus is beautiful and so are the personalities of people there. The food and dining is not the best. If you can help it, I would avoid the cafeteria. Unless you like eating chicken constantly. It's livable food but it's not something you want to eat all the time.
So far my experience at Martin has been great in the classroom. The professors work with the students very well and the help offered through the school is great. The social options of the town are not very great, but you learn to make do in such a small town.
Martin Methodist College is not like most universities. MMC is a close-knit school where one-on-one with professors is possible and encouraged. The teachers are well educated and know how to relay the information well to students to make it easy to understand and comprehend. There are things around campus that could be improved in order to make the school better, and currently we are trying to do something about such things as getting purified water fountains in the dorms. These things are possible because of the size and power of our small student body.
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I like that the campus is small and I can get help from my teachers whenever I need it. It would be nice if tuition didn't go up every semester. I'm thankful for the location of the school because it's close to my home.
Academics at Martin Methodist college are very highly rated. the professors are really nice and understanding, and if something is not understood they make sure that by the end of the class everyone is on the same page. The workload at Martin is as you would expect at college. There is a Student Resource Center on campus where students can go and get tutoring and any help they might need to prepare for classes. There are not specific study areas on campus, but you can study at picnic tables around campus or anywhere you feel most comfortable. Lots of people like to hang hammocks around campus and study on a nice day.
The diversity at Martin Methodist College is very broad. We have students from all over the world. Although our name entails that we are a Methodist affiliated school, we have many different religions. We also have people from different backgrounds come and find a feeling of safety and friends that they have tons in common with.
The Martin Methodist campus has become a tobacco free and dry campus, so there isn't any drinking and drugs on campus. If you are caught with it, you have to appear before the Board.
We have security around campus and I feel relatively safe walking around campus.
I love Martin Methodist College! Martin was the only college that I was really interested in. I feel like if I went to a bigger school I wouldn't be as happy as I am right now.
Im interested in something dealing with Religious Life but I haven't fully set my heart to anything yet.
Martin is an older campus so the living quarters aren't the best, but they aren't bad. I wish that the rooms were slightly larger, and the water temperature could be way better.
Athletics are a big part of the Martin Methodist Community. Intramural sports are a great quality that the school has, that gets students involved in Campus life.
I love my professors, and everyone is like a great big family. The small class sizes allow a one on one relationship with professors and peers. I enjoy having everything within walking distance of the dorm, and being able to make friendships that will last a life time.
The campus is located in a small town, the school helped build the town and the citizens are fond of the students. There are not many campus police officers roaming around however the cities police do all the time
Te degree programs are looked highly upon and interships for the school are fairly easy to find. Career search after graduation is fairly easy to find.
I love my professors, they are easy to talk to, make class enjoyable and are very personable with each and every student.
The housing is extremely good for as old as the buildings are. The rooms for the most part are cleaned upon arrival and the floors are cleaned daily. Overall the environment is great.
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There is not much greek life at the school. There are some that will host campus activities; however it is very low key and is not very noticable to students.
Athletics for Martin Methodist are a big part of the school. At most home games of basketball and vollyball the stands are filled and are loud. Martin students have a lot of school spirit and form school spirit clubs called the flock. Some sports such as Bowling or Golf at the school are not praised but are still viewed as a popular sport on campus
The school itself is a great and friendly environment. The professors care about their students and I love the smaller class sizes. The campus is taken care of and the dorms are not bad especially for being as old as they are. I am able to walk from class to class with no problem and office hours are convienent to me. The food for the school is not the best; however, there are plenty of choices to eat.
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