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Mars Hill is a very welcoming college with a variety of people. Located in the mountains allows the campus to have great views. The campus is very small, with an 11-1 student teacher ratio. If you are looking for a quite, yet fun college experience, Mars Hill is for you.
My experience at Mars Hill College was definitely one of a kind. It is important to know that the people allow you to feel like they are your family, and the mountains provide a nice environment.
Personally I love mars Hill. Although they need to work on the cafe food, they have renovated a lot of the buildings and more plans to continue. The area is great, it's close to downtown Asheville and other places and the views almost everywhere are so gorgeous! The professors are very good depending on your major. One of the major problems is when you try to transfer credits, Mars hill doesn't do a good job with transferring credits in or out. They are big on athletics and over half of the student population are athletes. I give Mars hill a thumbs up because I've thoroughly enjoyed my experience here and I would recommend this school to others!
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I love the small classes, because it is a more one on one environment and the teachers know your name.
My experience at Mars Hill University has been pretty good so far. The campus is not big like other schools, but the scenery sure is beautiful. The class sizes are small, but it is a better learning environment. The professors I have had are nice and willing to help any student who comes to them. The amount of students here is about the same size as my high school I went to. The cafeteria consist of a nice buffet and the food is average. I believe it has its good days and bad days. Overall, the school is a pretty good school.
This is a very small college. All the professors are required to have office hours where they will help you with any questions that you have and they all are very helpful. Mars Hill does a lot of things to make sure that it's students get the best experience.
It's a beautiful college. Nature surrounds you. Not to mention the anatomy of the college is excellent for exercise. Just hiking up the hill to my dorm from August til November, I lost 50 pounds. The classes themselves aren't too different from a typical high school class. Most of them take place in smaller rooms, with an instructor who cares about your course progress.
Mars Hill University is a wonderful university. The university is the most diverse campus that I have visited in North Carolina. The campus is very beautiful and the people here are very nice and respectful to others. I like how there is a reasonable professor to student ratio. The professors are very hands on and if you don't understand something that you are going over then they will take their time to go over it with you and break it down so you get a better understanding. The athletic teams are great as well. They train and practice really hard to make sure that they know what to do when game time comes.
The professors at my school are very understanding and always inform the students that there is help whenever we need it. There are SI's, which are students who help the lower class students out with homework or any problems they may have in class. The school itself is very expensive and isn't luxury as you would think it is (because of the tuition cost). The environment is very nice and most of the people are also nice and encouraging.
My freshman year I lived in a horrible dorm. The bathrooms were never cleaned. Also, there was no respect for peoples sleep, as music was blasted at all hours of the night.
Fraternities and sororities are not very popular on campus. I assume because the school population is small, there is not enough funds to have a legit fraternity.
The level of play is average for most varsity sports on campus. I would say not many people attend the games, so the atmosphere isn't special by any means. Personally, I like sports so I go at times just watch the competition.
I would definitely say the prestige of the school does not equate to how expensive the tuition is. For that reason, I would say I would not do it all over again if I had too. Apart from that living on my own for the first time and having to build relationships with new people has been a great learning experience for me. The change in education level from high school to college was also eye opening for me.
I have been lucky enough to have some of the greatest professors on campus. They are available outside of the classroom, and try their best to help the student succeed. Many courses for both majors and minors are offered to every student. The classroom sizes usually have 20+ people in them, but no more than 35 at a time.
Getting a bachelors degree from Mars Hill is my main goal. Recieving my degree proves that I have taken the time to expand my knowledge so that I may grow in life and help others in my field of work. When it comes to internships and jobs, Mars Hill has great connections with the community in which they are always willing to help the students in any given way.
During the day, Mars Hill is a great campus. During the night that all changes. Mars Hill has hardly any lights throughout the campus so it's extremely dark. There are maybe 5 total security buttons/phones around the whole campus. This does not make me feel safe walking through campus at night alone, or even with friends. Many sexual assault cases have happened just within the short years I've been on campus. Majority of the time nothing happened to either person, just counseling which doesn't help at all.
Many of the dorms in Mars Hill are extemely old, which means it's brutally hot during the beginning of the fall semester, and freezing cold by the end of the semester. Many of the dorms have been changed to co-ed so the social atmosphere is different compared to the ones that are not co-ed. I honestly feel that I am paying too much for the room that I am living in considering it is extemely old and hasn't been renovated, and barely has enough space for two people.
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Many Greeks do not associate with non-Greeks. Such as, in the cafeteria for lunch or dinner there are always big groups of Greeks sitting with each other, almost making them seem more dominant than anyone else in the cafeteria. There are no frat or sorority houses on, or off campus. Therefore, there are no "Greek" parties.
Being a Mars Hill cheerleader, I get to see the schools outlook on sports during events. During any game, whether it be football, basketball, baseball, or lacrosse, many students are there helping to cheer the team on to victory. Mars Hill has great school spirit and pride in athletics.
My experience so far being at Mars Hill has been great. The teachers, my colleagues, the atmosphere, are all just simple, yet great things that make up this small university. It's truly an honor to get the provilage to expand my knowledge in a place such as Mars Hill.
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