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All of my classes for the Fall 2020 semester have been hybrid, meaning that they are half online and half in-person. After taking hybrid classes for the semester, I have to say that I love the hybrid model that Marist has implemented. I am able to do the coursework online, meaning that I can do it on my own time and whenever is best for me. This means that the in-person time is for group discussions and lessons from the professors, making the in-person classes very fulfilling and rich in discussion and lessons. I also feel like the hybrid model helped me with the transition from high school to college.
My first semester at Marist is coming to an end and overall I have had an amazing experience. I was nervous about the transition to college but everyone at Marist, both fellow students, and staff, are so friendly and welcoming. There are many opportunities and programs for you to meet new people. I have also loved all of my classes, and for the first time in a while, I feel excited to learn about new things. Marist has shown me that there is so much more that they offer and I am excited to see all that I can accomplish with them in the future.
Marist was and is my dream school. When I toured the campus as a junior in high school, I remember being stunned by how beautiful of a campus Marist has. Not only that, it’s small but not too small. I love how I see new faces daily, but still recognize people when I am walking around campus. The community here is absolutely amazing, everyone is extremely friendly and there has never been a time where someone hasn’t held a door for me. The professors are AMAZING - extremely knowledgeable and very willing to go out of their way to help you. I cannot say enough about the support you receive when you are on this campus (and I’m sure off as well if you wanted to attend all-online.) From the professors to your advisor to even your RA’s, Marist will help you whenever you need it. The only thing I would change is not having Saturday classes, although they motivate me to be productive on Saturday’s when I normally wouldn’t.
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Most of my classes are hybrid-style. The professors have done a great job making sure everyone is still learning and understanding the material, and they use our learning platforms to check in on us and respond to questions as fast as they can.
I love everything about Marist!! There is such a warming and friendly community filled with great people, professors and administrators. I have loved my time at Marist so far and cannot wait for my years to come here!
My professors have been great and are very accommodating through this online learning experience. I like the hybrid model Marist has in place so I can still safely attend classes in person. When I am online I feel included and engaged in class and feel that my professors are doing a great job to educate me.
The Marist College community is like no other, and has allowed me to find my home away from home. The faculty and staff are absolutely amazing and genuinely care about their students. Marist also offers so many resources to it’s community which provide opportunities comparable to large universities while also providing the personal experience of a mid-sized institution.
Transferring to Marist was the best decision I have ever made. The faculty and staff at Marist are amazing and genuinely care about their students, and are always willing to help. The many valuable resources at Marist allow students to have An opportunity for success that they would not find elsewhere, and the Marist College community is unmatched. Being a part of this community has allowed me to find my home away from home.
Marist has done a great job ensuring students have time in the classroom for in person learning, all while ensuring the students who are online still are getting a strong education as well. No matter how you’re learning through Marist, you’ll get a great education.
I love Marist. They make each student feel like they’re the most special. Professors really care and students have so many opportunities to grow inside and outside the classroom. Student life is always great, lots to do on campus and plenty of clubs to join! Marist has proven to be such a great fit.
Marist truly is a step above the rest! I am so glad I came to Marist because Marist truly does have something for everyone! From the moment you step onto Marist, they are dedicated to seeing you succeed! They truly do offer so much and they want what's best for all of their students! The professors are extremely personable and create relationships with their students regarding job and internship opportunities and want to see you succeed! I truly can not say enough positive things about Marist! Marist is a family and every day is a great day to be a Red Fox I can guarantee you that!
Due to Covid, some of my classes are online. Although it isn't the same experience as in-person, online is just fine! The professors are easy to contact and flexible to set up office hours with and again truly want the best for their students. All around, you still will be getting the education you deserve because Marist is committed to that!
Marist is everything that I wanted in a college. Small class sizes allow for professors to make a real connection to students. There are also so many things to get involved with on campus!
Online learning is not for me, but Marist professors have done a great job! So willing to help because they know we are all struggling.
Marist is awesome! There is countless opportunities to get involved! It is located near multiple major cities so you get great internship opportunities. New York City, Boston, and Philadelphia are not far. It is safe and secure campus. There is plenty of close by restaurants. I joined CenterField the Marist sports newspaper which has been great. Freshman can get in and get right started. I joined the Marist College Television too! Freshman can get write on air there and articles can be written for the sports newspaper right away. Across the street there is a Home Depot, Ocean State Job Lot, Giacomos, Salsa Fresca, Starbucks, McDonalds, and Applebee’s. There is also two Starbucks on campus. There’s is many many eating options on campus. Multiple dinning halls, multiple food spots. There’s a ton of lounges and quiet work areas on campus too. Overall, Marist has a little bit of everything. The river is close by and you can go and relax by the river. There is a Marist college access
It’s been good. Teachers are very flexible and understanding. The learning environment is not much different than regular. Teachers who are interactive are still very interactive. Students can get sent to breakout rooms where they associate with each other. I personally don’t find it much different. Teachers share their screens so it is like your like at the board they would use if you were in class. Online schooling sounds challenging but only half of the class is online (1 day and the other in person). Not all classes are live online either. Some are asynchronous where they only meet in person one time a week and they other online day is independent. Hybrid is when you do both. Both ways are good! Everyone will have their own preface I like the independent version slightly better but neither are very stressful. The environment is relaxed but your are still getting the academic aspect which is the reasons you attend college!
Marist College is the perfect mix of a small and large university. Classes are small enough that teachers know student's names and faces, but you won't know everyone on campus. Marist is beautiful in the fall season, being right on the Hudson River. Professors are generally more than happy to help students and class sizes are generally on the smaller side. The course load at Marist, being a liberal arts school, allows for a rounded education, making students take classes outside of their major.
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Online classes are the perfect alternative when one has a busy schedule. Generally professors will post a weekly module, to be completed by the next week. They often include, activities, assignments, lectures and/or notes. Some will record and upload lectures as though they are still teaching in a classroom setting, while others will upload slideshows of text. With COVID Marist has created the opportunity for students to take online courses, but still meet face to face with professors and classmates over Zoom.
Marist College's campus is incredible! The sunset over the Hudson River is something I look forward to every single night. I also find myself spending less and less time in my dorm the more time I spend at Marist. That's not to say I don't enjoy spending time in my dorm–I love my cozy room! However, I have found numerous spots on campus where I like to sit down with a cup of coffee from Hancock Brew and get some work done. As for the size, I think Marist perfect–I am always meeting new people, but I still see familiar faces all around campus which is nice. Marist has such a great sense of community–everyone is very friendly and welcoming!
Online learning is always kind of difficult because it is such a change. However, I think Marist has done a really good job with classes and COVID safety. For most of my classes, I have the class online once a week and in person once a week (the class is split in half). My professors set up a Zoom meeting like it's a livestream, so I feel like I'm sitting right there in class. I think incorporating that one in-person class has really helped to keep students motivated because classes aren't 100% online.
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