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Marshall University makes you feel very welcome. With all of the student involvement you always feel as if you have someone that you can reach out to when you have an issue. I never felt as if I had no one that I could turn to, and always had help.
A good medical program, though is in need of some solidity in terms of programs. Everything here is always changing and in flux, and this has worsened with the passing of the dean of preclinical education.
Marshall feels like home. No matter who you are or where you are from! The professors are encouraging for the most part, but the actual town it is located in needs work.
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Marshall University is a good school...but it is not safe to be outside OFF CAMPUS at night. It is located in downtown Huntington, WV which is honestly a pretty dangerous place with the drug and crime epidemic that is happening there right now. Other than that the education is AMAZING and the professors are so caring and genuine. I have never met professors that care as much as they do. They have helped me out so much when I had to miss class for medical reasons. Although safety could be a concern, it is safe on campus.
I think Marshall is a wonderful university. It fits on about four blocks in Huntington, WV. It was easy to get to classes without feeling too big or too small. The Marshall community was very friendly and it was easy to find friendly faces around campus.
Marshall university is a great school, I would recommend Marshall university to a lot of student who are looking to further their education. Marshall has a wonderful environment with a very friendly campus which makes it easy for people to make friends and be comfortable. Marshall prides on given their students the best education possible. Marshall is also a great place to learn because professors are equipped with the latest technology to be able to teach students at a high level.
Best Decision Ever! Atmosphere and environment is so great, and I couldn't imagine going to any other school.
I adore being a student at Marshall! If anything, I would like to see more advertisement for student activity on campus!
Coming from the small neighborhood of Westmoreland and going to such a big university like Marshall has definitely been a culture shock. Witnessing the diversity and becoming a part of this family like school has been so good for the soul. Marshall has continuously been my home away from home (even though home is only 20 minutes away)
I really like Marshall University and how most of the professors will wok with me as a non-traditional student. I have a family and have no choice but to work close to ful-time, and my professors understand that life gets in the way. I would like to see more available times for tutoring for students like me who are non-traditional and have a harder time working around a schedule.
I began classes with Marshall as a high school student but chose another college after graduation. I transferred back to Marshall as a non-traditional student several years later and am very happy with the education I received. Marshall has a nice campus and professors who care about their students (at least in LCOB which is where I was mainly). I felt that the environment in classrooms fostered growth and challenged students enough to engage them without being discouraged.
I will be continuing my education through one of Marshall's graduate programs and would recommend others to this University.
Smaller teacher to student ratio. Easy campus navigation. New dorms and "Colleges". Many restaurants within walking distance, theater and Civic center arena within a mile or so. Great student center, football stadium is across the street. On the Ohio River. Ritter Park close by. Town is flat.
I love it there. When I first moved on campus I was nervous about moving out and being by myself. Everyone there is very nice and helpful.
Marshall is a place where I felt welcomed. As a shy person, Marshall has already lead me down paths for lifelong friendships.
Marshall University seems like it offers outstanding services in other areas, but as far as COLA goes, it was terrible! I am a psychology major and I literally had to do EVERYTHING on my own. My advisor was absolutely TERRIBLE and the majority of the Psychology staff does not teach anything useful.
I knew I wanted a quality education and Marshall was at the top of my list. I must say that my first year here as a Freshman has been amazing. I know that my professors have really helped me in my studies and have guided me in what direction I need to pursue.

My on campus experience has been wonder, the dorms are very clean and I feel safe while I am living here. I am close to my classes and the library. I would highly recommend this college to other students who want to pursue their career after high school. Marshall overs a wide variety of programs that can and will prepare you for a professional high paying career.
My father and grandfather are alumni from this college so I know the area and people well so its great for me. There isn't much to do off campus however and the area is very country, so some may not like it.
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Marshall need to do a better job of moving from a commuter school to a resident school. I feel there are very caring and professional professors.
just such a great college, the best of the best, you will love it if you attend there, I love the way they treat me there, the teachers are kind and will make sure that the get the grade you need to have to pass the class . i really recommend this college , is easy to get to also is a great place to spend 4 years at , they have good food . you can do so many fun things , the traffic is no that bad , but people need to learn how to drive , is still fun , you should go and try it your self
My experience with Marshall has been great! I look forward to continuing my education there and learning from their amazing staff.
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