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Mars Hill University seems to only care about getting money from their students. The price of this school is no where near worth that much. Dorms are disgusting- I've had bees coming into my room for the first three months. The cafeteria uses leftover food from lunch for dinner. The options are the same every day, you can almost predict what they are going to have. Every time I see a tour group I just want to yell to them "Leave and don't waste your time coming here". Once you are a junior don't even bother trying to transfer because chances are half of your credits wont transfer and that will put you more behind in school. If i could do it all over again I would've never came to Mars Hill University.
Personally, I have enjoyed the school in terms of meeting different clubs;however, for the price the school is really poor devolped over the years and isn’t inclined to push students for academic success. Most students are pass along athletes who usually don’t care what their grades are and some of the professors have embraced this more specific lower classes such as intro to visual arts. If a professor seems shady leave immediately as they are not really supportive unless you demand it at times. The food is terrible: 40,000 a year shouldn’t allow me 5 food options every day it’s quite sad. Housing is okay but compared to other schools is very low quality. Local area is beautiful but small, the party scene is non existent. Honestly wingate or Gardner Webb are better options regarding a private school and WCU or Appalachian for state school. Take my advice on this 🤙🏽
the educational experience is great but the cost of attendance is very high. The school is surrounded by beautiful mountains and great hiking trails. Its about a 30min drive to Asheville.
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MHU is a great school from a academic standpoint. The professors are willing to go out of their way to help and have unlimited office hours. Classes are small and have on average about 15 people in them. This school is all about athletes though. It is hard for the non-athletes to socialize because most of the athletes are already in their clicks. If you are walking past somebody on the sidewalk and smile at them, odds are they won’t smile back. Everybody keeps to themselves here. Dining hall food is horrible and has odd hours. Nothing to do on the weekends at all unless you want to drive to Asheville. Weekends here are like watching paint dry on a wall. Most people go home on the weekends anyway so it makes it hard to socialize and make a friend.
I like the small class size, the teachers are always open to helping you. You get to experience 1 on 1 understanding of concepts. I wish that there was more parking for those who live on campus. Mars Hill has a wonderful Nursing Program and they help a lot with financial aid.
This is a very small school, the teachers are very involved. They have a certain amount of required office hours and they are willing to help you as much as they can. The athletics program is not the best and that is the main thing they recruit for. There is only a handful of restaurants on the exit, most students travel 15-30 minutes to get food depending on if they are going to Weaverville or Asheville. There is not many parties at all the school doesn't allow to much fun like that only on certain occasions.
This school is for someone looking for a small, intimate setting to study a broad liberal arts courseload with the ability to experience college in a Christian-based atmosphere.
My experience at Mars Hill was better than I expected from a smaller college. I love being at Mars Hill because of the the size of the campus. Everything that you need or need to be is within walking distance. The school offers tutoring in math and English which is a huge help and it's already provided in the tuition. The classes are small so you have more of an opportunity to get to know your classmates and professor. The main worry you will have to be worried about is that you are on a mountain which means it gets cold and hot very fast. Other than that I would recommend Mars Hill University to people who feel comfortable in a small community, knowing almost everyone on campus because of the size, and having access to most resources that other colleges may not offer.
It is a great view and atmoshpere around the campus. A lot of other places to visit that are near the campus or in near by towns and cities that have great views. Going hiking through the mountains was probably my favorite part of Mars Hill. I'd like to see them change the variety of for that they serve in the Cafeteria and in the Lion's Den but it's still a good school and I'm sure that you'll have no proble studying there.
Great school, it has a lot to offer. There is a variety of majors and clubs and sports teams. I am in the nursing department and really love it. Mars Hill is constantly making upgrades to their campus and facilities. The student population is diverse and everyone seems welcoming. The new buildings on campus are especially nice places to study at and spend time at. I have enjoyed my experience at Mars Hill and would recommend it to anyone thinking about applying.
Mars Hill College/University is a very small school, but just because it is small does not mean it is boring. Everyone on campus is very nice and caring, there are no specific groups of people, and everyone blends in nicely. The school is expanding and constructing new buildings for athletics and academics. The professors take the time to help the students in any way possible and the staff on campus is very nice. The cafeteria food needs some improvement but overall you will not starve while you are there. It is a very clean and calm atmosphere and the best bang for your buck private college.
The professors are very caring and just want their students to succeed. The campus is fairly small, so everyone pretty much knows everyone.
Mars Hill is a small tight-knit community. Campus is small, but the professors are great. With the small classes, the professors are able to get to know each student and help them succeed.
I currently go here and everything is very nice. The campus is beautiful and teachers are very interactive.
I enjoy being at Mars Hill, everyone is friendly all my professors are great and the people are very friendly. It is not a party school but the staff has a lot of fun activities set up for the students. The meal plans are wonderful, I feel like I am at home here!
I love Mars Hill because I can stay close to home and still get a college education. Mars Hill is a very small University, which is great because the professors actually know who you are and can offer help to their students much easier.
Mars Hill University is a great school. The faculty and staff really care if you fail or pass and are there to help you. The only thing I HATE about this school is the tuition. It's such an expensive school and the financial aid department is always annoyed to help you.
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Great school in my opinion, it offers a lot weather people choose to see that or not. It is what you make of it- if you care more for a party than an education, you won't like it.
The campus is beautiful, but the on campus life is boring and the dorms are terrible. There is hardly any partying at all and is not much to do. Asheville is the nearest city and there is lots to do. If asheville wasn't near, boredom would definitely take over one who is used to do stuff all the time. Asheville is is 15 minutes away and has tons of stuff to do. Also the social work program is very good and i enjoy my time in it.
Mars Hill is a very welcoming college with a variety of people. Located in the mountains allows the campus to have great views. The campus is very small, with an 11-1 student teacher ratio. If you are looking for a quite, yet fun college experience, Mars Hill is for you.
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