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I enjoy the interactions with the instructors and other staff with students to promote a learning atmosphere.
I love the campus and student life and groups I am in! I am in a student ambassador group that helps around campus and the Marion community. I am also in a PHI THETTA KAPPA group which I love it is an honor society of two year colleges and helps the community as well as other colleges.
MTC provides the perfect environment for new students! From the campus activities to the learning environment, there‘s always acceptance. The professors are amazing and class sizes are smaller allowing for better chance of one-on-one. The campus itself is beautiful with a lovely pond and bridge shared with an OSU branch. MTC and
OSU share the library which is my favorite hangout. And we have patrol officers on campus during all school hours making sure we’re always safe. I highly recommend Marion Technical College!
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they have great professors & campus beautiful location great view. counselors are very helpful and kind. they also have a diverse range of programs
I love the personable experiences that the college brings to each of its students. The college is small and this allows it to focus on you as a student and a individual.
The classes were very easy to keep up with, it is a very hands on environment. The professors are engaged with the students and care about them, and the homework is always posted online so the deadlines are not missed.
Absolutely love all of the advisors and teachers that I have had to get me where I am at today. My ultrasound program director and clinical coordinator have really made the program great for their students. All of the effort they put into their ultrasound program definitely shows. Very willing to help their students when they are struggling and offer free tutoring services to those that need it. Not to mention the variety of activities that go on every week on campus. Very fun, educational atmosphere
I haven't officially started at MTC but what I've experienced through getting to know the staff has been great. They are beyond helpful and take the extra time to get to know you as a person and a student. They communicate well with you so that you truly understand what you are getting into with the major that you choose, they give you all the information you need to become a successful student.
Marion tech was over all a great school. The teachers were very helpful and thorough. I would recommend.
They really help out when trying to get your schedule to work for you. If there is an issue they know how to help. The campus is always clean and welcoming. They look out for your better interest
The teachers are great and do their best to help you understand and answer your questions. It's affordable to go to and has a great class size for me. However, it's hard to get into some classes, especially online classes.
All of my general education classes at MTC have been great. Awesome teachers, good curriculum and good opportunities to have a successful college experience.
All of the professors are super helpful. I really like the fact that it is a smaller campus. The smaller campus allows for us students to really get to know out professors on a more personal level. The only thing I would like to see change is the communication on what needs to happen with applying into programs and scheduling.
Amazing school and staff! there are so many ways to get involved and you can tell the staff really wants to see you succeed. I will recommend this school to ANYONE!!
So far I have had a great experience at Marion Technical College. Professors are very helpful and if you are struggling in a class Marion Technical College offers free tutoring.
Marion Technical College is a marvelous school. MTC provides a large variety of opportunities for students who want to find a place to start and prepare for the next step. Definitely a great fit for someone who likes a small campus and smaller classes.
I like the small setting and small classrooms MTC offers. Accessibility to professors is convenient for me. I do wish the school had more options for amenities like food (maybe a cafeteria with freshly made meals). My program is new and we dont seem to have as many staff as we need for Cyber Security. MTC offers a lot of services and extracurricular things to take part in. Overall, I am satisfied.
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I really love the professors and the staff that work on the campus. The people are very helpful. I think the parking and where students park could be better. There is a lot of traffic and there could easily be an accident. The people who work on campus are very helpful when i need the help. Every time i needed help finically they were there to help me every time.
The Professors here were very disorganized and did not know the material they were teaching us. The campus was very nice though.
Marion Technical College has been a great school with wonderful people. I love the flexibility with class scheduling and the fact that the school is 5 minutes from my home. I have been a student since 2013 taking only 2 or 3 classes at a time. I have completed all my courses except for Math and Spanish. I will graduate in spring 2019, but I am financially strapped and need this scholarship in order to pay for my final 2 courses. I love MTC and will recommend it to anyone that wants to go to a small school with a family setting.
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