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No hardcore drugs, but because of the academic intensity at Marlboro, many students resort to alcohol and weed to relieve some stress.
Freshmen aren't allowed to choose their dorms, like at most other colleges, but after that, you're free to choose whichever dorm you'd like! Dorms at Marlboro aren't fancy, but they're homey and spacious compared to the average college dorm.

The best options for housing on campus, arguably, are Hendricks and Out of the Way a.k.a. Hilton House. Hendricks is basically a two-story, house. Yes, a house! Not your average dorm experience. There's a true sense of community in this dorm and almost a family-like quality to it. Additionally, it's right by the dining hall which is convenient on those gelid, snowy days. I was lucky enough to be placed in this dorm my freshman year and it's been a wonderful experience. Just keep in mind that it is a chem-free dorm usually, so drugs and alcohol are not allowed inside. However, whatever you choose to do outside of your dorm is up to you. Hilton House, on the other hand, is a modern building and the most recent addition to campus housing. The common space is huge for both dorms.
While Marlboro is a very white school, there is tons of geographic diversity here being that over 70% of students are from out-of-state. Also, regardless of one's economic background, Marlboro has the potential to be very affordable. The school boasts two different full-tuition scholarships (Beautiful Minds and the Renaissance Scholarship). Only one can be earned obviously, but the fact of the matter is that there's ample opportunities to attend without the burden of financial struggle. The latter scholarship is looking to expand next year to attract more international students, so diversity is definitely on the rise as the school has taken great strides to improve on this. Moreover, because of its rural location, it's easier to be frugal with one's money -- a big bonus considering the budget of the average college attendee.

There's also tons of diversity in terms of sexual orientation and gender at Marlboro. I know of at least three transgender freshman students who go here, which is quite a lot for a freshman class considering how tiny of a school we are. This year's incoming class is roughly 65 students, so that definitely says something. Politically, Marlboro is mainly liberal but the great thing is that many people are libertarian here and not necessarily Democrat.

Marlboro is a very welcoming community full of warm, interesting people... who just so happen to live in a snowy hamlet on top of a hill. But the rewards are worth the social isolation. Being here really teaches you self-resilience, how to form close relationships, and much more.
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It's as ok as it can be considering we're so small. There's Happy Valley, which usually has something every weekend. Howland does too, but more on a personal/friend basis. Underage wise, we go by a "you're 21, right?" basis. But we all watch out for each others safety.
Happy Valley usually has something going on every weekend. It's a good way to get away from things for a few hours after a long week.
The courses are very interesting. There is a class called staging the apocalypse offered every few semesters. I want to take it.
We're in a very white state. I mean VERY white. We joke about the one black person in Bratt, but it really is a problem. It isn't that we don't want a more diverse campus, and we're super accepting. But when a poc comes to this very white campus, I can see why they might think twice. I know we're actively working on trying to fix this though.
There is a fair amount of drinking and drug use. By drug us I mean pot. But, this is Vermont, and it won't be long before that is legal. Yet, for now it isn't, so technically there is a lot of drug use?
We have 1 or 2 cases of assault a year on average, which sounds huge on a small campus, but look at larger campuses. They usually result from partying and stupidity following alcohol/drugs. The school is working hard to prevent this, all incoming students have to attend seminars on a variety of campus safety/health issue, with a highlight on what consent is. Personally, I'm a female-bodied, female-identifying student who is totally comfortable walking from my car to my dorm (maybe a 5 min. walk) at 2 am with headphones in.
I can't say for sure how a degree from this school would look. Most people haven't heard about us, but we're pretty academically rigorous, and our Plan of Concentration is basically like a grad-school thesis, so that should say something. Our Career-Center seems to have a lot of connections, however.
There are no normal courses here! Or normal professors for that matter. The smaller sizes of classes (10 or less usually) are amazing, but do sometimes make it hard to have class when half are missing (2 people not there) and you're the only student. Luckily, that doesn't happen often.
The rooms are pretty big in general, and even if you have a triple, you usually will only have two people living in the room.
We don't sports. We play broomball. That means we get a bunch of people drunk and go onto the frozen ice of the Fire Pond and wack dodgeballs with various stick-like object. Blood is inevitable. But its fun?
I'm about to complete my second year here on the hill. Sure, it was harder than I anticipated, but my professors have been there behind me every step of the way, and were always there to help pick me up. They are all super understanding and do their best to make sure that everyone gets the education they deserve.
It's a very white school in a very white state. Despite that, I think those people of color who do go here would consider racism pretty rare. It's also rare to find someone who is anti-LGBTQ, though they do spring up more frequently than racist folk. Overall, the political standpoint is pretty progressive, but there are some radical conservatives and closed-minded, identarian liberals sprinkled in to liven things up.
Considering the ease with which drugs can be acquired and consumed around here, it's a pretty safe school. There is little to no peer pressure to consume drugs. It's really easy to avoid if you stay away from common party spaces. The presence of authority figures is scant, which in my opinion actually lowers the rate of binge drug use. People mostly just smoke a lot of Weed and Cigarettes.

That being said, there is also a substantial sober populace and specialized housing to accommodate them.
People dig on campus housing a lot, but the truth is it's almost perfect. The dorms, which are admittedly a little run down, are spacious and architecturally interesting except for Marlboro Gardens, which is actually just a double-wide trailer. Everything is pretty close together. A long walk to class would be anything over 3 minutes here. Social atmosphere ranges from 'quiet, but genial' to 'downright raucous' depending on the dorm. Residents are a mixed bag. Some are great and also clean, but there are also quite a few spoiled kids who don't know how to clean up after themselves. As a result of that, some of the dorms are exceedingly dingy. The cottages and houses upperclassmen may live in are great except for their incredibly thin walls.
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Marlboro is a strange institution. It's very much a 'black box theater' education environment in that if you are willing to put in the effort, there can be massive payoffs. You have a chance to work extremely close with professors which have connections in a wide array of fields. Play your cards right here, and you could probably walk right into an industry job no problem.

But because there is also not a lot of structure. The rules are loose and largely unenforced. The student body is composed almost entirely of social outcast/wallflower types. Grading is disparate between subjects and professors have wildly different curriculum structures. You are stuck on a mountain in the middle of nowhere and there isn't much to do in the immediate vicinity.

Some people thrive in the anarchy of it, but about 65% decide it isn't for them pretty early on. I would encourage you anyone to consider this school only if they value education, freedom, and personal space because you get all three in high doses.
Marlboro College isn't part of any athletic conference. We presently have 'anybody can play' teams in Basketball and Soccer that play ~6 games a year. Usually we play local colleges and adult club teams. People do go to the games. Soccer games, especially homecoming and Bennington Games, can get especially drunken and loud.

Overall, I would say more people spend time doing personal sports than team activities. We have a massive bouldering cave, a full indoor basketball court, two gyms (Boxing and Weight Training) and a staffed facility called Outdoor Program that rents pretty much any outdoor sporting gear for free. There has also been talk of constructing a skatepark, but this has been in the works for four years with no serious progress.
there should not be an active fear of assault; incidents have been isolated and often the fault of alcohol/drug use. the policy used to be much more lenient on offenders which was awful but since they have been more closely followed things still have not improved in terms of health services/prevention
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