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I first heard of Marist when a student in the grade above me decided to enroll here. My mom pushed me to see what they had to offer, since I had no idea it existed. When I first arrived on campus, I fell in love with it. The tour gave a good overview on what Marist is like. But it was only the superficial layer. I was so excited to call myself a Red Fox and thought I'd have the best years of my life here, but that was a fantasy.
From being here a bit over a month, I cannot picture myself graduating here. Marist is an extension of high school for many students, since not many people know of it and therefore there are many LI and local kids who already know each other. It's very cliquey in the respect that the fashion girls, along with the D1 teams, all walk together in a herd. This is contrary to what they say on tours, "We're all a family!!" The girls are very concerned about their looks. Also all anyone wants to do is go to the bars, which is so expensive and gets boring.
As a transfer student becoming a "freshman" for a second year was certainly daunting but the minute I moved onto the Marist campus I knew I made the right decision!
I fell in love with Marist College in 4th grade, and decided that this is where I was going to go to school. Eleven years later, I am a junior in the Education department and cannot say enough great things about this school. For one, I think that it is the most beautiful college campus in America, especially in the fall. Not only is the campus beautiful, but on my walk to class every day I am greeted by smiling faces, and people who will hold the door for you no matter how far away you are. The class sizes are small, and because of this I have many friends in my classes, and professors that truly care about me inside and outside of the classroom. They really do call it the Marist Family for a reason!
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As a Marist student, I can honestly say attending this college was the greatest decision I have ever made! I have met so many amazing students, professors, and staff that make each day more and more enjoyable here on campus. The Marist community has taken me in and has made me feel like a member of the Red Fox family since day one, and I will always be grateful for that!
Marist has been a great fit for me! As an international student, I wanted a smaller campus with a great personalized education. The professors are really passionate about they are teaching and want you to succeed.
Marist was a school I fell in love with since the first time I toured my sophomore year of high school. Now, being a freshman student my love for the school has grown as Marist has surpassed all of my expectations! From the friendly atmosphere of the faculty and students alike, I always find myself smiling knowing that I am apart of such a friendly and safe community. Having small classes are truly amazing, for it allows for more personal lectures that are so thought provoking. My professors all know me well in this short amount of time that I've been here, and they are always more than willing to help! I can confidently say that I am so happy with my decision to become a Red Fox!
As a student at Marist, I have nothing but great things to say about this school. The overall friendly atmosphere is what drew me to the school in the beginning and I continue to feel that way every day. The faculty and staff are incredibly caring and I wouldn't want to spend my four years anywhere else.
Marist provides a great environment for the well rounded individual. I find that throughout the campus everyone I run into has a positive, self driven disposition. As a liberal arts school Marist offers a wholesome education. Core classes are required; however, if you come in with an intended major, you will be placed into classes needed for it right away. The professors are very knowledgeable. Professors in your major are also academic advisors which is very helpful when planning your post graduate career path. The campus is so scenic and creates a relaxing atmosphere. If you are one to get involved, you will never have a dull moment at Marist College.
Marist College has met all of my expectations for college. My advisors and professors have been helpful outside of class, and are always accessible when I need them. My dorm room feels like my own little home now, and the view of the Hudson River never gets old on my walks to class. Also, the community at Marist is so friendly, from my friends on my floor to the staff in the dining hall! I feel very comfortable on campus and just love being here. Choosing to come to Marist was definitely the best decision for me, and it is an all around excellent school for college!
Marist is in an amazing location being on the Hudson River, and close to the city. The campus is stunning, and the school is always trying to improve. There is always a club to join, a sports team to watch, a community event to participate in, and a musical play to watch. The people are clingy, but friendly.
Marist College fit every single criteria I wanted during my college search process. Its small, but not too small. Its close to a city, but not in the city. It has competitive academics, but also a very supportive community and faculty. And the campus really is gorgeous.

After being a student here for three years, the one word I would use to describe Marist College is opportunity. Here, you have the opportunity to get involved with so many clubs and initiatives. I have a friend in the honors program that is passionate about sustainability, so for his honors project he made plans for a community garden on campus, and now it has actually been built. There are students passionate about journalism, and started an art exhibit on campus to highlight student profiles ( Almost everyone I know has a story of how an alumni helped them get an internship or a job interview. If you take all the opportunities Marist offers, you can really thrive.
Prospective students beware! Don't be fooled by the charming campus when you visit. It’s small & gets oppressive quickly. Poughkeepsie’s a slum. Most students don't have cars and your options on a weekend are: sitting around a cramped dorm room, eating overpriced snacks from the only open cafe, studying (might as well), taking a cab to a bad Poughkeepsie bar full of creepy old local dudes (IF you can get a fake ID), drinking at a terrible house party if there is one. If you're from the tristate and enjoy Greek life, watching sports, drinking, and being generic, then go here. Forget about arts & culture. I transferred and left behind a group of disenchanted friends who wish they left. OH, and no one knows what or where Marist is, as much as they’ll try to convince you otherwise. Pick a school in a better place (Boston, Montreal, or Europe even). Stay away from myopic small schools like Marist – you can do better!
Just started at Marist and I already feel welcome and confident in my choice. The first week kicked off with alot of activities so that we get to know the school. As a freshman I got my first choice of housing in a suite with 7 other people. That has given me a friend base from the start. The classes are small with no large lecture halls. I'm still getting used to the way professors teach but love all my classes in my major.
Marist is a good return on investment for certain majors but not all. Their connections to the workforce in those majors are strong and if you find the right people, you can get the job you want or something similar.
I am very confident and ready to attend Marist College. I feel like they got me ready to start college and have made me very excited to enter the next chapter of my life.
My experience with Marist has been overall good and very beneficial. I had experienced new things by being introduced to new people and a life that I was not used to before.
Marist College is great for some majors, but lacking in resources for others. The science department is seriously lacking in funding, equipment, and allocation of resources. For the last four years, tuition has been steadily increasing while the school also accepts more students. More housing is not built, so many students live in build-up situations for their first and/or second years. The only dining hall on campus is more crowded each year, and resources (computer labs, printers, library space) are stretched further and further. People sit on the floor in the library during midterms/finals. The administrators are more concerned with lining their pockets than with providing a quality education for everyone - only a select few get what they paid for.
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Overall I think Marist College has a beautiful campus and students have the opportunity to achieve an excellent education. Many resources are at their disposal. Marist housing could be a bit better as there is often conflict in having students decide where they are living and who they are living with. Due to the increasing size of the school, registration for required classes can often become very difficult. For students living on campus without a car, it can often be very difficult to find activities to do when not studying. Diversity at Marist College could be better as there is not as much as one would hope.
Marist is a great school in all areas. The students, professors and other workers are always so friendly. Everyone wants you to succeed and this school definitely gives you the tools and resources to do so. I have not regretted my decision to come here at all!
Food gets boring, wifi sucks, no party's students go to nearby bars on weekends. Professors are good and care about the students.