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Marshall University grows on you ! The entire community becomes your family. I love the atmosphere, which makes for a perfect learning environment. However, I would like to see for better formulate 4 years plans.
Marshall University is a highly accredited school and works with you in every way to make sure you have a great experience. The only downfall to the school would be the area it is in.
I like Marshall University because the campus is beautiful, the professors do their jobs for the most part, and it is easy to ask for guidance if you need it.
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my parents went here and loved it. i would love to see the area around the school to be safer and cleaner.
When I was in middle school we took a tour on the campus, and doorms. It was a very nice school, and they were all nicely mannered.
Attending Marshall University has been one of the best decision I have made. As an institution, we know our history, but we also see a bright future. Marshall faculty and students have pride in the school and want to see the University and its students thrive. I am an education major and I have never had a professor who does not care about my future. Every professor in my field keeps me well informed of things I need to do to succeed in my future career. The facility has done an amazing job at pushing for equality and acceptance of all students. One thing Marshall University could work on is updating its buildings. As I stated before, I am an education major and am in one of the oldest buildings on campus. Although the building has all of its necessities, I feel it could be updated like other buildings on campus. Marshall has beautiful buildings, including the library, and they need to give their education department a remodel.
Marshall University interweaves culture and diversity within the college and campus setting. While applying to Marshall, I found the process quite simple and refreshing.
Very dangerous location. Shootings and robberies are a common occurrence here. As for sports, the coaches only seem to care about their best player. Trainers also do NOT know what they are talking about. Push off injuries like they do not matter.
Several months in I am growing to really like it. Great campus, not to big not to small. Town needs more things for college students to do.
I toured the campus and really enjoyed the atmosphere. I learned serval different things I did not know about Marshall.
With me just being a freshman, I have enjoyed being at Marshall University. The campus is very close-knit and has many activities for the students to enjoy. The advisors and professors try their best to help the students succeed with their career goals.
I loved the size of Marshall, the convenience of campus being all in one block and the class sizes. However, I would like to see the administrators respond in a timely manner. I had a hard time figuring out who to go to for certain issues.
Throughout my time here at Marshall, even though I haven't been to every school in the state. I am confident in saying this is the best college in West Virginia. A great learning environment, and people who want to see you succeed.
It's always an upbeat and cheerful environment. Everyone's fairly nice and the campus is always safe during the day. The school overall is a bit pricy but other than that the education is a tad tough. But that's what you pay for, well worth the money for a great education.
I have had family members and friend who attended marshall and talked so highly of it. Now that I'm finally getting attend the university I'm glad to see that all the wonderful things said about marshall are true. The food is great, the campus is very safe, and the staff genuinely want to help the students succeed. I've felt so welcome and comfortable with the transition I'm going to make from high school to college. The student body and faculty welcome new members with open arms and happily welcome you as a son or daughter of Marshall.
I love that most of the staff is open and kind. They really care about the students well being and they really want you to feel like Marshall is your home away from home.
Marshall is located in Huntington West Virginia, with strong ties to the community no matter age or race. A diverse scene of students from various backgrounds, religions and races can be found on campus and in the community. Banks and ATM's are conveniently located on campus for your money needs. Professors are dedicated to ensuring you learn something new when you finish their class. The football team is a strong cornerstone with the school and community and all are welcome to join the memorial service in November to honor the victims of the 1970 plane crash returning from a game at East Carolina University.
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Here at Marshall University, you are not just a number. You are among brothers and sisters who are continuing their education at a college that feels like home. When you come to the city of Huntington there is a different feeling to the town. We are connected and we are together as a family. We are enriched with tradition and history, which not every college campus has. Professors will get to know you and are always there to take the extra step to make sure you know exactly what you are doing in the classroom. We have plenty of services on our campus to help you reach the level of professionalism everyone is wanting to accomplish. From career services, tutoring, and writing centers. Along with plenty of clubs and social organizations to get involved with and grow your networking.Our campus is all about celebrating the diversity of our students and professors. You are guaranteed life long friends, memories, and an education to help you be successful.
Let's be honest.. almost every student learns better in smaller classroom sizes and teacher to student ratios, intelligent professors, and free opportunities. If this sounds accurate to you, then Marshall University will be beneficial in your collegiate career. Every professor, instructor, advisor, and staff member has been very helpful and insightful in my pathway to success. Additionally, Marshall offers free tutoring and writing centers for students free of charge, which saved me more times I can remember. The campus is medium-size, but once you familiarize yourself, it seems small. Our Herd football games make Fall Saturday nights in Huntington. Everyone in the community comes out for support and to have a great time. The nightlife isn't too extravagant, however, we always try to find a way to have a good time after a long studios week.
marshall is a very understanding school. They care about students education especially. I feel very safe walking around campus with the high-tech security. They have emergency call spots located at several places in case of emergencies. Very pleased with Marshall
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