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Marshall University is a fantastic school, with incredible professors and administration at a very affordable cost, especially for West Virginia residents. The campus is beautiful and condensed so you can walk from one class on one end of campus to another on the opposite end within 10 minutes easily. I highly recommend everyone considers attending this university.
I absolutely love Marshall University. The campus is gorgeous and compact. It's easy to navigate. The professors are eager to help and teach. There are plenty of clubs and organizations to choose from.
Touring Marshalls campus made me realize this is the University I want to attend. From the professionalism of the staff, academics offered, student activities, to the dorm and many more resources I know this is where I want to persue my dreams.
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Marshall University was the "diamond in the rough" of my college search, offering not only the major that I wanted for a great price but a home away from home.
Love the professors and classroom setting. The campus is beautiful making the college feel much more like home. The sports allow for a great student experience in a smaller town where everyone feels like a family.
A student with disabilities I find Marshall University very unaccommodating & stay away from that HELP program. The professors are more concerned about Trump than teaching the class. The most dangerous place. "Little Detroit" is what we call it. I lived in off campus apartment, literally a stones throw from the entrance, and had nightly shootings, fights, meth users walking up and down the streets, in fact when my parents came to visit they were disgusted at what they saw and insisted I transfer before I was killed walking to my car. Never received campus alerts for the multiple robbery's that occurred or shootings. Nothing to do around town, police dept being cut in half. As far as academics, I passed both semesters and they still said I was not eligible for federal loans due to "their standards". BEST DECISION EVER is to transfer!
Marshall University is a great, small scale university. If you prefer smaller class sizes for a more personal academic experience, than MU is the perfect choice. The campus is relatively small; you can get from one end of campus to another in about 10 minutes. They offer an array of classes in many different fields of study. MU really is the best. decision. ever.
As an transfer student and out-of-state student, I would consider Marshall University a poor option for continued education. Additionally, their visual arts program rushes students through material that requires extended practice.

I experienced a lot of trouble with getting transfer credits accepted, forcing me to retake many of the courses I already took. Effectively contributing to my already high tuition.

As a visual arts student, with former experience at another art institution (One that auditions students, Marshall does not) I would consider the curriculum in the arts as being below sub-par. Basic drawing, painting, 2-D and 3-D art, etc, and are each squeezed into a meager 8 weeks. This is simply not enough time for a student, particularly ones with no former experience, to learn and execute these skills with proficiency. Furthermore, professors are inconsiderate towards students with special situations (transfers) and do not view students as capable peers.
Great school with a great community around it. Much of the campus is brand new and is very nice looking, great support from the community for the sports teams and there is always something going on in Americas Best Community. People may complain about safety but it is really safe compared to other campuses in the state and is really not even a concern for most students.
Marshall University is a great small knit community. There's a ton of clubs to be in; everything at marshall is student based, and the classes are a great size.
Marshall was a great undergraduate school for me. It had a great atmosphere and there was so much school spirit and support from the community. I would highly recommend it to future students.
Small town school. Everyone was very friendly. Great education at low cost for students living in WV and KY. I would not change a thing.
Marshall is a unique university when it comes not only to our history but our acceptance of diversity. Marshall's dedication to the remembrance of the 75 members of the Marshall community who were lost swells each student with pride for their community. It has been nearly 50 years since the crash but the annual fountain ceremony continues to grow, rather than diminish.
As for the acceptance of diversity, Marshall was voted the most LGBT+ friendly university in West Virginia. As a member of the LGBT+ community, it makes me feel accepted and safer on campus. The university is even hosting a clothing drive for transgender students who don't feel comfortable leaving "the closet".
The sense of community in this university is a welcome feeling for every student and I am proud to say that I am a daughter of Marshall.
I came to Marshall from a smaller college and felt welcome. Everyone is very nice and there is always something happening around campus. They are smaller than other university's, but it gives the faculty a chance to really connect with their students. The campus food is not bad, but it is so much better than high school food.
I am currently a freshman at Marshall University. Though there are things that I am fond of about this school, such as the smaller campus and the fact that teachers actually take an interest in their students, there are also a few things that I am not so fond of. This being that they seem to be more "money hungry" than other colleges. For example, they turn one class into two and give out hardly any scholarships.
Marshall University has a very nice campus. The campus area is worked on and maintained daily. Many of the professors are excellent and helpful.
I think more one on one tutoring options would be very beneficial as well as more in class interactions instead of just continuous lecture and exam.
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Marshall University has been quite easily the best decision I could have made. The campus is absolutely beautiful and so close together it makes it easy to navigate as a new student. The staff and professors that I have come in contact with during my first semester have been wonderful and so helpful in every way. Marshall is a great school. Every school could use improvement in some areas, however, I don't think I have experienced anything bad since I have been there.
I love Marshall University. The campus is completely walkable taking no time to get to class. The people at Marshall are so nice there. I cannot walk anywhere without more than one person saying "hi" to me. The campus is also so safe and well light at night. Marshall University is the best decision ever.
I love Marshall University! I stayed there for a summer my freshman in high school and have been set ever since. I honestly love so much about it and I am so excited to continue my education there. It already feels like home.
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