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This college has great professor who influence the student to be active in the community and achieve higher goals. I personally have been helped by many of my professor for internships and fascinating research opportunities. Only down side of the campus is that there is not much parking space.
Classes and teachers are amazing but the student base is just bad. Expect to be constantly disappointed in yourself as your faith in mankind is slowly stripped away by hordes of horrible people.

Of the few good people you potentially could find, most of them have been corrupted and also have had their faith in humanity destroyed.
Great school..... went for both undergrad and now pursuing graduate degree .... I hear the dorms have improved since I left. I wish more people in New England had heard of the school.
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I love Marist. Only thing is prepare yourself to live in an enviorment filled with rich preppy kids.
I love the academic program, the clubs and the school spirit. It would be great to see more variety within the student body.
The campus is really beautiful and many renovations are being made to the campus to keep it up to date. Class sized are small, which is really nice, and the teachers really care about you as a person and a student. Overall I have loved my experience at Marist and I look forward to finishing my time there.
Marist was my dream school coming into freshman year... a semester later, I'm pretty confident that I will transfer. There really is not that much going on on-campus, nightlife is limited without an ID, and Poughkeepsie itself leaves much to be desired. Not worth the exorbitant pricetag.
Ample opportunity and ways to gain knowledge and educational experience! But socially, you must be a part of a sports team or have a fake id for your first few years.
Great school. Ive really found my group of people here. You pretty much need a fake as an underclassmen if you want to go out. The academics are manageable if you stay on top of it. Great career connections, especially being so close to the city.
I just finished my first semester here at Marist College, and I could not be any happier with the decision I made! Marist is the perfect school, and now my second home. The campus is beautiful, especially during Christmas time, and all the people on campus are so friendly and welcoming. Finally, the teachers and academics are great! The professors are so knowledgable and always willing to help! I couldn’t see myself anywhere else.
Marist College is like a second home to me. I am always happy when I'm here. I love my friends, I love my housing, and I love what I'm learning about and how things are taught to me by the professors. Marist is the best institution for both learning and being part of a community. I would highly recommend coming to college here for anyone who works hard and wants to be successful, but who wants to enjoy the process of getting there and reaching their goals, to the fullest.
Marist College is the perfect school for me. I couldn't imagine myself at any other school. The people are warm and welcoming, the staff is knowledgable and helpful, and the atmosphere is clean and safe.
Marist is the place to be! We have the prettiest campus on the books and the nicest people ever. Our school has amazing division I teams that are so much fun to watch. Our professors actually care about the wellbeing of their students and are always available during office hours to help you if you're struggling. Marist feels like home and it didn't take long to adjust here at all. Everyone seems happy all the time here, and people go out of their way to be helpful and friendly. There are endless clubs to join to keep you involved on campus. Marist is filled with social students who rarely go home on the weekends!
There are many reasons why I chose to make Marist College my home for 4 years. However, there are two primary reasons: academics and size.
Marist has an excellent academic program! As a freshman, I came in undecided. However, Marist has a unique program called FOCUS which allows you to take classes to explore different majors, minors, and career options. Later, when I declared my major, I was able to take classes specific to my field of study. A Marist education will definitely prepare you well with rigorous courses and excellent professors.
For me, Marist is the perfect size! Class size does not extend beyond 30 students. This makes learning personable where professors know every student and students are able to ask questions in class or attend office hours. Outside the classroom, there is a community feel where the student body doesn't feel too big or too small. It is rare to walk to class and not see at least one person that you know which creates a friendly atmosphere on campus.
Marist is unlike any of the other colleges I had visited during the college search process. Although every college has its pros and cons, I felt that the Marist community made me feel wanted and important upon arriving to campus for the first time. This college has a little bit of everything - it's very likely that there is something for everyone here. Whether that's an athletic team, a greek life organization, a community service club, an academic club, or anything else in between, Marist has so much to offer to its students and is effective in teaching students how to be well-rounded members of the greater community.
Deciding to attend Marist is by far one of the best decisions of my entire life. From academics and athletics, to service and student opportunities, the College makes a vested effort to ensure that students are receiving a world-class experience that can be translated easily into the real world. Outside of the campus, Marist is known internationally for the strong students it produces. While the sticker-price is shocking to many, it is worth the money as students are getting a great experience in the classroom, with multiple industry-related internships, and often times job-offers pre-graduation.

I truly believe that Marist is an incredible community of intelligent, socially-conscious, service-oriented people that strive to do their best each day.
Marist will receive with you with open arms, in fact, you will be encouraged to feel like you've discovered your home away from home. The people here are so nice and caring; fear not, for you won't regret your decision.
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Marist College is such a welcoming and well-rounded institution. From the relationships with faculty members, to the friends I have met in my housing and in clubs, I would not trade my experience at Marist for the world! I am academically challenged while receiving support from my professors, which is very important to me! In addition, I love being apart of the array of clubs and activities Marist has to offer. The kind community really made me choose to come here, as everyone really wanted to foster in my growth and development in all aspects of my life!
From the moment I visited Marist during my junior year of high school, I knew that it was the right college for me. I was instantly welcomed to the school by the tour guides and their enthusiasm was incomparable to those I had seen at other schools I had visited. Something that really caught my attention about Marist was the concept of networking. The school stresses the importance of networking and has an awesome alumni network. This is huge when it comes to building a strong resume as an undergraduate as it offers many opportunities to get exposed to whatever field you may be interested in. The fact that Marist helps you put your name out there is also important when it comes to searching for future career opportunities. I am now in my second year at Marist and could not be happier with the decision that I made to attend this school.
I love attending Marist. From their academics to their clubs to the beautiful campus, it's an amazing place to go to school. I couldn't picture myself at any other school for my undergraduate experience.