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Marion Technical College has been a great school with wonderful people. I love the flexibility with class scheduling and the fact that the school is 5 minutes from my home. I have been a student since 2013 taking only 2 or 3 classes at a time. I have completed all my courses except for Math and Spanish. I will graduate in spring 2019, but I am financially strapped and need this scholarship in order to pay for my final 2 courses. I love MTC and will recommend it to anyone that wants to go to a small school with a family setting.
Overall this has been a wonderful experience. My instructors have been knowledgeable. The improvements on the site will only make the program better in the long run. I felt that my transfer credits worked well to my advantage.
Marion Technical college is a great opportunity for students of all ages. They are very friendly and inviting. The staff is very helpful in getting you started. Their enrollment process is very easy and if you do have any questions someone is always there to lend a hand.
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Great for someone that wants a smaller certification or someone who is looking for cheap prerequisites.
Marion Technical College is a great choice for those looking for a 2 year degree or transferring to another college at some point. MTC is affordable and helps students get the credits they need.
This has been a very challenging and enjoyable experience. The instructors know me by name and the school's president does too. It is very personable at MTC and your degree program is truly catered to you and where you want to go. Graduation will be bittersweet because I will truly miss going to this school.
My overall experience with MTC has been great. The school is affordable and the staff is amazing . The professors are always there to help if you need it and they really want to see you graduate so they do stay on top of you. The classes work with your life schedule and you can also do your courses online. The advising team is wonderful as well because they are able to get you in the right direction to finish out your degree. I will be honest that there has been some problems with financial aide and the business office but other than that i have had a good experience. The campus is a little bit small but they but the scenery is amazing. although you don't get the whole college experience you do get the degree and knowledge at a low cost.
Marion Technical college is the perfect school for someone that likes the small school feel. You get one on one interaction with your professors and it really feels like they want you to succeed.
It was a great experience during my first round of academic enrollment there; I had to cut the courses short and did not complete the degree due to unforeseen family situations. I have decided to return to complete a different program and pursue more than one program in the near future.
I have had a wonderful experience so far, I am a college credit plus student currently and every one has been so helpful in coordinating my college class with my highschool classes as well as my credit transfers.
They really didn't have much to offer me, but I went there for College Credit plus. The class I was in was amazing! We laughed so much and the professor was hilarious and was easy to listen to.
I currently attend Marion Technical College and it's great for people who have families. They have so many different choices that are so flexible. ALL staff are very helpful and they care about you succeeding! Tuition is very inexpensive also. I would highly recommend this school to ANYONE!
I like that when you need to contact a teacher no matter how you choose to contact them either by email or phone they always get back with you in a timely manner. What I don't like is when I am in class on a computer looking to see when homework is do and the teacher blocks all the websites for the whole classroom.
My experience has been very good , meeting new people, learning new things and making friends. The teachers are friendly. One thing that I would like to see change would be the finacial aide. They don't help you out really and just leave you hanging.
Being able to schedule my classes around my work life is great. The counselors are great at helping you with that as well.
I really like the online courses that way you can work ahead rather than waiting until the next day to complete a assignment, But I still also like the traditional classroom as well.
I have heard amazing things.
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I love Marion Tech. They have amazing teachers that are always willing to help you.
Haven't had to transfer anything. Flexibility, great.
The blended classes were easy to understand.
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