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Marshalltown Community College is a great place to start right out of high school or to come back to your education. The professors are extremely helpful and the class sizes are small. The campus is about the size of a large high school with all your classes in the same building.
I love Marshalltown Community College or MCC. The teachers care for you. They make sure that you understand. The online professors are pretty great also.
As an international student everything was very new for me here in the United States. I was very welcomed by all the instructors at MCC. It was very easy for me to find my way at MCC and also did i blend in with all the students. MCC itself is very good the classes are very easy to understand. I did had to adapt myself to Marshalltown itself since it’s very small and doesn’t has much to do, but the college does organize activities for us to enjoy and have a fun college experience.
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One thing that I really enjoyed about MCC was that it was similar in size to my high school so the class sizes were small and it was easy to get one on one time with teachers. All of the teachers were willing to work with you as well which was nice especially if you play on an athletic team like I did. The main thing that I would like to see change would be to stop making students take classes that they're not interested in and have nothing to do with their major.
My experience at Marshalltown Community College has been a great experience. The staff here are very helpful and want every student to succeed. There are many resources here to help you achieve anything you need. The facility here is also very nice and always clean.
The staff and instructors are very caring and helpful. The diversity is amazing. The investment is well within budget. Financial aid is very knowledgeable and helpful in their ability to put everything together and to communicate effectively with time sensitive issues.
they did what you want them to do
The school has some instructors that are pretty liberal. Regardless on your political views, the teachers grade fairly and are open minded. As far as learning, the school does an adequate job.
I was a resident assistant for 3 out of 4 semesters that I was there. The resident life is huge on building a sense of pride and community as there was over 150 on campus events (not including sports events) to attend. The professors are driven to help their students succeed. Sport teams have a history of being successful and the Athletic Trainer there is one of the best I have seen. You have to be ontop of things while working with the admissions/registrars office but overall the school is nice.
Post-grads from my school are working in the local companies and help students get the skills they need for future jobs.
Teachers help students met local potential employers that offers internships.
Classes are small and I get the help I need to be successful.
Teachers help me to get career ready.
Tutiton is affordable. Small class size. Great school spirit!
All of my credits transferred easily into my new college, it was great not having to worry about taking any classes over.
When i took online classes there were a lot of technical difficulties and we couldn't do our classes for a few days at a time, for a few times.
I haven't been there to see for myself. I imagine it isn't much of worth though.
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Most professors would point us in the right direction for the right sources but not give us the sources.
I think the value of the degree at this school is about the same as any other community college, as this is just another community college.
You get put into very specific classes.
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