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The campus is very welcoming, with a decent amount of space but being compact enough that it doesn't seem like a small city. It has a large variety of majors to choose from and is a graduate school, so you can get your full education at the university and not need to switch schools later in your education. The city it is located in, Huntington, is very clean and welcoming, with many activities scattered throughout the city, such as shopping, dining of all kinds, bowling alleys, and escape rooms to name a few. Overall Marshall is a very welcoming school with a lot to do, and room for anything you could want to pursue in your education.
My experience at Marshall so far has been extraordinary. I have been very involved in student organizations and have been keeping up in all my classes. Coming out of state was somewhat challenging the first few weeks, because it seems like a lot of people here are from West Virginia, but the students have all been welcoming. In high-school teachers would tell me that the professors don't care and you are just a number, but that is not the case here. The professors will help you as much as you ask, as long as you are not a troubled student in class and show up. What I would like to be changed here at Marshall is the amount of places to eat on the campus. Your choices are somewhat limited if you are a picky eater like me!
I have been there a few times and it is a nice place. I know some people that have gone there and they have done good and liked going there.
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I love the small class sizes, the security, nice dorms and most of all quality education. I plan on becoming a speech language pathologist and I feel Marshall University will deliver an excellent education to prepare me for the future. I have several friends who go to Marshall and they have nothing but great comments about their experiences at Marshall. I like the diversity of the student population and I'm excited to immerse myself into different cultural experiences that Marshall has to offer. I have been to Marshall several times to tour the campus. I've been part of gear up university 2018 and this is what sealed the deal for me to attend there. I feel that Marshall delivers a quality education for the money when compared to other universities that offer my field of study.
I am an out of state student and I have had hated every minute I have spent at Marshall University. The food is awful. The people are untrustworthy. There is nothing to do around campus. Any party gets shut down. I am getting a high school level education while paying thousands. All of the services refer you to another. I have never been more depressed in my life if you choose to go here good luck.
Everything about this college was enjoyable. Their campus is setup in a very convenient layout and have amazing dorms.
I love my college experience here so far. The campus and the other students are all great and I’m so glad I chose to go to this university
I struggled in my first year at Marshall, and the help that I received, even when I didn't ask, meant that I regained the confidence needed to be successful. I felt supported by every professor and administrator that crossed my path, and lived in a nice dorm with a sense of community. Even out of state, the cost was less than it would have been for me to attend many in-state schools in my home state. The campus is walkable, and I never felt unsafe while on campus. I gained a sense of self, a skill set, and had unforgettable experiences here. Truly proud to be a Daughter of Marshall.
Marshall is a very affordable school with a wide variety of majors to choose from. Marshall also has a very beautiful campus.
Marshall is an awful school to attend, and it was a huge mistake to come here. The professors are either low-quality or don't speak English or both. The people in charge of student activities talk things up in their emails and then it turns out to be poorly designed or way over capacity. The classes are 90's era information, and you had better hope your employers don't know the poor quality of the schooling here or you'll have a tough time getting a job afterwards. The area it's in (Huntington) is atrocious and only those who've lived here their whole lives would find it even remotely desirable to be here.
Very friendly atmosphere and the Marshall "culture" is very exciting and fun. Especially at football games. There's a little something for everyone really.
I liked the cultural diversity. How friendly the local atmosphere is plenty of restaurants to choose from. The multi cultural festivals they have. The teachers are very helpful they really want to see you succeed.
Marshall University is a great school! located in Huntington, WV, its right in the city, so its close and convenient to get around. The area is pretty safe, lots of things to do, and tons of dining choices. The campus itself is clean, safe and easy to get around. Everyone is so friendly and easy to get along with. The staff is wonderful too, always willing to help you out. From registering with admissions to financial aid the staff goes above and beyond to make the process as smooth and stress free as possible. The student advisors are just as helpful when you need help with schedule changes or just advice on what classes you will benefit from taking. The guidance is wonderful! New student orientation was great, I felt so welcomed and really felt like a future daughter of Marshall! Go Herd!!!!!
All my professors are very helpful. I am taking a summer course but there are lots of activities. I'm in the college program for students with ASD and everyne has been very welcoming and helpful. It's a great school.
I absolutely love Marshall University. I’m so proud to be part of The Herd! It’s such an attentive & including school. They help all of their students with whatever they need and tend to minority’s issues.
I loved my time at Marshall University! The campus is really easy to navigate, the professors are nice and very helpful. Most have taught there for many years. The football games are so much fun! Marshall fan's are loyal to their team and stick together through the good and the bad. Marshall's academics are great! I've never met a person who hasn't benefitted from their degree from Marshall. Most Marshall graduates immediately land a job upon graduating.
The people are genuine and nice. Their campus is so beautiful and homely. There is always something to do on campus, such as the LGBTQ community, Greek life, Agricultural Club, Marching and concert bands, various choirs and so much more. I’ve never had a bad time or bad experience at Marshall University.
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Great experience and very helpful students and staff! I have been attending here for the past two years and I have enjoyed every second of it. Anytime I have any trouble or questions I have no trouble trying to get help. I am going for my BSN Nursing degree and feel as if I have already learned so much more here than I would have anywhere else. The teachers really take time to help their students and individualize their help when needed. I would highly recommend Marshall University to anyone seeking a great college to attend. I am happy with the decision I made!
Marshall University has a lot of incredible experiences that you can gain. There may be some rough patches, but they can be easily smoothed over once you get comfortable with the campus itself.
I love the people and professors! Everyone is super kind and willing to lend you a hand to help you be successful. The campus is small but full of life! It is very easy to get around the beautiful campus quickly.
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