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I love how everyone feels like a family. We all relatively worship under the same faith, which is a big unifying factor to this family feeling. Yes, every school has it's typical drama, but with our Christian mentality we can conquer it together rather than ignoring it.
The one thing I would change (if I could) would be to move MLC off the hill. Even better would be to move it to a warmer place!
It is a wonderful place to be surrounded by those of the same faith and learn to share the word of God with others.
The best part about Martin Luther College is all the personable professors. Professors at MLC genuinely care about your education. They take the time to get to know you and your strengths and weaknesses. Advisors also take the time to go over how you fit so far into your major. Professors will reach out to you via email, phone, or in person to see how you are doing if you miss class. If you need to take the time to get extra help, professors are more than ready to help you out with whatever you need. They will meet in their office or in the library, and most will even go beyond their office hours to help you. All professors are knowledgeable of the Bible and God's Word. This is important since we are getting educated to be Christian leaders and teachers. The campus is small and the student population is low, so you really get that one on one attention from a professor that every student desires. I recommend this college to anyone seeking a career in Christian Education and Ministry.
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I attended Martin Luther College for five years and worked for them during that entire time including the summers. The faculty and staff are truly lovely and hard working. The courses were difficult, as college classes should be.
I have completed my freshman year at Martin Luther College, and it exceeded my expectations. Being on a relatively small campus allows students to get to know each other easily and create strong friendships. I have enjoyed getting to know my classmates and see them shine in their extracurricular activities. The professors genuinely make time for each student and do what they can to make sure that students fully understand the coursework. The classes are challenging and have fed my desire to become a teacher. The best part of MLC is the bond you create with everyone there through your shared faith. The love for Christ is evident the second you walk on campus and engage in conversation with someone. From the professors, the students, and the other staff everyone is there to build you up and help you become the best pastor or teacher you can be.
I love MLC because not only am I receiving a great education from wonderful coring professors, but I am also living my life surrounded by people you believe the same things as me.
Only care about money. if you have aomeone in the WELS you will have a good time, if not then they don't care about you. Tutors and RAs are not around, do not help you, RAs get free room+board even thought they are always late for a job where they do nothing. Charge you full tuition for student teaching when they do nothing. If your host family sends your money back to MLC to give back to you they will keep it. Let students drink and do drugs underage with no punishment but a small fine. Spend tons of sports and campus aesthetics rather than ehat students actually need. They look good on the outside to get you in the door and once they have your money they don't care.
My experience has been very good with Martin Luther College since the time I was accepted. I have had some difficulties along my career path due to health problems, but MLC has always been working with me and providing support when needed.
I love Martin Luther College. It is a great place to meet friends that you will have for a life time. It also helps me learn everything I will need to know for my future as a teacher.
I'm a junior at Martin Luther College this year. If you're looking to find a Christian spouse, this is the place to be. There's the constant joke that MLC actually means 'Making Lutheran Couples'. We are a Lutheran college with three majors- education, staff ministry, or pastoral track. The professors here are terrific, and I believe the student-teacher ratio is quite low. Campus life is very personal- since we only have about 750 students, everyone knows everyone, and most have a relative that goes here, since its the WELS college. I really love my time here, and have made lifelong relationships. MLC is very Christ-centered and worth a look at. New Ulm, MN, where we are, is a town of about 14,000 people. But, if you need bigger cities, there is Mankato, a bigger town, just a half hour drive away, and the twin cities are only an hour and a half away.
Martin Luther College is a school of close-knit individuals with a campus environment that just feels like home no matter where you go. With a small student body (generally around 700), Professors take a special interest in each of their students, and class sizes range from 8 to 30, which allows for in-depth discussions and almost personalized instruction. They are more than willing to help out their students financially in way they can, and provide a safe environment for students to grow in experience, knowledge, and their faith through fantastic classes and field opportunities.
It is the best school in the world for preparing students to serve in public ministry in the WELS. The faculty is well-trained and caring.
I love the friendly Christian atmosphere. If you are considering becoming a teacher or pastor in the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod, MLC will welcome you with open arms and guide you along the way to success.
Martin Luther College is a wonderful college to attend for those looking to enter the ministry and gain a quality christian education. I have greatly enjoyed my almost two years here. The campus is gorgeous, the people are beyond friendly most of the time, and the professors truly care about the well being of the students.
This is my first year in college, I had the experience of playing football at the college level. However, I did receive two injuries I would not change the experience for anything. The team and coaches were both great. This school makes you feel welcome from the time you step on campus. This is a close campus and everyone is family. I am have the best year of school. My grades are better then they have ever been and I owe that to the professors. Thank you for a great experience.
Martin Luther College is a great place to grow in your faith and get to meet friends for the rest of your life. The professor's are very approachable and willing to help. I think that the school should advertise more the other majors available not just education or pastor. We also have Chemistry, English, Physical Education, Social Studies, and more! The price of the school is very affordable when looking at other colleges.
We tend to care more about the lesson learned than the win.
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I love the fact that we are a big family on campus.
I feel extremely safe on this campus. There is very rarely an incident on this campus, basically never.
The professor's are very personable and willing to help students with anything they need help with.
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