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Marist is a great school in all areas. The students, professors and other workers are always so friendly. Everyone wants you to succeed and this school definitely gives you the tools and resources to do so. I have not regretted my decision to come here at all!
Food gets boring, wifi sucks, no party's students go to nearby bars on weekends. Professors are good and care about the students.
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It truly is hard to not like Marist. Aside form the fact that it is beautiful, everyone on campus is genuinely happy to be part of the Marist Community. I came in as a freshman very undecided as to what I wanted to major in. A kind professor took the time to sit with me and really help me map out my plan and figure out what I wanted to do. I am so grateful to have figured out my path while at this school. I never want my time here to end but I know next year when I graduate, I will be so prepared for everything that comes after. Coming to Marist was absolutely the best decision I've ever made.
I fell in love with Marist the second I pulled up to campus for the first time. This was my top choice school and the only school I applied to. I am so happy with my decision to come to Marist. I have so many fond memories here, both in and out of the classroom. I am so thankful to be receiving a well rounded liberal arts education where I can excel in my classes and be part of a close knit learning community. I have such fond memories of getting lunch at Red Fox Eatery with my friends, hanging out down by the river on sunny days, playing frisbee on Marist Beach, performing in the Dance Ensemble show cases, helping out at the Silver Needle Fashion Show, and so much more. I am so lucky to call Marist home!
When I arrived, Marist put all my worries to rest. I quickly adapted to school work. I saw my friends from other colleges struggling to keep up and balance a social life, when I barely had to think about it! The classrooms at Marist are personalized and it's easy to ask questions. My friends at other schools had 200 student lecture halls, and class was no help. It's the opposite at Marist! Classes are interesting and most professors are extremely helpful. The professors want you to succeed. My friends tell me horror stories of their lecture hall professors at other colleges who try to separate "the strong from the weak". Yikes! The great thing about college is that everyone you live with is in the same boat as you. Freshman students all want to make friends. I loved the fireworks and dj social the first Sunday at Marist. I always have fun. Whether it's an on campus or off campus event, there is always something to do. I never want to leave!
Marist is my second home. When I walk around campus, the feeling of the community is evident. It's the perfect size where you walk around and feel like you know a lot of people but there are also a lot of people left to meet! I've grown a lot here - academically and personally, and I don't want to graduate, but when I do, I know I'll be well prepared for the world and be able to join an amazing Alumni network.
Did 3 degrees through Marist (Bachelor's and 2 Master's degrees). Amazing academic reputation, beautiful campus, and one of the best college/university communities in the world! :)
It was a great experience. Everyone is so friendly and makes you feel comfortable. Great environment.
Really just not a good investment. It's a lot of money for not a great time, and has been a very underwhelming experience for me in my first year.
I'm a freshmen with a fashion merchandising major, I'm someone who likes to travel, explore and down to do whatever but here I've never felt so restricted in my life. I thought being closer to the city would mean being there all the time when really the train ride feels like forever so it makes me second guess going down. The town Marist is in is extremely run down and there's really nothing to do unless you have a car. The people on campus are always in cliques I've never seen a big group of people all hangout together. There's also no common area on this campus so I feel as though it's extremely hard to meet people especially because it is a bar school. People here are snobby and one of the main reasons why I applied early decision was because I thought it was a warm welcoming community. There's also rarely ever house parties.
The campus is amazing and the people are easy to be around. There are many fun things to do. I love marist
Marist has been my number one school since my junior year of high school. Now I am a college sophomore and it is still my number one choice. The people in the Marist family are the friendliest people you will ever meet. If you ask around many people will say Marist is their second home. It's equipped with a wide variety of majors and knowledgable professors, amazing study abroad and internship opportunities, a gorgeous campus, and familiar smiling faces everywhere you go. Marist is truly something special!
I really love the environment of Marist College. It is like a second home to me. Everyone is so friendly and respectful to one another. Marist College is like a big happy family.
As a Marist College transfer student, I was thrilled to be continuing my education at such a reputable school. The small class sizes really allow you to engage with professors, the wide array of majors let you explore all areas of interest, and with a vibrant student body there's always something to do on the weekends! I can't imagine spending my college career anywhere else. Being a part of the Red Fox family is so rewarding and we can't wait to welcome the Class of 2021.
Marist college has an absolutely amazing fashion program, which is intensive and truly prepares its students for the real world. It is highly competitive and the classes are highly rigourous. The professors are mixed. The majority of full time professors are very knowledgeable and interesting, however many of the adjunct proffessors arent really the best. In terms of social climate theres really not much to do at Marist, if you're not into going out to the bars its hard to find something to do. Parties are nearly non existant, as marist is a bar school so a fake ID is a MUST. Despite being a D1 school, people dont really go all out for sporting events other than maybe 1 or 2 big basketball and football games. The food in the dining hall is pretty bland and very processed however, most housing after freshman year does come equipped with a kitchen so you can make your own meals.
I am a Fashion Merchandising major and I have really enjoyed all of my fashion classes and professors. All of the professors have worked in the fashion industry for some time, therefore, they are are able to give me great advice. Also, it truly is a beautiful campus - walking to and from class is not so bad when you have a view of the Hudson River.
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Marist is a home away from home. You always feel safe and welcomed. Going to school here is something you will never forget. I never thought I would want to live at school all year long without breaks... but thats just it. Marist does not feel like school it feels like a home where everywhere you look you are learning something whether that be academically or mentally.
Coming out of high school I was not sure where I wanted to attend college. So I decided to go to community college for my first year. I then decided to transfer to Marist for my sophomore year and I am so glad I did. I love this school! For me its close to home but not too close and its small enough where you know a lot of people but its not like high school. Plus the campus is beautiful and will make you want to come here alone. If you are even considering Marist, I recommend taking a tour of the campus. You wont regret it.
I could not have made a better choice than Marist for my college experience. I have made life-long friends so far that are always supportive with everything I do. My professors are more than willing to answer my questions and are here to help me succeed. You are not a number here and are in a very personal environment in and out of the classroom. I am involved in clubs such as Student Government Association and Ambassadors on campus and have made friends who are very similar to me academically and socially. Absolutely worth it. Apply now!!!