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Marlboro College Graduate School Reviews

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not bad choices, good prices, not the most centrally located though
up to date facility, lots of technology available, great atmosphere for learning
excellent teachers, great students, lively discussions in class.
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Relatively inexpensive and convenient housing right downtown.
Bratleboro is a reasonably safe town. Never had any problems or worries.
food choices are not bad for a smallish town. some ethnic choices, some trendy fare, some healthy choices especially at the co-op acress the street. possible to find cheap eats- but mostly middle range.
The program provides all of the essentials for understanding how to build usable, accessible, standards-compliant websites. It also provides great content for personal career management. My career goal is to grow my marketing business.
I am very pleased with my program and happy with the connections I have been forming and the skills I am honing. I anticipate being in a strong position for some kind of executive managerial position by the time I finish. I would love to be working in the non-profit sector with either arts, health, or youth, or perhaps in something that touches all three of those realms.
I love my program. In the Mission Driven Organizational Management program, I am taking courses that directly relate to my current work at a college as well as all of my previous work in the non-profit sector. Plus, the caliber of the students who are my classmates is simply the best. We form a great learning community that supports each other. Some of the coursework has been so relevant that I have even been able to make some institutional changes at my workplace which have greatly benefited the organization. The program also interfaces very directly with the Sustainable MBA program, which is wonderful. We learn so much from each other taking classes together.
It was very straight forward. The Admissions staff was very responsive and able to answer questions openly. They were also able to put me directly in touch with my program director so I could troubleshoot some of my concerns balancing my career and my studies.
There are some/many off-campus housing options available. It's best to start looking ahead of time. Some are very close to the campus and some are further away. The prices are reasonable, depending on where you come from (they are cheaper than the big US cities, like New York, Boston, or Los Angeles). I had no problems with my off-campus housing. Some have no parking. It was safe. The landlord was friendly and professional. The school also provides an option for off-campus housing that I believe is reasonable and convenient.
The Academics are really top-notch at Marlboro for a plethora of reasons. The professors, for example, are all extremely knowledgeable in their field and have many years of experience. The majority, if not all of them, have also published books and/or papers. They treat the students fairly and as individuals. They respect us and listen to our opinions. They are very approachable. In addition, the school's approach to learning is excellent. They understand us and are more than willing to discuss and issues and/or concerns that we may have.
I received financial aid for my education here. Everything went smoothly, sans a hiccup. There were no issues. Also, the financial aid office was very easy to communicate with and they responded quickly to any questions that I had. Flawless!
Using your car is the best option. There is no shuttle as far as i know
My degree requires only online courses, but every time i have been on campus, there were at least 4 open spots right next to the main building
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