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I am halfway through my third year at Marist, and I am very content with my college education thus far. My journey at Marist began in Florence, Italy, where I spent my entire freshman year. The opportunity to study abroad as a freshman was one I could not pass up. In addition, I was drawn to Marist's highly popular communication program and the stunning campus overlooking the Hudson River.

Students must not forget that no college is perfect; every school has its pros and cons. There have been professors at Marist that have not presented material in a particularly interesting way. The food in the dining hall becomes repetitive. And the school lacks the diversity I wanted. However, the good at Marist certainly outweighs the bad. Marist has led me to some incredible internships, lifelong friendships, and meaningful connections with professors. During my initial visit at Marist, I felt comfortable and welcomed. To me, that spoke volumes and eventually pushed me to choose Marist.
The people in Marist college are very friendly, the workers are very nice too. The professors are always ready to help you and they take the time to get to know each and every students. You meet people from all over the world and they respect each others culture a lot. Marist is very accepting and have a gorgeous campus. There is a lot of clubs and activities to choose from and they have different programs to help the student with academics and career.
Marist College is truly one of the most beautiful college campuses and has some of the most friendly people. There are tons of majors and minors to chose from, and advisors always encourage you to choose a 'pathway' that is different from your declared major in order to broaden your education. There are also a lot of different clubs to choose from, so you will definitely have no problem getting involved on campus. I'd say most Marist students are definitely dedicated to their school work and encourage others to get good grades. The night life at Marist is fun, too! Professors also try to make meaningful connections with their students which helps with networking later on. Studying abroad is also really popular at Marist which is awesome.
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I have been here for a year and have had a good experience so far, the campus is beautiful and the school is well-connected and offers many great opportunities to students. I can't think of a better school where I could be studying what I am and getting the experience that I am.
Despite what others say, Marist is AMAZING. You can find your social group easily, form connections with professors and have access to various study abroad and internship opportunities. Diversity is a big issue on all fronts, but I wouldn't say the student body is ignorant overall. I hung out with a group of students who were in line with my political views and I felt there was outreach to expose students to different cultures on campus, such as Asian Indian culture. On a personal note, Marist is where I came into my own. I met my best friend and the love of my life here, and gained self-confidence as I took on different internships and won the respect of my professors. I am so happy to have made the decision to transfer and graduate here.
The campus is beautiful. All of the buildings are up to date. The housing is very accommodating and comfortable. There is a lot of student life and involvement whether you are into the Division 1 athletics or greek life. There are lots of opportunities made accessible to students for internships and recruiters hold the school in high regards. I would recommend the school to any family or friends. Go Red Foxes!
Professors really care about your education. Not only that, but they take the time to get to know you and invest time into you.
It is an over all amaizing campus with incredible programs and strong teacher student connections. The professors make a comfortable experience for their students giving them the opportunity to engage and have an understanding of their major on a personal level.
Marist College offers amazing abroad programs. They have options that suit everyone's personal and academic interests and work closely with their students to ensure everything goes smoothly.
Marist could do a better job helping helping students gain access to their community outside of the college campus. For example, there are internship opportunities available that can be accessed by train, but transportation to the train station from the college campus can be very difficult for students who don't have a car.
I love it. I was told by many colleges of feeling welcome in the community, but Marist for sure keeps that promise. Great place of learning with professor who are willing to help. Great area and buildings. I found my first year to be fun and much more pleasant than I could of imagine. This is a college that knows how to teach without draining your soul.
Marist College is a great choice for any student seeking a well rounded college experience. Campus life was fantastic and it was a great place to learn, socialize, and mature. The balance between quality education and overall experience was exactly what I needed as a young adult to mature and prepare for the future. Most professors were dedicated and cared about students academic success. Classes were well taught, tech forward, socially engaging, and encouraged critical thinking. The campus is beautiful. I loved the architecture and design of the buildings and the views of the river are absolutely stunning year round. I found them to be inspiring and motivating on sluggish days. Overall, I truly enjoyed my experiences there and I am proud to be a part of the Red Fox Family.
Great professors and study abroad opportunities. I was a transfer student, and a common feeling among many transfers seemed to be difficulty adjusting and integrating at Marist. I think this was in large part being placed in housing five miles from campus. A huge part of living on campus is the convenience, so I am happy to see that the school seems to have addressed this for transfer students by expanding their on-campus housing.
About Marist,all is Good,About the rooms and the friendship and love you receive when you get there and a very favorable financial aid to help you finance your education,so i invite all of you to come experience many extra curricular activities,love and very favorable and good majors.Thank you
I like the close community at Marist college. There are many clubs and organizations to join to make you feel like you're apart of something and giving back to the school. I made some of my best friends at Marist who I know I'll be friends with forever.
The Marist Campus is small and beautiful, however, it is very expensive and I don't think the money is worth it. The campus life is boring and you have to make extra effort to make friends here.
Marist has a great community feel. Everyone, faculty and administrator, want every student to succeed. Their goal is to prepare each student for the future. Not only in the education aspect, but growing up and being on your own.
I give it a 4 because I do love this school overall. However, it is way too expensive and they make us take courses that have nothing to do with our major only because they want to get money out of you. On the plus side, there is a lot to get involved in, great night life, and they are updating the campus so things are becoming brand spanking new.
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I had an amazing college experience. What initially drew me to Marist was the stunning campus right on the Hudson River. Many of the buildings are brand new and absolutely beautiful (including some of the dorms). The professors are very intelligent and helpful. I had the opportunity to study abroad and intern in London. I made lifelong friends and even met my now fiance! I can truly say Marist as given me countless opportunities and has made me who I am today. If you are considering Marist, be sure to at least visit! If I could do it all over again, I would go back in a heartbeat.
Marist is a outstanding college. I am having the best experience. I am enjoying my classes and have made many new friends. I have found dorm living to be very comfortable.
This college has great professor who influence the student to be active in the community and achieve higher goals. I personally have been helped by many of my professor for internships and fascinating research opportunities. Only down side of the campus is that there is not much parking space.