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Marshall has a program for those with Asperger's syndrome, but if you aren't accepted, the Disabilities services don't offer enough help. I would like to see a work/study program of mentors for those with a disability.
I have had a great time at Marshall. Everyone is so nice and the professors are great. There is a lot of diversity that makes the experience here great.
Excellent professors that actually seem to care about teaching and enjoy what they are doing. Also, they care about the students progress and ability to learn the information.
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I know that I made the right choice to come here. Everyone is so friendly and I've been able to make some of the best friendships I could ever imagine! It is easy to get involved in things around school, professors are extremely helpful and personable and you can get anywhere around campus within 10 minutes, which is extremely convenient.
I go through Online College classes in the high schools and have had wonderful experience overall. I love getting the 3 hours of credit for only 75$.
What I like about Marshall University is that everything is within a ten minute walk. I’ve never felt uncomfortable on my walk to and from classes. Everybody is friendly and the professors aren’t great. Campus is easy to navigate. If you’ve got any issues or questions one phone call solves it. There are always people willing to help. As for activities, there are an endless amount of things you can do.
There are a few things I liked about Marshall. The campus is beautiful and in a good location. It is close to a lot of restaurants. I love that every year they honor the deaths of the football players by encouraging everyone to come to the memorial statue on the anniversary of that day. They have a lot of interesting clubs. Their classes and teachers are pretty good overall.
I like the small community of Marshall. It is big enough to not run into people you know constantly, but small enough to feel a sense of community and family.
I LOVE MARSHALL! the school really makes you feel at home and like a family. Other than feeling unsafe at times around Huntington, The school is great!
I wake every school day and I either bike or walk to class. I see the same faces. At the same time I see some new. It is great to have a one on one with professors. Seeing the diversity is great. Lastly waking up knowing this schools history and being apart of it and sharing the up's and the down's with my fellow sons and daughters of Marshall makes me proud to be part of the family and I can truly say with pride... I am a son of Marshall and I am proud to be one of the Herd.
Marshall University is a wonderful campus and does not need much changing. However, the area that the campus is located in is terrible. There are multiple accidents occurring near the school. Shootings are a problem and the drug abuse in the area is ridiculously high.
Marshall University grows on you ! The entire community becomes your family. I love the atmosphere, which makes for a perfect learning environment. However, I would like to see for better formulate 4 years plans.
Marshall University is a highly accredited school and works with you in every way to make sure you have a great experience. The only downfall to the school would be the area it is in.
I like Marshall University because the campus is beautiful, the professors do their jobs for the most part, and it is easy to ask for guidance if you need it.
my parents went here and loved it. i would love to see the area around the school to be safer and cleaner.
When I was in middle school we took a tour on the campus, and doorms. It was a very nice school, and they were all nicely mannered.
Attending Marshall University has been one of the best decision I have made. As an institution, we know our history, but we also see a bright future. Marshall faculty and students have pride in the school and want to see the University and its students thrive. I am an education major and I have never had a professor who does not care about my future. Every professor in my field keeps me well informed of things I need to do to succeed in my future career. The facility has done an amazing job at pushing for equality and acceptance of all students. One thing Marshall University could work on is updating its buildings. As I stated before, I am an education major and am in one of the oldest buildings on campus. Although the building has all of its necessities, I feel it could be updated like other buildings on campus. Marshall has beautiful buildings, including the library, and they need to give their education department a remodel.
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Marshall University interweaves culture and diversity within the college and campus setting. While applying to Marshall, I found the process quite simple and refreshing.
Very dangerous location. Shootings and robberies are a common occurrence here. As for sports, the coaches only seem to care about their best player. Trainers also do NOT know what they are talking about. Push off injuries like they do not matter.
Several months in I am growing to really like it. Great campus, not to big not to small. Town needs more things for college students to do.
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